At what age can jelly be given to a child?


Kissel is one of the most popular drinks in our country that have a positive effect on the human body. Is it possible to include it in the children's diet, at what age it is better to make and from which products to cook jelly for the baby?

Benefits and healing properties

Due to its thick texture and ability to envelop the walls of the digestive tract, jelly is able to protect the gastric mucosa from damage, thus preventing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Drinking jelly can eliminate diarrhea and constipation. In addition, jelly is advised to drink to kids who are not gaining a lot of weight, since this drink contributes to weight gain.

Apple kissel for a child
Apple jelly consumed not only as a tasty drink, but also for medicinal purposes

Also the beneficial effect of the jelly will be determined by the products from which it is prepared:

Ingredient for jelly

Its properties and effects on the children's body


Apple jelly can be given to a six-month-old baby one of the first because of its low allergenicity.

It is recommended for hypovitaminosis.

Effectively protect against the development of anemia.

It is a diet drink.

Helps with diarrhea.


It helps with problems with digestion (diarrhea, constipation).

Positive effect in infectious diseases.

Improves visual acuity.


It has antiseptic properties.

It is recommended for inflammation in the respiratory system.


It helps to strengthen the capillaries.

Cranberry or raspberry

It helps with colds, as it contains ascorbic and acetylsalicylic acid.


It is recommended for liver disease.

Possesses choleretic impact.

Differs easy laxative action.

It has a diuretic effect.


Rich in minerals and vitamins.

Benefits in diseases of the stomach.

It is recommended for diarrhea.

It has a tonic and tonic effect on the body.

Harm and contraindications

  • Kissels should not be given to children who have frequent constipation or have colon abnormalities.
  • This type of drink is not recommended for overweight babies.
  • Do not give kissel kiddies with diabetes.
  • Babies should not be given too thick a drink, as it may be difficult for their digestive system.
Kissel in glasses
Do not use in the preparation of jelly ingredients for which the child has an allergy

Is allergy possible?

Since the most common kissel recipes based on fruits and berries, indeed any of these ingredients can provoke the development of an allergic reaction. Having determined which product the baby has is allergic to, it is possible to boil the baby jelly without such a component, therefore, it is not necessary to completely abandon the jelly in the diet of the baby-allergic person.

From what age can I give?

For the first time, kissel is offered to babies who are already 6 months old. For infants younger than a year, kissel is given in liquid form, but already from 10 months it is possible to offer a crumb to such a drink, making it thicker.

At the same time, mothers need to know that blueberry and cherry kissel is recommended for babies over 10 months old, and a rowan drink from the age of two.

Cherry Jelly
Most jelly babies can be given to children from 10 months of age.
Calculate your feeding chart
Specify the date of birth of the child and the method of feeding

What kissel allowed children up to a year?

Children younger than a year are given jelly, which should:

  • Have a liquid consistency.
  • To be cooked before use.
  • To be boiled from ingredients that have already been introduced into the diet of the little ones, if there is no negative reaction to them.
  • Do not include exotic fruits.
  • To be cooked without sugar.

How to cook?

  1. The main ingredients from which the jelly is made are starch and fruit or berry raw materials. There are also recipes based on oatmeal or milk.
  2. The first jelly cooked single-component, and as the baby grows, the taste of drinks can be made more multifaceted and diverse.
  3. Starch must first be mixed with cool water and only then be added to boiling liquid.
  4. After pouring in the starch, the drink should be constantly stirred until it becomes thick.
  5. Part of the juice (if berries or fruits are used for kissel) should not be processed under high temperature. Having added it to drink at the end of preparation, it is possible to keep a maximum of useful substances.
  6. When cooking in kissel, sugar is also added, but for the youngest children you can try to do without it, especially if the main ingredient of the drink is represented by sweet fruits. You can replace sugar for baby jelly with fructose or honey (if the child is not allergic), and artificial sweeteners can not be used for such a drink.
  7. For cooking kissel, designed for a child, you should use enamelware.
  8. Cooking kissel crumbs should be at one time. Storing the beverage in the refrigerator, reheating and digestion is not recommended. This will not only reduce the benefit of the kissel, but also increase the risk of developing harmful bacterial flora in it.

