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Inconsistency of feelings in a child
My granddaughter is a year and a half. She often confuses emotions. For example, when waiting for me, standing at the door, smiling happily. And when he sees me, he will cry, runs into the room, may lie on the floor. But after a couple ...
The child does not gorge, requires more
I have a 9 month old baby eating a curd for dinner, eating the allowable amount, requires more. Can I give her more cottage cheese than you can?
Palm olein and palm oil
Hello. Does NAN comfort milk powder contain palm olein - is it palm oil or something else that splits and leaves? Thank.
About pneumococcal vaccination, if the child has had pneumonia
Good evening! I wanted to know whether it is worth doing a pneumococcal vaccination (a 4.6-year-old child) if he had pneumonia. Thank.
Separation from the eldest daughter due to the birth of the youngest
Natalia, hello! With the birth of my second daughter, with a difference of 6.5 years, I began to notice that the eldest is jealous, often rubs around me, wants to cuddle, especially in those moments when I do the younger ...
Is it worth helping to resolve conflicts a child of 10 years?
Good day. Strange, in my opinion, the reaction of others to the fact that I want to protect my 10-year-old son from aggression at school, constantly trying to figure everything out, but support from ...
How can you gradually wean a baby with ADHD from breastfeeding?
Good day, Natalia! My daughter (2 years) not so long ago, a neurologist questioned raised ADHD. The girl was born prematurely, since birth there were problems with sleep (she was sleeping less than normal, she was very bad at home during the day ...
When and how to wean from breastfeeding?
Hello! My child on May 1 will be a year old. When and how to wean from breastfeeding, so as not to harm the baby?
Should I give the child Actinol-memantine in 4.5 years?
Good day. My son is 4.5 years old. We go to the speech therapy garden, because we have been diagnosed with delayed speech development and hyperactivity. Bali at the reception at the psychiatrist, where we were assigned ...
Temperature threshold for severe antipyretic
The child is 3.5 years old. Temperature 39.5 Is there a set temperature threshold when it is necessary to apply severe antipyretic?
The child fell ill after a walk, urine flakes
Hello, Doctor. The child had been on the street for a long time, saying that he was not cold (girl 2.6 years). About 5 hours on air temperature 15-18 degrees. In the morning the temperature was 38.9 - shot down, and ...
A child at the age of 8 months does not roll over from the belly to the back, does not rise itself
Girl 8 months. From the back to the tummy turns itself, but not back. Sits not very confident. If it falls on a flank, it does not rise by itself. He wants to walk - we drive by the handles, he walks confidently. AT...
The level of glucose in a child in 10 years
Hello! My daughter is 10 years old. Weight growth is normal. Periodically they measured her blood from a finger with a glucometer (which shows how in venous blood).Results: 5.2; 5.4. When saw on ...
Decoding blood test
Hello. Unfortunately, our doctor is not there now, but it's time to get the vaccinations. Today we passed the tests, and the result came. Could you decipher it? Hematocrit 37.4, hemoglobin 13.5, red blood cells ...
Permanent moods and tearfulness in a child of 5 years
Good day. I do not know where to start, because I ran into a problem when raising my second child. Girl 5 years old, quite emotional: very active with peers who obey her, with ...
Tantrums and tearfulness in a 7 year old child
The child is 7 years old, first class. He makes tantrums every day and cries over and without, says that everyone is being insulted. Tell me, please, what to do.
Soothing tea for a child in 1 year and 10 months
Hello. Tell me, please, what composition of soothing tea can be prepared for a child of 1.10 months?
Severe ORVI in a child at 10 months
Hello! We have this situation. My child is 10 months old, now a high temperature of 39.1, red throat and coughing up, stuffy nose (snot of green tint). Were at the doctor's office ...
Liquid stools 2.5 months after surgery for pyloric stenosis
Hello. My child has a diagnosis of pyloric stenosis. An operation was performed in 2.5 months, 10 days after each feeding the child has very loose stools. The child feeds Nestezha with a mixture. What to do,...
Contact with a child who has chickenpox
A 5-year-old child was in contact in the garden with a child who had a chickenpox at night. I'm pregnant, can I get infected? Both did not hurt before.
