At what age can raspberries be given to children?


Many babies like sweet tasty raspberries, but before acquainting a child with such a berry, parents should learn about its properties, optimal administration time in complementary foods and other nuances that can prevent allergies or other health problems.


  • Rich in potassium, iron, vitamin C, carotene, B vitamins, copper, selenium, calcium and other beneficial compounds.
  • Due to the content of organic acids, in particular, salicylic acid, the use of antipyretic, cough and diaphoretic effect is noted.
  • It has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, improving the appetite and normalizing digestion.
  • Raspberries have a positive effect on the work of the myocardium and the condition of the vascular walls, so it is recommended for problems with the cardiovascular system.
  • Its use helps in strengthening the immune system.
Raspberries are very useful and often used to treat colds.

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  • Often there is an allergic reaction, manifested by redness of the skin, nausea or rash.
  • Due to the significant content of fiber, fresh raspberries are not advised to use in case of diseases of the digestive tract.

From what age can you put in complementary foods?

Bright color warns against early introduction of complementary foods. It is advised to offer her breastfed babies only from one year old. Artificial babies can be introduced to this berry a little earlier - from 10 months.

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In what form to give?

Acquaintance begin with fresh ripe berries. Crumb offers one thing or even half a berry at breakfast. If no negative reaction to raspberries is noted by the end of the day, the number of berries per day is gradually increased to 50-100 g.

In addition to fresh raspberries, children can be offered this berry in the form of filling for pies and dumplings, and in the form of jam. It is also added to yogurts, cocktails, cottage cheese, muffins, jelly, compotes.

Can I give at a temperature?

Tea with raspberries has long been used for colds, because this berry has the property of lowering body temperature during fever.

Since after drinking raspberries, the child begins to sweat more, in addition to this drink, he should be given another liquid to avoid dehydration. In addition, raspberries are not used to reduce the temperature in children younger than a year.

Raspberry jam
Raspberry jam can be used for colds when there are no fresh berries on hand

Tips for choosing

When choosing a raspberry for a small child, pay special attention to the quality of the berries. Ideally, the berries should be collected from your garden, but if you buy them on the market, inspect and smell the product. Get dry, whole and not crushed berries with bright color and pleasant aroma.

In many cases, the seller gives one raspberry to try, so that the buyer is convinced of its sweet taste. This will help you choose a delicious berry and not add sugar to it. Do not buy damaged product with rotten or moldy areas.

What to do if you are allergic?

If the baby responded to the ripe berry with an allergic reaction, with the introduction of complementary foods you need to wait a few more months. If the child is prone to allergies, it is recommended to treat the child with raspberry no earlier than 3 years of age.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.