Kamistad for children: instructions for use


Local remedies in the form of a gel are very popular in dentistry. They help get rid of pain and discomfort if a patient has a tooth cut, stomatitis or another problem. One of the popular drugs is Kamistad. It is often prescribed for adults with various inflammatory diseases, but the use of such a drug in children has its limitations.

Release form and composition

Gel "Kamistad" is a drug that is produced by the famous German company "Stada" and contains a combination of two active ingredients. One of them is lidocaine, represented in the drug at a dosage of 20 mg per 1 gram and in the form of hydrochloride monohydrate.

The second active ingredient is an extract of chamomile flowers. This extract is contained in one gram of “Kamistad” in the amount of 185 mg. Additionally, the drug includes sodium saccharinate, ethyl alcohol, benzalkonium chloride, formic acid, and some other inactive substances. The drug itself looks like a gel-like mass, which has a brownish-yellow color. It is sold in aluminum tubes of 10 grams.

As for the limitations noted above, at an early age, “Kamistad” is not used - in the instructions for the gel in contraindications it is indicated that this remedy cannot be used in patients under 12 years of age. “Kamistad Baby” is available as an alternative for small children. Such a gel is not a medicine, but refers to cosmeceuticals and is approved for children of any age.

Like Kamistad, the gel for babies also contains chamomile extract, to which polidocanol, flavors, glycerin and other ingredients have been added. Thanks to such compounds, the product has a yellow-brown hue, a transparent gel structure, as well as a pleasant taste and smell of honey, mint and chamomile. One tube of Kamistad Baby also contains 10 g of gel.

Operating principle

"Kamistad" refers to drugs with antiseptic and analgesic effects. Lidocaine present in the gel provides a fast and pronounced anesthetic effect at the site of application. It eliminates the pain for a long time, which arose as a result of damage to the oral mucosa or inflammation.

The second component of the drug, chamomile extract, has properties to reduce inflammation and to activate the regeneration process. This extract is a good antiseptic and helps to quickly eliminate redness and swelling of the mucous membrane. These effects, provided by chamomile pharmacy, are also found in Kamistad Baby. In addition, polidocanol as part of such a children's gel distracts and cools, helping to reduce the soreness of the gums.


"Kamistad" is in demand in such cases:

  • if a teenager has stomatitis, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the lips, or gingivitis;
  • if the child is wearing braces and because of them there is irritation;
  • if molars or wisdom teeth erupt painfully;
  • if you need to remove the discomfort during a dental procedure;
  • if the patient underwent surgery in the mouth.

Means "Kamistad Baby" is indicated for the eruption of milk and permanent teeth. This gel is used for hygienic treatment of the oral cavity during the period when new teeth are cut at the little one and this causes discomfort to the child.


In addition to the age of less than 12 years, “Camistad” has another contraindication, which is hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the gel. There are no contraindications for the use of Kamistad Baby.

Side effects

Sometimes, when using Kamistad, an allergic reaction may occur, therefore, it is recommended to start applying the gel with an allergic tendency with caution. In such a situation, the drug is immediately canceled and see a doctor. Use the tool for kids for the first time, too, stands with increased attention. If, after treatment, the crumbs of allergy show signs of further allergy, the further lubrication with Kamistad Baby must be immediately rejected.

Instructions for use

Kamistad is applied to areas of the oral cavity that are sore or inflamed, three times a day. For one treatment, a strip of gel is used, which is squeezed onto a clean finger about 5 mm long, and then rubbed into the gums, lips or other parts of the mucous membrane with gentle massaging movements.

The duration of use will depend on the purpose of the gel and the severity of the disease.

"Kamistadom Baby" smear gums 2-3 times a day. It is best to carry out such processing after a meal, so that the agent lasts longer, and for a more restful sleep, lubrication at night is recommended. For one treatment, take a little gel (no more than a pea), squeezing it onto a cotton swab or fingers. Next, the gel gently spread over the mucous membrane, rubbing a little into the surface of the gums.

Terms of sale

You do not need a prescription for the purchase of “Kamistad”, and “Baby” gel is not a medicine, therefore it is also freely sold in pharmacies. The average price of one tube is 250-280 rubles.

Storage features

The shelf life of Kamistad, if the tube is still sealed, is 5 years, but after the first use it is reduced to 12 months. Store the medication at a temperature not higher than +30 degrees where it will be hidden from small children.

The shelf life of the gel "Baby" - 30 months. Storage of this tool is recommended at a maximum temperature of +25 degrees. The tube may lie in the fridge, but freezing the gel is unacceptable.


About 90% of reviews of “Kamistad” praise this medicine and call it very effective for painful sensations in the mouth caused by stomatitis or other problems. The main advantages of the drug are considered a comfortable tube, low cost and long-lasting analgesic effect.

The Kamistad Baby product is also mostly good, noting that it helped to survive the teething period. However, for some kids, this gel was ineffective, which made it necessary to replace it with another local drug.


Instead of "Kamistad" and funds "Baby" can use other local drugs that are used in dentistry. The doctor may advise as an analogue of one of these drugs.

  • «Calgel». This drug is similar to “Kamistad” with its dosage form and the presence of lidocaine in the composition, however, cetyl pyridinium is the second active ingredient in this gel. In addition, the use of "Kalgel" is allowed from the age of five months.
  • «Stomatofit». Such a medicine is not a gel, but a mouthwash. It contains extracts from medicinal plants, including mint, chamomile and oak bark. The drug can be given from the age of 6 to patients whose gums, tongue or other oral cavity are inflamed.
  • «Holisal». This gel reduces inflammation in the mouth due to choline salicylate, and disinfects thanks to cetalconium chloride. The medication is prescribed to patients older than a year and with teething, and with various dental procedures, and with gingivitis or stomatitis.
  • «Metrogil Dent». This drug has an antimicrobial effect due to metronidazole. In addition, the gel includes the well-known antiseptic chlorhexidine.Such a composition makes Metrogil Dent in demand for aphthous stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis and similar problems. In children, it is used from 6 years.
  • "Dentinox". Like "Kamistad", this gel includes chamomile extract and lidocaine, but laurel macrogol was added to them. The main difference of the "Dentinox" is the possibility of use at any age. It is prescribed for infants up to the year in which the first tooth is cut, and for older patients suffering from toothache, who suffer from the appearance of “wisdom” teeth.

Read more about the drug "Kamistad", see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.