Is it possible to re-infection after a light chickenpox in 6 months?
Hello! My daughter got sick with chickenpox at 6 months, everything went in a mild form, the rash didn’t even spread over the body. In general, as prescribed, the pediatrician drank fenistil, and in a couple of days everything went away. But I...
Vitamins for a teenager for weight loss
Hello, I am 14 years old, I started to play sports and limit myself in nutrition, because I want to lose a few pounds. I want to start taking vitamins, because I'm afraid that my body ...
Thrush and weight loss in a child
A six-year-old girl has constipation, a thrush appeared in the priest, losing weight, a good general analysis of blood and urine. We live in the village, far from the regional center, what to do?
A child at the age of 10 is fighting - is it worth excluding from the boxing section?
Good evening. Tell me how to be: I have a boy of 10 years old at school who constantly beats both boys and girls. He says that he is constantly called out, there are problems with his parents. The child is very ...
A child at 2 years 4 months eating only cottage cheese, flour and sweets
Hello, the child’s grandmother is 2 years and 4 months old. Food - Agusha children's yoghurt 8-10 bottles. 200 grams per day. Refuses to accept other food. Maybe eat cookies or a piece ...
The child is afraid of doctors after stitches
Hello. At 2 years and 2 months. the daughter suffered a face injury, as a result of which the child was stitched to the lips and gums under local disinhibition. Now she is 2g. 8 months I want to say that she had before ...
Child 2 years 4 months says very little dreams
Hello! My son, 2g 4 months, does not speak, from real words - only mom and dad.At the same time, he understands the speech, he himself is explained with the help of gestures and sounds (for example, he wants to sleep: pointing to ...
Vaccination with platelet count 380 in a child
Hello, please, tell me, if a child has a blood test showed 480 platelets, is it possible to vaccinate?
The child does not eat vegetables
Hello. I can not force the child to eat vegetables. Only in the first dish. As a side dish refuses flatly and with sour cream and butter, neither cabbage, nor carrots, nor beets. Nothing but potatoes. I was looking for ...
Extinction of sucking reflex in a child
Hello. The child is now 11 days old, we are in the hospital with ischemia after the hospital. There was a weakening at the end of labor, and then a caesarean section, in which a double tight neck entanglement was revealed, which ...
Missing Rotavirus Inoculation
Hello! Between 6 and 14 weeks, we missed a rotavirus vaccine. Now the baby is 4.5 months old. Is it possible to start the first rotatek or rotarix vaccination at this age? Thank.
Vaccination against pneumococcus for a child with Down syndrome who has had pneumonia
If a child has Down's Syndrome, 21 years old, has had pneumonia, the doctor advises to get a pneumococcal vaccine, how long after the illness should this vaccine be given?
Severe diarrhea during teething and temperature 39.6
Severe diarrhea during teething and temperature 39.6 - judging by one case is not worth it, are we not ill?
A 2.3-year-old child says few words, tiptoes and shows aggression
Hello! My son is 2.3 years old. He speaks up to 15 words and is not clear, goes on tiptoe, is hyperactive, sleeps little, shows aggression. Tell me in connection with what it appeared and what to do? By...
For how many months should you give your child apple juice if your child suffers from constipation?
From how many months should apple juice be given to a child if the child suffers from constipation, is breastfed and gains weight well? And should vitamin D be given to a child at 3 months?
Writing a fairy tale for the adoption story
Hello, Natalia! I am a happy mother of three children. The eldest son is 23 years old, average 17 years old and the youngest daughter is only a year and three months old. I am married, married for over 25 years. All his joint ...
Ursofalk cancellation and jaundice return
Hello! My son, a month and a half. Recently, he lay in a hospital with the main diagnosis of prolonged conjugation jaundice. Bilirubin was 191, after 2 weeks at discharge it was 60. The treatment ...
Height 80.5 cm and weight 9600 g. have a premature baby at 1.5 years
I had a daughter at 33 weeks old with a weight of 1.5 kg. Now she is already 1.6 years old, she has a height of 80.5 cm, weight is 9600 grams. And I understand that this is not enough, but we were born small. How bad and how can it ...
