From what age and when can you give a child strawberries?


The idea to introduce a crumb to strawberries and strawberries usually appears in early summer, when the season of this berry is in full swing. Many kids like bright and sweet strawberries, but is it worth feeding a young child with this berry and how to enter it into the children's menu correctly?


  • Strawberries are rich in many irreplaceable substances, including vitamins C and A, folic acid, iron, calcium and other minerals.
  • This berry has a lot of beneficial effects on the body. It helps to improve digestion, improve appetite, strengthen the vascular walls, increase immune defense and improve blood composition.
  • Strawberries have a property that quenches thirst well.
  • Also, fresh strawberries and jam from this berry have an antimicrobial effect, so they are used for colds.
  • Sugar in the composition of strawberries are well absorbed in the children's body, acting as a source of energy.
Strawberry - not only tasty, but also very useful berry


  • Strawberries are often the cause of an allergic reaction because they are rich in natural histamine.
  • Badly washed berries can cause intestinal infections.
  • Excess strawberries in the daily diet causes a violation of digestion, fermentation processes, bloating, abdominal cramps.

From what age is it better to give?

A nursing mother in the first months after giving birth should not use this berry because of the high risk of allergy in infants. Further, strawberries can be consumed in small quantities, watching the crumbs. For the first time, it is advisable to give a baby strawberries after a year, but many pediatricians recommend to get acquainted with this berry at the age of two, especially at high risk of allergic reactions.

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Enter into the diet

For the first sample, half of one strawberry berry or 1-2 strawberries is enough. If during the day the child's chair is not broken, and the skin remains clean, then the next day you can give the baby a whole strawberry. Watching the child, the number of berries in the day menu can be increased to seven or eight pieces. Maximum baby can be given as many strawberries as fit in his palm.

Another option to introduce strawberries in the children's diet - to prepare baby strawberry water. Pour the berries with boiling water and leave them for several hours, filter the drink and give it to the child. If there is no negative reaction, the next time you can leave a berry in the drink, grinding its pulp. This method is also recommended for the introduction of strawberries in the menu of a nursing mother.

Strawberry - enter the child's diet
Since strawberries are highly allergenic, start entering them into the diet with small doses and monitor the condition of the child.

In what form can I give?

Give children only seasonal strawberries. Berries can be given fresh whole, as well as making mousses, pie fillings, smoothies, jellies, compotes, fruit salads and other dishes. Combining strawberries with dairy products (sour cream, cream, yogurt, ice cream), you can reduce the risk of allergies.

To please the child with strawberry delicacies and after the end of the season, the mother can freeze the berries, dry them or preserve them in the form of jam, compote or jam.

How to choose the right strawberries?

The child should be given only high-quality berries, which were collected no more than two days ago and were not stored in the refrigerator. Good strawberries have a rich, pleasant aroma. If you sniffed a berry and smelt, indicating fermentation or rot, such a product cannot be given to a child.

Choose your child a bright red strawberry, which has a shiny skin and slightly protruding grains. Do not buy children berries with wilted and dried tails, this product is no longer fresh.

Strawberry Lure
It is necessary to be especially careful when choosing foods for the first complementary feeding, since the baby’s body at this time is particularly sensitive.

If the strawberries are very thick and elastic, it may have been picked unripe. Check whether the berry is treated with chemicals, you can wash it. Within a few hours, the unprocessed strawberry releases juice and leaves specks of this juice on the pot in which it is stored.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.