The use of camphor oil in the treatment of children


Among the means of traditional medicine, which are widely used for colds in children, camphor oil holds a special place. This is a very effective remedy for ear diseases, rhinitis, and coughing. But one of the most discussed in the professional environment, as doctors still have not come to a common opinion about whether or not camphor oil can be used in the treatment of children.

ENT doctors claim that camphor can impair hearing and damage the eardrum when buried in the ear, pediatricians disagree, but, in turn, warn about the possibility of poisoning the child with pairs of camphor oil, if it is clumsy to use it. Toxicologists disagree with the phrase "camphor poisoning", if, of course, they did not give it to the child to drink. And allergists unanimously say that this treatment with camphor can cause severe allergies, which will be rather troublesome to get rid of later.

Let's look at camphor oil more closely together, find out its properties and weigh the pros and cons.

What it is

Camphor oil is a unique herbal preparation that can be inexpensively purchased at any pharmacy. It consists of vegetable oil and camphor, the concentration of which in the finished product is 10%. The substance, which gave the name to the product, is obtained from camphor laurel, which grows in abundance in Indonesia, as well as in China, Japan and in our Far East.

In addition to the natural extraction of bay leaves, camphor is mined by synthetic means. But the maximum amount of nutrients is still in the natural preparation.

Camphor oil is widely used in cosmetology, in alternative medicine due to wide antiseptic properties, it disinfects and anesthetizes, reduces inflammation and contributes to the speedy healing of wounds.

The drug facilitates the discharge of sputum when coughing and to some extent increases the overall immune defense of the body.

Camphor oil solution is an excellent remedy for flying pests. If you pour it into a small container and put it in a room so that the child does not reach out, you can not be afraid of mosquito bites, since camphor fumes are a real poison for most insects.

Use in children

Due to the fact that camphor oil contains active aromatic and essential compounds, doctors of various specialties do not advise using it for the treatment of children under two years of age. The optimal age for camphor therapy is 3 years. However, some pediatricians take responsibility and in certain cases recommend the drug even to children as young as 11 months old, albeit in extremely low dosage.

Camphor oil can be given to a child only for external and local use. Drink the drug in any case impossible! Any attempt to use camphor in the treatment of a child must be agreed with the doctor, otherwise the consequences of self-treatment can be extremely difficult.

The opinion of Dr. Komarovsky is not a topic of compress for children with otitis can be viewed in the next video.


Pharmaceutical 10% camphor oil solution, according to official instructions, can be used for the following diseases:

  • Myositis
  • Neuralgia

The instruction prescribes subcutaneous injection of oil in case of opiate poisoning (as an antidote), in case of heart failure and inhibition of the functions of the respiratory center.

Traditional medicine with a light hand of traditional medicine has found the drug and other uses. So, it is buried in the ears with otitis, make compresses and rubbing on the chest with bronchitis, pneumonia and unproductive dry cough, when you want to provoke the earliest liquefaction and output of sputum. They are instilled in the nose from the common cold and are widely used for cosmetic purposes, for example, as a facial treatment for the treatment of adolescent acne.


Camphor oil can not be treated for children prone to allergies. Subcutaneously, it is not allowed to enter his children with epilepsy. Outwardly, it is not necessary to apply the camphor solution on too deep and purulent wounds, this can only aggravate the inflammatory process.

How to treat

And now let's look at some gentle ways to use the drug in the treatment of children.


If the ear hurts, the drug can be used as a means for instillation in the ear, in the form of tampons in the auricle and in compresses. This will help to save the child from acute ear pain, reduce the spread of the inflammatory process. Be sure to check with your doctor!

In case of external acute otitis, a single dose of no more than 2-3 drops of oil is recommended, which should be dripped into each ear in a heated form. You should first make sure that the drug is non-hot. To do this, apply a drop on the back of your hand. After the procedure, the entrance to the eyelet is closed with clean and dry cotton wool.

With otitis media, it is better to place camphor oil on your ears. They are gently injected for 2-3 hours, the ear is tied on top with a woolen scarf to keep warm, after which tampons are taken out and the entrance to the ear is closed with a dry cotton swab.

At the most severe, internal, otitis camphor oil can not act as an independent drug for therapy. This ailment needs serious treatment with antibiotics, traditional medicine cannot cope with such a strong inflammation.

