Skin cap for children: instructions for use


If a child's skin turns red, there is irritation and itching, the baby cries and worries, and the teenager cannot concentrate on the lessons, you need to help him to remove the unpleasant symptoms by an effective means that does not harm his health. There is a whole line of Skin-Kap products, each of which is focused on solving a particular problem, be it skin irritation, allergies or dermatitis.

Release form

All “Skin-cap” preparations are based on one main active component - activated zinc pyrithione, which became known in 1930 and means one of the zinc compounds. Zinc is a metal that has antibacterial properties and is widely used in pharmacology and the production of medical cosmetics.

100 g of the cream "Skin-cap" contains 200 mg of the active ingredient, as well as excipients: ethanol, flavors, sucrose and others.

In an aerosol, zinc pyrithione is supplemented with ethanol, water and other excipients. The fluid contained in the cartridge has an oily structure. In 100 g of aerosol is 0.2 g of zinc pyrithione. In shampoo, in addition to zinc pyrithione (1 g per 100 g) there are various additives, including flavoring agents, ethanol, salt and water.

Operating principle

Anti-inflammatory properties of zinc have been known for a long time. This metal in the form of various compounds is used to produce drugs, medical cosmetics, household items, for example, antibacterial sponges for washing. Later studies have proven the ability of zinc to inhibit the activity of fungi and bacteria in the human body. This property of zinc and is used in the means of "Skin-cap."


Shampoo "Skin-cap" is used against dandruff and seborrhea. The cream successfully treats manifestations of psoriasis, atopic dermatitispeeling skin. The cream also effectively eliminates various inflammations, destroys fungi, bacteria that caused irritation, does not allow infectious complications to develop, moisturizes the skin, makes it softer.

Aerosol is used to treat these same diseases, but in some cases it is convenient to use the contactless form of applying the medicine.

If you need to process the skin of the scalp, then use the nozzle, which is sold in the kit. The cream works well in combination with a shower gel, which is also used for acne.

From what age is prescribed?

Cream and aerosol "Skin-cap" is used in children from 1 year. This means that during clinical trials, drugs were tested on children who are older than this age. The kids of the first year of life did not participate in the study. If you need to treat one of the diseases that are indications for use, in children under one year, for example, at 6 months, you should always consult with your doctor.. It is desirable, not only a pediatrician, but also children's specialists in skin diseases.


All means of the “Skin-cap” line have only one contraindication - this is an individual sensitivity to the components of the drug, as a rule, to the main substance, since the auxiliary substances are contained in the funds in minimal quantities.

If the sensitivity is manifested, you need to tell your doctor about it, who will prescribe a treatment based on another active substance.

Side effects

At the very beginning of the application of the cream or aerosol, a burning sensation may appear on the damaged areas of the skin. As a rule, it is not strong, does not cause discomfort to the child and passes on its own after several uses. Cancellation of the drug in this case is not required.

Instructions for use, compiled by the manufacturer, indicates that after using the shampoo can cause allergies. Treatment with this will require symptomatic: You need to give your child anti-allergy medication and not wash your hair with Skin-Kap shampoo.

Instructions for use

Skin-Kap cream is applied externally on the inflamed or dry, scaly skin, damage from scratching. Including it is used to treat rashes on the face and neck. Shake the cream container before use. Usually, the skin is treated twice a day, applied as much as necessary to eliminate the irritation.

If the child is diagnosed with psoriasis, the treatment is carried out for a longer period - up to 1.5 months, and atopic dermatitis - up to 4 weeks. You can repeat the treatment after the break.

The instruction recommends using the drug in the form of an aerosol, spraying from about 15 cm to the affected areas 2-3 times a day. If the irritation has passed, then you need to use the aerosol for another 7 days to fix the effect. This method is used to treat allergies.

For the treatment of psoriasis, use of "Skin-cap" needs at least 1-1.5 months, atopic psoriasis - about 3 or 4 weeks. If you need to process the skin under the hair, you should use a nozzle.

If skin lesions are located under the hair on the head, it is more convenient to use shampoo. As a rule, it is applied twice. The first time rubbed into the skin under the hair, then washed off. The second time, soap and leave for a few minutes, then washed off again. Before use, the bottle must be shaken to activate all components of the composition.

This procedure is usually done 3 times a week. For the treatment of seborrhea, you need to continue for two weeks, psoriasis - five weeks.

To prevent the recurrence of symptoms, shampoo can be used instead of the usual one several times a week.


Cases of overdose means "Skin-cap" in medical practice are not recorded. But if any reaction to the funds occurs, parents should consult with their doctor.

Interaction with other drugs

During clinical trials, it was found that Skin-cap preparations do not affect the pharmacological action of other drugs, therefore they are often used as part of complex therapy.

Terms of sale and storage

Skin-cap preparations are non-prescription drugs. Houses are stored at room temperature, it is desirable that the storage place is not accessible to children. The shelf life of the cream - 3 years, spray and shampoo - 5 years.


Parents who have treated allergies and other skin irritations with Skin-cap, write that the drug is very effective, removes manifestations of the disease in just a few days. It is important that this is a non-hormonal drug that does not harm the child. The main component - zinc - is even contained in the human body in approximately the same amount as iron, and participates in the processes of vital activity and synthesis. Therefore, Using the drug correctly, you can help the child quickly get rid of an annoying rash.

In the reviews, there is even a story about the successful use of the Skin-Kap cream for a three-month-old baby who was allergic to cow's milk protein. There were no side effects and reactions. Cream prescribed by a doctor.

Another mother shared her experience in treating atopic dermatitis in a 1.5 year old child. And at first, an incorrect diagnosis was made, and, accordingly, inadequate treatment was prescribed. After consultation with an experienced pediatric dermatologist, Skin-cap cream was discharged, after which the manifestations of the disease disappeared after a few days.


According to the current component, the analogues of the Skin-cap cream are the preparations: Zinocap, Pyrithione Zinc and Friederm Zinc.

Skin Kap preparations are quite expensive. For example, an aerosol of 70 grams costs about 2,700 rubles, and a 50 g cream in a tube is almost 1,900 rubles. At the same time, “Tsinokap” of a similar volume can be bought for 550 rubles, and an aerosol of 58 g costs 702 rubles. The reason for the lower price is that Zinocap is produced by a domestic manufacturer.

At the same time, the Frederm shampoos, which are produced in Italy, are also cheaper than Skin Cap for the price. So, shampoo "Friderm zinc" 150 ml costs about 630 rubles in Moscow, and "Skin-cap" of the same volume - 1200 rubles.

Review of the drug "Skin Cap", see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.