Sharp increase in glucose in a child
The child got sick, taking medication, the aciton is normal, glucose was also normal, but by the evening the glucose rose to 56 mmol.
What to feed and water a child with enterovirus infection
My granddaughter had an enterovirus infection. Three days was t - 39.3 - 39.5 and was poorly slowed down with all sorts of medicines. By the end of the third day, t decreased to 37.3 and diarrhea began. The day went 6 times ....
Vitamins at the age of 12 to maintain immunity, improve memory and performance
Question: Good afternoon! A child is 12 years old, please advise vitamins for general strengthening, maintaining immunity, increasing memory and efficiency. Thank you in advance.
Consultation on the curvature of the spine and the bend of the uterus due to the early sitting down child
Hello Tell me, please, I planted a child very early. How can I find out about the spine and the uterus?
A 10-month-old child pulls everything in his mouth, eats the ground
Tell me, please, my son is 10 months old, he pulls everything absolutely in his mouth and lifts the linoleum on the floor, eats earth (we live in a private house). Is this normal for his age?
The child does not digest cow's milk, eats mainly during sleep
Hello. Please help me with this question: a child was born, in the maternity hospital, and after the maternity hospital, Nan Optipro was mixed up, strong rumbling began in the stomach, green loose stools, ...
Rotavirus vaccine, and the next day for hepatitis
Good day! Tell me, is it possible to be vaccinated against rotavirus infection, and the next day from hepatitis (second on the calendar)? Thank.
Jaundice in a child in 1 month
Question: Hello! I wanted to ask a question to a specialist - can a yellow baby develop a yellow one? I remember when we gave birth to children, it was all in the hospital, for 2-3 days of life, and now ...
A child at 8 months periodically squeezes the body and opens his mouth 3 to 5 times in a row
Good day! Daughter is 8 months old. When sitting or standing, straining the body, pulls out the arms and legs and opens the mouth. As if the whole body is compressed. But this does not happen all the time, sometimes from 3 to 5 ...
How to part with the gnome Gosha?
Letters from the gnome, of course, an interesting idea, it becomes a kind of friend for the child. But how then to explain to the child what became of the gnome, why does he not write or will there be a sequel? And to what ...
Hemoglobin 101 in a child of 4 months
A child is 4 months old, breastfeeding, hemoglobin 101. Do you need to drink drugs? Adjust maternal nutrition?
DTP vaccination for a child who has a cyst in the brain
Hello. The baby is almost 6 months old. At 1 month a cyst was found in the brain. With the re-examination at 3 months, she disappeared, but the extension remained, according to the doctor, even became ...
A child has a swelling of the gums between the milk and molar teeth
Hello! My son is 9 years old. A day ago, he himself removed a milk tooth. Under it, we saw that it began to grow root. It seems to be all right, but it bothers me that on top of this indigenous ...
Vitamins for a hyperactive child of 5 years, peeling off the skin on the palms, lips
Good day! Tell me which vitamins are best to drink for a 5-year-old boy - skin peels off on palms, on lips - very restless, restless, hyperactive. And what products (fruits, vegetables) to include in ...
A baby of 8 months wakes up at night every hour.
Hello! My daughter is 8 months old and she is breastfed. He sleeps very badly: at night he wakes up every hour. Sleeps twice during the day for 40 minutes. up to 1 hour. Tell me how to normalize sleep?
Sputum in infants in the respiratory tract without fever and cough
What can infants expect to get phlegm in the airways, without fever or cough?
Vitamins to increase attention for kidney problems
The daughter of 16 years has decreased attention and as a result of evaluation in school, which vitamins can be drunk if you have problems with the kidneys (nephropathy)?
Baby spits up blood due to nipple cracks
Hello! Baby after breastfeeding jumped a little with blood, we are two months old. And I have cracks in the nipples, how to cure, I do not know. Help me please.
Defecation 4-5 times a day in a child at 1 year old with an allergy to milk protein
Good day. Tell me, please: my son is 1 year old, breastfeeding is over at 3 months, at the moment the child eats everything except dairy products in any form, because he has a pronounced ...