Information about otitis in children from a medical point of view is presented by Dr. Komarovsky in the next video.

When treating any form of otitis with an oil solution of camphor, it should be remembered that purulent otitis cannot be heated with compresses and tampons. If a child’s ear congestion is accompanied by a runny nose, camphor oil can be used only after the nasal cavity is freed from mucus and dripped. vasoconstrictor dropsto completely restore nasal breathing.

At high temperatures, if one accompanies otitis, it is undesirable to use camphor, or only with the permission of a doctor.

Muscle pain

If the child has chilled a muscle (this condition is called myositis), a compress with camphor will help. For such a drug, the drug is prepared in advance and stored in the refrigerator.

Onions (4 medium onions) need to be grated on a coarse grater and pour with medical alcohol or vodka (100 gr.). The mixture should be infused for about an hour and a half, after which camphor oil (3-4 pharmaceutical bottles) is added to the onion extract. In a closed jar, the mixture should be kept for about 10 days, always in a dark place. Then this ointment is rubbed into the sore muscle several times a day or a compress is done with it for 10-15 minutes twice a day.

If myositis has already happened, and there is no ready-made medicine at home, you can take the pharmacy camphor oil and sledka heat it in a water bath. Carefully apply it to the sore spot and warmly wrap it up so that the muscle warms up. After 20 minutes, wash the camphor with a swab dipped in warm water and apply a dry warm scarf to the inflamed muscle.

Sprains and bruises

With injuries and especially with sprains, the child can rub camphor oil into the sore spot with heavy movements. To apply a warm compress in this case is not necessary.The procedure can be repeated several times a day. A bruise and injury to a child over 2 years old can be applied to a compress with such a drug, it should be held no more than half an hour, and then after 3-4 hours, repeat the procedure.

For pain in the joints

For pain in the joints will help cabbage leaf with camphor oil. To do this, the drug is mixed with dry mustard and applied to the cabbage leaf. Such a compress is applied to the sore spot for a while.

General decrease in a tone, sleep disorders, depression, chronic fatigue

To combat these conditions, camphor oil can be used as an oil burner. Today, they can be bought anywhere, but it should be remembered that camphor couples can cause symptoms of poisoning in children under three years of age. It is necessary to conduct such sessions only after consultation with the doctor and with extreme caution.

Skin diseases, burns and abrasions

With acne, which is so tormented by most adolescents in puberty, camphor oil solution in equal shares can be mixed with grape or liquid paraffin. Pre-wiping the face of a teenager with cucumber lotion, gently apply the mixture to the places with the greatest accumulation of acne. The mask should be kept no more than half an hour, then rinse with warm water without soap. Repeat treatment procedures preferably once a day.


When coughing, camphor oil is used as an aid in complex therapy. If the cough is dry and the discharge of sputum is difficult, children over 3 years old with a pharmacy camphor do compresses and grinding. It is recommended to rub the baby’s chest and back once or twice a day. It should be remembered that at a temperature such grinding should not be done.

Runny nose

If the nose is stuffed up, and there is no snot as such, this may indicate a viral infection. In this case, camphor oil can be used, but only for children from 3 years. For the preparation of droplets take equal amounts of sunflower oil, pharmacy camphor and propolis tincture. The components are mixed, it is necessary to drip the resulting composition several times a day, 2-3 drops in each nostril.

If a runny nose is allergic or accompanied by snot of a green or purulent color, such forms of rhinitis will require more qualified treatment with antibiotics or antihistamines prescribed by a doctor. Camphor oil in this case can only harm.


Most of the reviews on the use of camphor oil in the treatment of children who leave their parents on the Internet are positive. Moms say that the drug costs mere pennies (about 30 rubles), and it acts incredibly quickly. Already after one or two instillations or compresses a good result is noticeable. Most often, the tool is used for ear pain in children, only a few parents know about other possibilities of the drug.

Not everyone likes the peculiar smell of camphor, but this is probably the only drawback of this useful and effective drug.


  • Warm the oil before dripping. Even if only one ear hurts, you should drip in both to avoid the spread of infection.
  • Avoid getting oil on the tongue, mouth, eyes.
  • Keep the vial in a dark place at room temperature out of the reach of children.
Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.