Robin for children: instructions for use


"Tobradex" - a means against inflammation of the organs of vision. It is used to treat childhood diseases of the eye and the common cold, with conjunctivitis, as well as during the postoperative rehabilitation period.

This tool is very popular among drugs that are used to treat diseases of the eye of an infectious nature. The most commonly used form of medication is drops, which are an effective therapy for a large number of diseases. In addition, "Tobradex" is used for prophylactic purposes, to improve visual acuity, to eliminate eye fatigue, as well as during diagnostic procedures.

At the same time, both the plus and minus of this medicine is its combined composition. It is great only for the treatment of microbial infections that do not entail purulent discharge.

In addition, the drug has a lot of side effects and contraindications. Because of this, Tobradex is considered a rather dangerous remedy, so in some cases the best solution would be to choose less hazardous products of similar composition.

Instructions for use

To achieve the maximum effect, it is better to apply one or two drops to the conjunctivitis area with a frequency of four to six hours, but if there are additional reasons, then in the first day or two you can increase the frequency to once every two hours.

This drug also has another form - ointment, but this form is not considered the most convenient. First, there is discomfort caused by a very unpleasant feeling of something foreign and interfering in the eye. Secondly, it is harder to apply.

Before you begin to use the medicine, you need to wash your hands with soap to avoid the consumption of antibiotic to clean the surrounding microflora.. Next, you need to reject the head or lie down, and then gently pull the lower eyelid and apply a little ointment. After that it is necessary to blink slowly several times so that the medicine is neatly distributed where it is most needed.

The duration of this procedure can only be determined by a doctor. The period between application should not be less than six hours. If one of the procedures was omitted, the gap needs to be filled as soon as possible. Changing the dosage yourself is strictly prohibited.

Side effect

As mentioned above, this drug has a number of side effects. Local include:

  • those that occur infrequently: high intraocular pressure, punctate keratitis, bouts of pain or itching in the eye, eyelid erythema, edema, discomfort and irritation of the eyeball;

  • those that occur quite rarely: dryness, sensation of extraneous bodies in the eyeball, hyperemia, hypersensitivity of the eyes, ambiguity of vision;

  • those whose frequency is not defined: decrease in visual acuity, eyelid edema, mydriasis, fear of light, increased tearing, hazy vision, hyperemia.

Systemic side effects include:

  • those that occur infrequently: laryngospasm and rhinorrhea;

  • those that rarely appear: the appearance of an unpleasant or bitter taste;

  • those whose frequency is not defined: headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, discomfort in the abdominal region, rash on the skin, swelling of the face, itching, erythema.

The drug can not be taken if the sensitivity to the components of the drug is high, as well as treelike keratitis, chickenpox or cowpox, other diseases of the cornea of ​​a viral nature, and so on, as well as children under 5 years.

Interaction with other drugs

If the treatment is carried out in a complex of topical ophthalmologic drugs (and “Tobradex” - among them), it is necessary to make intervals between taking the drugs from five to fifteen minutes. The size of such intervals will depend on the prescription of the doctor in each individual case.

To prevent the penetration of active ingredients, you will need to remove the lenses before applying. Again, wear the lenses need fifteen minutes after application of the drug in the epicenter of conjunctivitis.

“Tobradex” in the form of drops is usually prescribed in addition to the systemic treatment with aminoglycoside, but it should not be forgotten to control the general characteristics of the blood, because this drug has such a component as tobramycin, which belongs to the set of aminoglycoside antibiotics.

If conservative treatment is carried out with “Tobradex”, it is important not to take substances that have an ototoxic, nephrotoxic or neurotoxic nature during this period of time, because due to the combination, an increase in the negative effects of the course is monitored.

To avoid unnecessary consequences, it is better to consult with a specialist before starting to combine Tobradex with third-party drugs.

Who is appointed?

"Tobradex" is used to treat diseases such as barley, blepharitis, kerafit, as well as with conjunctivitis and dacryocystitis. It helps to treat eye injuries and restore vision after eye surgery. Possible admission in the treatment of infectious diseases, which include inflammation of the cornea and chronic uveitis. Also suitable for use after radiation, chemical injuries of the ophthalmic apparatus, thermal damage to children's organs of vision.

If foreign bodies get into your eyes, it is better to use drops. In addition, it is possible to use drops for the prevention of inflammation after cataract operations. With certain doctor's prescriptions, drops can be dripped into the nasal cavity to eliminate the common cold and with adenoids.

"Tobradex" should be used carefully and with the direct observation of the relevant specialist in glaucoma and in the case of thinning of the corneas. During pregnancy and during breastfeeding, the use of medication is permissible if the risk of a negative impact on the growth and development of the fetus is minimal.

Few important points

Before you begin to apply "Tobradex", it is worth remembering important instructions. Do not forget to shake the medicine bottle before applying so that excipients do not settle at the bottom of the container. At the end of the application you need to tightly close the container to protect against weathering.

In no case do not touch the end of the dispenser to the surface of the eye, as this may cause discomfort. In case of a reflex eye closure, this may also reduce the effectiveness of the active components of the drug, creating barriers to the passage of the drug, as well as increase the duration of the manipulations.

Do not forget that after using the product there may be blurred vision, therefore you should not get behind the wheel, and also take control of potentially dangerous machinery, until the possibility of clear vision is restored to the end. It is better to learn the most accurate recovery time of your visual abilities from your doctor or other qualified specialist in this area.

What do people say?

During the existence of the Internet on various sites and pages have accumulated countless reviews and opinions about this drug. There are a lot of negative opinions among them.In many cases, the drug showed minimal results, or even had no effect at all. This may depend on the individual physiology of the person and the causes of the disease, because the drug may not help in some particular cases.

However, there are positive reviews. In the most varied cases, “Tobradex” successfully coped not only with the disease, but also with its root cause.

In one of his programs the popular telemedicator Komarovsky shared his opinion about this medicine. He believes that "Tobradex" - is an excellent drug to eliminate eye infections in children of school age. In addition, the medicine helps to treat a runny nose, as well as adenoids and other similar diseases.

Toradex is a working remedy against bacteria and inflammations.. It reduces the risk of infection of the organs of vision and destroys the main causes of pathological processes in the eye apparatus, which are caused by harmful microorganisms in the eyes. In the form of an ointment or suspension, the tool perfectly helps schoolchildren and adults with simple and complex infectious and viral eye diseases. It has several popular analogues of weaker action. It is released in a pharmacy only on the prescription certified by a doctor.

How to treat conjunctivitis in children, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.