Height 152 cm and weight 60 kg in a child of 15 years, thin arms and legs
Hello, my son is 15 years old, we have 152 height, and the weight is 60 kg, despite the fact that his arms and legs are thin and his hair doesn’t grow where he should appear already .. Advise what can be done?
Eating a child diagnosed with Celiac disease
Good afternoon, my child is 1 year old, we were diagnosed with celiac disease, tell me, what foods can he eat?
How many months to give a goose egg to a child?
From what age can a goose egg be given? Thank.
The child walks on tiptoe, then goose step
My grandson is a year and 5 months old. He sometimes walks on tiptoe, now in goose pitch, although he has started walking since 11 months and now walks normally. What is pathology?
Temperature, redness and swelling of a toe in a 4 year old child
Hello, my child is 4 years old. We cheer for the second month, the temperature rises to 37-38, there are no snot and no cough. Recently noticed that the big toe was reddened and slightly swollen and bad ...
Very small in 5 years
Good afternoon, my daughter is 5 years old, we are stunted, now is 73 cm tall, her lips are very narrow, they look disproportionate and even the little fingers on her arms and legs are curved, as if bending. To whom do we ...
Bleeding gums, nose, bruises in a 7 year old child
Hello, my daughter is 7 years old. Recently, the gums often bleed, blood from the nose also often happens, and small bruises on her arms and legs began to appear. My daughter says she never fought ....
When a baby tooth appears, enamel slashes
Hello! In a child, when the first baby tooth appears, enamel will immediately fall down. Why is this happening?
Tales for the psychological preparation of children for the appearance of the second child in the family
Natalia, hello. Are there any tales that will help prepare the daughter for the birth of a brother? My daughter is 5 years old, she wanted a little sister more, but a little brother is planned. But I agree with my brother too :) Daughter ...
Baby spits up at 6 months
The child is already 6 months old, he is still belching. Why?
The child is afraid to treat teeth in 5 years
Hello, my baby is 5 years old. Very bad teeth, holes appeared in almost every tooth, the first acquaintance with the dentist was tooth extraction. Now he refuses to treat, tried one ...
Frequent vomiting in 3 months
Hello My daughter was born, she is already three months old. She doesn’t sleep much, she often has a lot of vomiting. She can't sleep well. Please tell me what to do.
At the sight of a new toy, the daughter pulls out the legs and arms, shakes them
Hello, Doctor! My daughter at the sight of a new toy, trying to take it, or when she is nervous, begins to pull out the legs and pens and shake them.What could it be and for what reason? How to help...
The baby sucks his thumb in 3.5 years
Good day! My child is 3.5 years old. Until now, when he falls asleep, sucks his thumb. If he hasn’t quite fallen asleep yet, and I begin to take my finger out of his mouth, he wakes up and starts crying. How...
Mantoux for premature baby
Hello! Tell me, please, whether it is possible and necessary to set the reaction to manta if the refusal of vaccinations is written for up to a year. The baby was born prematurely, 995 grams, at 29-30 weeks (now 9 months) ....
Sharing Berodual and Pulmicort with Cough Inhalations
Tell me please. My child (4 years old) has bronchial asthma. We breathe Pulmicort once a day. But now the child fell ill, and the cough increased, does not give rest either day or night. Tell me ...
The child has a temperature of 40, no complaints
Good day! Tell me, please, a child of 3.5 years has a fever of 40, shot down by Nurofen. Do not walk on the street, I exclude. I ask if something hurts, he says no. Maybe they just climb back ...
Result of carbohydrates in the feces of a child 1-1.65
The result of carbohydrates in the feces in a child is 1-1.65. With reference values ​​less than 0.25. We are on the mix. Child 3 months. What to do?
The child does not sit down at 9 months
A baby of 9 months is already crawling well. Rises in bed, holding onto a support. Sits if you plant, but he does not sit down. It is right?
Early sitting, possible spinal injuries and poor falling asleep
Good day! Tell me, can I myself check that the baby is all right? What is bothering you? It is disturbing that we started planting a child early (at 3 months approximately. I really wanted to, did not want to lie, ...