How to cook kissel without adding sugar, see in the video channel Marmalade fox.

Best recipes


Fill a third of a glass of oats with a glass of warm water and leave for 10 hours (the best option would be to leave the flakes overnight). Drain the liquid in a separate container, add a glass of milk, a pinch of salt and sugar to taste. Put the container on the fire and cook until the jelly becomes thick.

Oatmeal kissel for a child
Oatmeal Kissel - a good remedy for diarrhea in the crumbs


Stir two tablespoons of cornstarch in a small amount of cool water. While it swells, bring two glasses of milk to the boil and add 60 g of sugar or fructose to it. Then pour the diluted starch into the boiling milk with sugar (at the same time you should constantly stir the drink). Cook the jelly until thick. Vanillin, lemon zest, jam, fruit and berry syrup can be added to this milk drink.


Wash two apples, peel them and rub on a fine grater, then squeeze the grated mass using a sieve to obtain juice. Putting the juice aside, pour the apple mass with two glasses of water and boil for about 10 minutes. Strain, pour the resulting broth into another saucepan and boil. Separately dissolve teaspoon of starch in cold water. Pour the starch solution into the boiling apple broth, wait until it thickens, remove from the heat, pour in the apple juice and after cooling let the baby.


Connect a glass of fresh juice from pumpkins with two glasses of water, mix well and boil. Separately, stir a teaspoon of potato starch in a small amount of water, then add it to the pumpkin juice. To taste, add fructose to the drink and simmer on low heat for about five minutes. If desired, cinnamon can be added to the finished kissel. Giving the child a drink should be a little cold.

Pumpkin Kissel
Pumpkin jelly is dietary and will please even adults.

Frozen or fresh berries

For berry kissel, take 100 grams of strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, currants or other berries and 300 ml of water. Sort out and rinse the fresh berries well, then chop them using a meat grinder, juicer or blender. Juice, which turned out when grinding, pour into a jar and put in the refrigerator.

Cake from the berries pour boiling water and put on the fire. Boil it for 7 to 10 minutes, then strain and divide the liquid into 2 parts. After cooling, add a teaspoon of starch to one of them and let it swell. In the second part, add sugar (also enough teaspoon) and bring to a boil.

When the broth boils, reduce the heat and, with constant stirring, add the swollen starch. Bring to a boil again, turn off the stove and pour the juice in the fridge into the drink. After mixing, pour the jelly into glasses. According to the same recipe, you can prepare a drink from frozen berries.

Dried fruit

Prepare a decoction of dried fruit, taking 30 g of raw materials and 300 ml of purified water. Strain the drink, slightly pressing the boiled fruit. Pour a small amount of liquid into a glass, where add a tablespoon of starch. Let the remaining broth boil, add the diluted starch and cook until thick. Optionally, in the drink during cooking you can add a little fructose or sugar syrup.

Dried fruit jelly
Kissel from dried fruits is very useful.

The norms of use for infants and more adult child

  • Babies under 12 months old can be given kissel 2-3 times a week. Children older than a year are allowed to give a drink daily, but not more than once a day.
  • One serving of jelly for a child of 1-3 years should be from 100 to 150 ml. Children over three years old give 150-200 ml of this drink at a time.
  • The best time to eat jelly is considered lunch and snack. It is better to give the drink to children in the form of heat.
Strawberry jelly for children
Keep track of the amount of drunk jelly crumbs


  • Do not buy store jelly in bags and briquettes, since such a product is permissible to give only to older children. It contains chemicals that can harm a small child. For preschoolers, and especially for babies, kissel should be boiled from natural ingredients with your own hands.
  • Cook the baby kissel only from ingredients for which the crumbs do not have an allergic reaction. For the first time, give the baby only one teaspoon of freshly made drink.
  • Starch for jelly is also worth cooking yourself, and not to buy in the store. To do this, peel the potatoes and chop them in a blender. Gruel, which turned out after such grinding, put in cheesecloth. Tie up the cheesecloth and let the potato pulp lie for a while to isolate the starch.
Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.