Kashi for the first feeding: from what age and how to give them to the child?


Porridge has a special place in the diet of young children, so any mother should know at what age should start feeding crumb porridge, what cereals for them to choose and how to cook this dish from cereals for kids.


  • Kashki give carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, vitamins, fats, dietary fiber and minerals. All of these substances are important for a growing children's body.
  • With the help of porridge mom easily diversifies the children's menu.
  • For babies with allergies, intestinal diseases, lack of enzymes and other problems, there are dairy-free cereals.

In some ready-made porridge added probiotics for the intestinal microflora of the infant as well prebiotics to improve the digestion of the product.

Porridge eats a child
Entering cereals in the diet will help the baby’s body to fully develop


In oatmeal, as well as cereals based on wheat and barley, there is gluten protein, which many young children have difficulty digesting. In addition, such cereals are contraindicated in celiac disease.

Features of different cereals

  • Rice bowl is introduced first in the menu of tots, prone to allergies and disorders of the chair. Such porridge will give the crumbs useful carbohydrates.
  • Buckwheat porridge It is called the best option for children who have anemia or problems with weight gain, because such croup contains a lot of iron and protein.
  • A special feature of corn porridge is high in starch as well as iron. Since such cereals are digested worse than rice and buckwheat, and also contain little phosphorus and calcium, corn pulp is recommended for children older than 9-10 months.
  • Oatmeal It has high nutritional value, high content of proteins, vegetable fats, magnesium and other minerals. Its use improves peristalsis, so it is indicated for babies with constipation.
  • Have semolina the content of minerals and fiber is very low, so it is inferior to other types of cereals in nutritional value. In addition, due to the presence of rickets, such porridge is generally not recommended for babies of the first year of life.
  • In millet, pearl barley and barley grits There are a lot of fiber, B vitamins and proteins.

From what age is it better to give?

The first to give your baby gluten-free cereal. They are advised to enter into the diet of healthy children a month after the introduction of vegetable foods, usually the age of 7 months. You can start feeding your baby porridge earlier if the child has a mass deficit.

Kashi in which there is gluten, give to children older than 8 months, and if the baby has a tendency to food allergies, then familiarity with such types of porridge is postponed until the age of one. Barley cereal porridge begins to be given to children at the age of 1.5-2 years, and barley porridge - after 3 years.

Baby porridge
Some cereals may not be harmless to babies, so before you enter them into the diet, read the recommendations
Calculate your feeding chart
Specify the date of birth of the child and the method of feeding

Opinion E. Komarovsky

The famous doctor considers the optimal age for the introduction of the porridge for children in the menu of 7 months. He advises to introduce the baby with porridge after introducing fermented milk foods in the diet. Giving porridge Komarovsky recommends in the last day feeding, which is carried out before bedtime.

Enter into the diet

Like all other foods that feed babies, they begin to give porridge from a small portion - one spoon. Gradually, the volume of porridge in the menu of the toddler is brought up to its age - 100-200 g. The first children prepare gluten-free porridges, which include buckwheat, rice and corn.

First, the baby should get used to mono-component porridge, and then you can offer the child and dishes from several cereals. Mixing a few cereals, you enrich the finished product with useful substances. You can also add different types of vegetables and fruits to pots. Oil in porridge is added in an amount of from 3 to 5 grams.

Baby eating porridge
After the baby gets used to one porridge, offer him another or mix with the already familiar

In what form can I give?

Porridge offered crumbs, can be dairy-free and milk content. In addition, they can be presented as a product of industrial production (porridges from boxes) or made by mother independently from cereals.

For dilution of the finished porridge for the first samples using infant formula or breast milk. If the purchased porridge is milk, it just needs to add water according to the instructions.

Recipes for cooking at home

Up to a year, cereal for cereal is ground into flour, and kiddies older than a year begin to cook liquid cereals from whole cereals. The first milk porridges are recommended to be boiled on half-diluted milk, and if it is well tolerated, after a few weeks you can start cooking porridge on whole milk.

To make the first porridge for the baby, take 5 grams of flour (one teaspoon) and 100 ml of water (you can also use vegetable broth). Flour from rice or buckwheat should be immersed in cold water, and from oatmeal - in hot. Constantly stirring, boil the boil for about 30 minutes. In the finished porridge, you can add breast milk or baby’s usual mixture in an amount of from 15 to 30 ml.

In the next video, Dr. Komarovsky talks about whether it is worth buying ready-made baby food.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.