Julia Bodnyak,

specialist with medical education

I am twice a mom. Having received a higher medical education, before the first decree, she managed to work in the clinic, undergo an internship in the care and treatment of both very small newborn babies and adult children. The birth of my own children changed my lifestyle and showed how difficult it is for a newly-made mom to understand all the issues related to life after giving birth.

When my eldest son was born, I did not have access to the Internet, and I had to bring up the crumb under the attack of numerous relatives' advice. Like any young mother, I made a lot of mistakes. Even the education of a doctor did not always help out, since many situations in the life of a tiny baby were far from those studied in pediatrics.

I managed to avoid many difficulties with my younger daughter due to my experience, communication with other mothers and doctors, as well as the abundance of information on the Web. However, this abundance had to be filtered and rechecked.

For many years, I have been sharing my knowledge with other Internet users, writing articles, and communicating on the mum forums. I like to systematize information and to explain important topics related to the development, growth and health of children to young mothers.

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