Galavit for children


Among modern immunomodulators, the domestic drug Galavit is highly demanded, since it has not only a stimulating effect on the immune system, but also an anti-inflammatory effect. Can this medication be used in childhood, when and in what dosage is it used in children?

Release form

Galavit is presented in three different forms:

  • Pills, which should be absorbed under the tongue. They smell menthol, have a white or white-yellow color and a convex round shape. One box contains from 10 to 80 tablets.
  • Rectal candles. They have white-yellow or white color and a torpedo shape. One pack includes 5 or 10 suppositories.
  • Powder Bottles, intended for intramuscular injections. One pack can contain 3 or 5 bottles.


The active substance in the composition of each form of Galavit is represented by sodium aminodihydrophthalazalindione, which is also called “Galavit”. One sublingual tablet contains such a component in a dose of 25 mg. Candles and powder vials are available in two dosages - 50 mg each and 100 mg galavit.

In addition to the active ingredient in vials of powder, there are no other ingredients. Candles include not only galavit, but also glycerides of fatty acids, and in tablet form, auxiliary components are starch, sorbitol, menthol, calcium stearate, talc and lactose.

Operating principle

Galavit is noted for immunomodulating activity, since its active ingredient affects phagocytic cells (neutrophils, macrophages, natural killers, monocytes). The result of this effect will be the intensification of the formation of antibodies and interferons, a decrease in the risk of autoimmune reactions, the stimulation of the antimicrobial activity of leukocytes, an increase in phagocytosis and an increase in the body’s resistance to infectious diseases.

Galavit also has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, because after taking it for some time, excessive formation of compounds that support an active inflammatory process is inhibited.

At what age is it allowed to take?

All forms of Galavita are prohibited for children under 6 years old. At the age of 6 to 12 years old, the drug is prescribed only in suppositories and injections at a dosage of 50 mg. A higher dosage of injections and suppositories (100 mg) is allowed to be used only in adolescents 12 years and older. Sublingual tablets are not prescribed until 12 years.


In children aged 6-12 years, the drug is used mainly for pathologies of the respiratory organs and purulent surgical diseases.

The drug is in demand:

  • Burns
  • When the recurrence of furunculosis.
  • With frequent colds.
  • With angina.
  • In chronic osteomyelitis.
  • With chronic adenoiditis.
  • With purulent pleurisy.
  • With pneumonia or bronchitis.
  • In chronic otitis and tonsillitis.
  • With peritonitis or appendicitis.

Rectal candles in children 6-12 years old can also be used for:

  • Viral hepatitis.
  • Chronic diseases caused by the herpes virus.
  • Peptic ulcer of the digestive system.
  • Diseases provoked by papillomaviruses.
  • Asthenic conditions.
  • Neurosis.
  • Postoperative complications with suppuration.
  • Viral or bacterial infections of the urinary tract or genital organs.
  • Parodontitis.
  • Inflammation of the mucosa of the oropharynx.

In adolescents older than 12 years, Galavit in injections or suppositories can be included in the treatment of viral hepatitis, peptic ulcer, herpes virus infections, urogenital infections, chronic furunculosis, neurotic disorders, asthenia, stomatitis and other diseases.

As a monotherapy, the drug can be administered from the age of 12 in such cases:

  • If a teenager was diagnosed with an acute infectious lesion of the digestive tract, in which there is diarrhea and intoxication.
  • If a child has a chronic inflammatory disease of the digestive tract with or without diarrhea.
  • If you need to maintain remission in chronic infection of the urinary organs (to prevent relapses).

Tablet form Galavita discharged with:

  • ARVI (both for treatment and prophylactic purposes).
  • Pathologies of ENT organs.
  • Aphthous stomatitis and other inflammations of the oral mucosa.
  • Periodontitis and some other dental diseases.


In addition to age restrictions, Galavit has only one contraindication for children - the drug is not used if a small patient has an intolerance to any of its components.

Side effects

Very rarely, taking Galavita causes an allergic reaction.

Instructions for use

  • Injections of Galavit do intramuscularly. The powder is diluted with 2 ml of saline or water for injection just before the injection.
  • Suppositories should be carefully removed from the packaging, and then enter into the anus and ask the child to lie quietly for some time. Before using this form, it is advisable to clean the intestines from the stool.
  • The tablet should be slowly absorbed in the oral cavity, placing it under the tongue.


  • If a child over 6 years old is diagnosed with surgical purulent pathology or frequent diseases of the upper respiratory tract and lower respiratory tract, then Galavit prescribed at a dose of 50 mg per day for 5 days, and then 50 mg every other day for another 10-15 days. From the age of 12, the treatment is carried out according to the same scheme, but the single dosage of the medication will be 100 mg.
  • Children 12 years and older with gastrointestinal lesions 200 mg of galavit is administered once, and then twice a day, 100 mg of active compound until the signs of intoxication disappear. Further, the drug can be given every 72 hours at 100 mg.
  • With chronic urinary tract infection The medication is prescribed every other day by 100 mg.
  • For the prevention of SARS or flu suppositories Galavit appoint 1 candle per day for 5 days.

Galavit tablets prescribed or 1 tablet four times a day, or 2 tablets 1-2 times a day. The regimen of this form is determined by the doctor depending on the pathology and its severity.

The duration of treatment with Galavit depends on the form of the drug and the reason for using the medicine. For example, to prevent recurrence of urogenital infections, adolescents are prescribed a course of 10 injections, and in case of acute infection of the digestive tract, the patient can receive up to 25 injections. If a child has burn injuries or furunculosis, a total of 10-15 injections are prescribed. The same course of injections is prescribed for ARVI, tonsillitis or other respiratory illnesses.


The manufacturer does not mention cases of a negative effect on the children's organism of an overdose of Galavita.

Interaction with other drugs

Galavit can be combined with many other medicines, including this medicine in the complex treatment of a particular pathology. It is noted that the combination of Galavita and antibiotics can reduce the course dose of the antibacterial drug.

Terms of sale

Bottles with powder for injection are sold by prescription. The remaining forms of Galavita are non-prescription drugs. The average price of a package of 5 suppositories or 5 bottles with a dosage of 50 mg is 550 rubles.For 20 pills you need to pay about 400 rubles.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Store any form of Galavita should be in a place hidden from the sun. The optimum storage temperature is the range from +15 to +25 degrees. It is important that small children have no access to the place where the medicine is stored. For powder vials, the shelf life is 4 years, and for tablets and rectal suppositories - 3 years.


On the use of Galavita in children there are a lot of good reviews. Parents praise the drug for a wide range of applications, convenient form and reasonable price. In most cases, they note that the use of such a drug helped to recover faster, and the side effects of treatment did not arise.


Drugs with the same active substance as Galavit do not produce, so if you need to replace the medicine, you should consult a doctor to find a remedy with a similar effect. Instead of Galavita, a pediatrician may recommend other immunomodulatory drugs, for example, Broncho-munal, Polyoxidonium, Derinat, Imudon, Tonsilgon N, IRS-19. However, they have a completely different composition and have their own characteristics, so you should not choose an analog yourself.

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Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.