From how many months can you give a baby a banana?


When it comes time to introduce fruits into the baby’s diet, bananas cause mothers questions and concerns because of their foreign origin. Is it possible to give their baby and at what age is it best to do?

Bananas for kids
Almost all children like bananas


  • They have a pleasant soft texture and sweet taste, thanks to which the product is popular with most children.
  • It can lick and suck. Chewing it is very easy.
  • This fruit is rich in micro- and macroelements that are important for the formation of the brain, bone system, blood and other organs of the baby. Among them are iron, potassium, fluorine and many others.
  • Twenty percent of the composition is represented by carbohydrates, which quickly split and are well absorbed in the children's body.
  • This fruit contains many vitamins of group B, and also ascorbic acid.
  • He noted the properties to improve mood and promote concentration.
  • This fruit is convenient to grab for a walk or on the road and give the baby when he gets hungry.
A child eats a banana with great pleasure
Bananas are very healthy fruits, but they should be added to the diet with care.


  • May cause problems with digestion, if you enter them into the diet of babies too early and in large quantities.
  • Although allergic reactions to it are extremely rare, but they still happen, so the first servings of an exotic fruit should be small, and the introduction of a banana into the menu should be carried out carefully and slowly.
  • They are referred to as fairly high-calorie fruits, so in the diet of children who tend to gain excess weight, they are best limited.

Possible adverse reactions

When introduced into the menu of a child at a very early age, such a fruit can cause disorders of the digestive system. They are manifested in the baby diarrhea, belching, abdominal distention, vomiting and other unpleasant symptoms.

Since the banana is different fixing properties, babies prone to constipation, this fruit in large quantities should not be given.

From what age is it better to give?

The exact age at which bananas are recommended to begin using for feeding babies is not. Nevertheless, the optimum time for fruit feeding is the age of 8-9 months, regardless of the type of feeding. There are mothers who give their babies a month, but they take a lot of risks: experts categorically do not recommend feeding a baby under six months of age with a banana.

Lure banana
Bananas should not be introduced into the diet of a child under 6 months

Enter into the diet

For the first samples, it is advised to use bananas in the form of mashed potatoes in the amount of one spoon. Even if the child really liked it, you should not rush to increase the dose. Making sure that there is no skin rash, and the chair has not changed, the next time it can be given more.

If the condition of the baby has changed, familiarity with the product should be postponed for some time (for example, for a month). By the year a child can eat half a banana daily, and it is no longer necessary to grind it. You can give a whole fruit to a child in 1.5 years.

Calculate your feeding chart
Specify the date of birth of the child and the method of feeding

In what form can I give?

Although you can see ready-made mashed banana on the shelves, it is easy to make it yourself. Peeled banana is cut into pieces and treated with steam (use a steam bath), after which it is whipped in a blender or simply kneaded with a fork. You can use the mashed potatoes for mashed potatoes. Further, for the first samples in the cooked puree it is worth adding a little mother's milk or a mixture that the baby eats.

Banana puree
Mash yourself by choosing the highest quality bananas.

Also, the first acquaintance can be made with the "squeezed" fruit. Wrap a piece of banana in a clean gauze and unscrew it so that the puree stands out through the holes. Give it a few drops, gradually increasing the amount.

Banana, like other fruits, can be safely added to the child in porridge. Also mashed it can be varied by adding crushed cookies or mixing with any fermented milk product.

How to choose?

For the children's menu, bananas need to pick ripe. Fruit must have a bright yellow color. If you buy a greenish fruit, it can cause digestive problems in the baby. Having bought such an unripe fruit, let it lie at home a few days before acquiring a yellow color.

Also, do not buy bananas with black dots for children, as this is a sign of overriding fruit. It is from him that the appearance of allergies is possible.

If you choose canned banana puree, pay attention to the appearance of the package, as well as shelf life.

High-quality banana for feeding
High-quality banana is easy to recognize by its appearance.

Useful tips

  • They should not be given as the first complementary foods, as its sweetness and delicate taste can cause the baby to not eat any other food, such as porridge or vegetable puree.
  • For the first acquaintance, you should not buy fruit on the market. In the first years it is better to give the baby fruits that are tested and certified, so it is preferable to take them in the store.
Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.