The child is afraid to read, stutters
Granddaughter does not want to read. She has some kind of fear of reading. Stutters, repeats while reading, is experiencing some discomfort. He is worried about this. How to help? Please advise.
Breastfeeding during diarrhea in infants
Hello! Tell me, please, is it possible to give a breast during diarrhea in a baby, if we give rice broth? Thank you in advance!
The baby does not get up at 8 months old, but presses them
A child in a week turns 8 months. When you try to put on legs presses them and does not become. Previously, and relied a little spring. The neurologist and the orthopedist did not mark any pathologies. How much ...
A child in 1.5 years does not respond to the name
My grandson is 1 year 5 months old. He does not respond to his name. Does not react at all. Hearing is exactly normal. The rest of the development, it seems, is also normal.
The child is almost 2 years old, speaks only 2 words
Hello! Son 1.11 months. According to the norms should speak up to 200 words and sentences, but alas! Says two words: WHERE and GIVE! But a lot of "speaks" on its own. Should I sound the alarm or not everything is so ...
Hiccups after pyloric stenosis operation
Good day. Often hiccups regardless of feeding, even on an empty stomach, for 8 months, had pyloric stenosis, is there a connection?
Can there be lactase deficiency with a neutral reaction of feces?
8 months, IV nan2, the chair became liquid with a sour odor, analyzes: the reaction is neutral, dysbac: Proteus, Klebsiella, gold stoph. Treatment was prescribed: phages, motilium, then phosphalugel and bifiform. Tell me if ...
Visible wreath in a child under the eye at 7 months
Hello, Doctor! My daughter has a wreath under her eye from birth. Now she is 7 months old, but the wreath is also visible. How much can it be serious? Will it pass and what to do?
Is it necessary to give an antibiotic if you were ill a week ago? Now fever and reddish throat
The child is 1.5 years old, according to the analysis of the inflammatory process. Now the temperature is 37.7 and the throat is reddish. Had a week ago, tell me, should I drink an antibiotic?
Vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella in a child with cerebral palsy and symptomatic epilepsy
Hello! A child since childhood has a disability-cerebral palsy, symptomatic epilepsy. I have never been vaccinated, i.e. At first there was a medical news, then my mother refused. Now we are 10 years old, and our name is for vaccination ...
Baby weight at 7 months - 6600 gr.
Hello, Doctor! How much should a girl weigh at 7 months? My daughter weighs 6600 with a height of 63 cm. Is this normal?
Cough in a child of 11 years
Hello! My 11 year old child began to cough two days ago! What drugs are better to give?
At the child of 5 months hair falls out
Hello. Baby 5 months. I began to notice that the hair on my head began to fall out. Vitamin "D" take 1 drop. With what it can be connected? Thank.
A child is 10 years old, height is 128 cm
Child 01/27/17 turns 10 years old, goes in for sports. Height - 128 cm. How easy is it to increase the height of the child? Healthy Weight 29 kg.
Enlarged heart on x-ray
Good evening, today did an x-ray, because after acute respiratory viral infection was suspected pneumonia. So, in the picture the heart is enlarged. I'm in a panic. This is bad?
The child is 8 months old with conjunctivitis, runny nose and cough
Tell me, please, a child of eight months, recently there was conjunctivitis, and from it appeared abundant thick snot. Can there be a cough from them? Coughing very wet cough, feeling as if ...
The temperature gets badly lost in 1 year 4 months, the fangs are cut
Child 1.4 has fangs, a little red throat. Day temperature 39.1. Got down badly. Put a candle - for 1.5 hours did not get off. Keeps 39. Can I give more paracetamol? The doctor was.
The child misbehaves at school
Good afternoon) Can you please tell me how to help my child behave well at school? At home and on the street, she does not behave this way, only at school in a large number of children. It attracts attention with ...
Vomiting in a child at 10 months
Hello. Son 10 months. Climb a few teeth at the same time. There is today 3 day liquid stool without impurities 2-3 times a day. Vomiting after eating (either in pure form or partially ...
Poor sleep in a child with a heart defect, kidney hydronephrosis, bilateral testicular edema
Hello. I would like to know: my baby was born with a heart defect, kidney hydronephrosis, double-sided hydrocele. Could he, because of this, sleep badly at night and how to improve his sleep?
Which nebulizer is better to choose with frequent colds?
Hello. The child suffers from frequent colds and SARS-spitting. cough, runny nose. Which is better to use a nebulizer?
Consolidation after vaccination of DTP in the size of a cherry
The grandson was vaccinated and he holds a seal the size of a cherry. What does it mean? And what recommendations? Please suggest ... Note: the question to the article "Vaccination DPT".
A child of 3 years does not speak sentences
Hello! My son is 3 years and 2 months old. He does not speak sentences, for example, if I ask him what he did in the garden, he will simply answer me nothing. Son knows animals, what sounds ...
Sleep problems for a child at 1 year 10 months
Good day! My grandson is 1 year and 10 months old, there is a problem with sleep, during the daytime and at night. He falls asleep badly, often wakes up, and when he wakes up he cries almost constantly. Doctors say that ...
Red cheeks in a child 1 year 8 months
Hello. My daughter is 1 year and 8 months old. She began to notice recently her red cheeks. Tell me, please, what to treat?
Is it possible to give fish oil to a child of 1 year and 10 months, the baby often walks on the fingers
Good day! My grandson is 1 year 10 months old, is it possible to give fish oil in the form of fish (the Moller brand) and in what quantity. And also: he often walks not on a full foot, but on his fingers, even if he is wearing sandals ...
Will Alphabet Schoolboy vitamins help to learn better?
Good day. The child became worse in the 4th grade. I want to buy vitamins Alphabet Schoolboy. Will it help us or find another reason? Loads did not change, food, too.
Medicine for severe headache nursing mom
Good evening. Tell me, please, which drug can be taken from a severe headache to a nursing mother?
How to optimize sleep during the day at the child 7 months (GW + complementary foods)
Hello, tell me, please. The child is 7 months old, he is breastfed + complementary foods. In the evening before bed, I give him a porridge, then another chest, I worry, do I overfeed him? Basically,...
The child often wakes up at night.
Good afternoon, my child is 4.5 months old. We have a problem - sleep at night. In the daytime, like everyone else, we sleep 2-3 sleep, and at night, we sleep very poorly, wake up, cry, turn in sleep, restless sleep, even our breasts ...
The child falls asleep late, insomnia - what drugs to give
Hello. Her 16-year-old child has insomnia, or rather, falls asleep at 00:00 or later, does not sleep during the day. A year ago, we were at a neurologist’s appointment — healthy; a psychiatrist examination — healthy, thank God. But you need ...
Is the diagnosis of an isolated telarche dangerous?
Hello. My daughter was diagnosed with an isolated thelarhe. Baby 1 year 3 months. They took a bone X-ray and said that the age of the bone was about 2 years, the mammary glands increased ....
I'm afraid to do inhalations with pulmicort and berodual, prescribed by the doctor
The doctor prescribed a cocktail of berodual 14 cap., Pulmicort 2 ml and 1 ml of sodium chloride (inhalation) 3x6 days. A child is 10 years old, there is no asthma. Analyzes - only blood and urine. The diagnosis - tracheitis cough. At night...
The child does not gorge, requires more
I have a 9 month old baby eating a curd for dinner, eating the allowable amount, requires more. Can I give her more cottage cheese than you can?
Infectious or allergic cough in a child with a disability due to neurology
Hello, help, please advice. Daughter is 5 years old, does not speak (we have a disability due to neurology), a cough began to appear a couple of weeks ago. I started with dry, I began to apply ...
The child has constipation from birth, although food is normal
Good evening! My baby has permanent constipation from birth almost now it is 1.5 years old. It feeds very well, but he constantly has sheep callas and has a little blood before one year. Before with ...
Constant stress screaming at baby
Good evening! I have constant stress, I am nervous easily and quickly, I even scream at children, I can not calm down and shakes me. The memory worsened, it can be said that partial amnesia began. I think,...
Greenish loose liquid stools in a 4-year-old child
The daughter of 4 years already the second day very often pokes liquidly, the color is some kind of greenish, but does not complain of pain in the stomach, walks 4-5 times a day, is this normal?
A child of 5 years unnaturally clamps his hand, does not unclench fist
I noticed that a child of 5 years sometimes somehow unnaturally squeezes his left hand, does not unclench his fist for a long time, sometimes complains of pain, can this be related to neurology?
In 3.5 months the blood sugar level 4.9 - took flupferon
For a child of 3.5 months, we donated blood for sugar and we have an indicator of 4.9. Is this normal? But in the morning before the hospital I dropped the baby in the nose of a flu, it could affect the result?
Vitamins with growth retardation at age 14
What vitamins can drink your daughter 14 years old with a lag in growth (152 cm)?
Baby does not eat lure
Hello, my child is 7.5 months (March 16, 2016). From birth, only breast milk is accepted - I did not give either a nipple or a bottle of water - I always gave water from a spoon. From 4-5 months she ...
Temperature 37 in a hyperactive child
A child, a girl of 4 years old is sleeping very little, literally 4-5 hours a day, hyperactive, constantly running, sticking with games, in general, he never sits quietly, sometimes the temperature is 37, but does not go higher ...
Is modern baby food safe for children?
Can modern baby food be called safe for a child? Are there any negative effects of its daily use in feeding?
The child is afraid to be alone before bedtime, afraid of ghosts and evil people.
Natalia, hello. I really hope for your advice. My daughter is 5 years old. She is afraid to fall asleep alone in a crib: she used to think about ghosts that might come. My husband and I reassured her and said that ...
I can not wean from the chest, a great dependence on GV
Hello, Natalia! My name is Anna, I have two kids, two sons of 6 years and 1.5 years. The elder goes to kindergarten, and with the younger I am at home around the clock. The husband works, and his children see a couple of hours ...
Inconsistency of feelings in a child
My granddaughter is a year and a half. She often confuses emotions. For example, when waiting for me, standing at the door, smiling happily. And when he sees me, he will cry, runs into the room, may lie on the floor. But after a couple ...
A child beats children for no reason.
Good day! My child (3.5 years) inadequately responds to other children in the playground, in the park, in the hospital — it can come up and strike without any reason. How do you advise us ...
The child always feels sorry for himself
Hello! How to behave if the child cannot cope with minor difficulties on his own, pity himself every time (“they don't help me,” “they don't expect me,” etc.). I tried to ignore in ...
Daughter is greedy, does not give toys in 3 years
Good day! We constantly teach our daughter (she is 3 years old) not to be a greedy children's team (kindergarten or away) to share sweets and toys. But anyway, it is worth someone to ask her for candy or ...
Daughter 7 years old sucks a finger
My problem is that my seven-year-old daughter still sucks her finger (for example, while watching cartoons, when she falls asleep or thinks about something). Doctors advised to give her the drug "Adaptol", ...
Jealousy between children with a difference of 14 years
Hello! I have two daughters with a difference of 14 years. With the birth of the youngest child, it is impossible to devote enough time to the older one. I feel the eldest daughter's jealousy towards my sister. Need ...
Three-time vaccination "Infanrix-hex"
Good day! My child under 1 year old had only BCG from vaccinations. Next in 1 year 2 months. put us Infanrix hex. A month later, the second. And only after it I read that the children after a year ...
About pneumococcal vaccination, if the child has had pneumonia
Good evening! I wanted to know whether it is worth doing a pneumococcal vaccination (a 4.6-year-old child) if he had pneumonia. Thank.
Temperature and greenish stools with mucus
Our temperature is 37.2-37.8 ... the stool today is the first time today, a little greenish and saw 1-2 as strings of mucus ((((very concerned ... What to do - try to bring the doctor down immediately or a day or two to bring down ...
Palm olein and palm oil
Hello. And NAN comfort milk formula, does it contain palm olein - is it also palm oil or something else that splits and leaves? Thank.
Abdominal bloating with ARVI
My child often has an abdominal distention on the background of medication with ORVi. Syrups are all sweet and doses are decent. Sometimes even feels anxiety when the stomach is inflated. Should I give some ...