Method of Pavel Tyulenev


The technique of Pavel Tyulenev is one of the most extraordinary discoveries in the pedagogy of the last century. The author believes that by following her parents will be able to maximize the potential of the child. Adults need to provide conditions for the functioning of the “genius genius”, which, in the opinion of Pavel Tyulenev, absolutely all children have.

Pavel Tyulenev asserts that every child is a genius in his own way, this feature must be developed in a child

He assumes that with the help of his method of developing children, a child at an early age will be able to do and know what children at preschool age cannot. And by the age of 18, the child can already get a higher education and not even one. Let's take a closer look at what this technique is and how it works.

about the author

In 1970, Pavel Tyulenev completed his studies at the TSU (FOP) at the departments of sociology and journalism. From 1970 to 1974, he was the executive director of the Society for Philosophy at Tomsk University, secretary in the formal and mathematical logic circle, a sociological laboratory under the guidance of Professor V. Sagatovsky, in the society of educational psychology associate professor E. Sagatovskaya.

In 1975, having decided to address the current problems in petrochemistry, he completed his studies in the chemistry department in the specialties "chemistry" and "teacher of chemistry". After that, he is engaged in solving problems of creating and implementing the “system of optimal search, production and deep processing of oil”, the SPHINX and SIRIUS systems, with the help of which it was possible to increase the efficiency of export of domestic oil products more than 5 times. However, it was not possible to bring the systems to life due to the restructuring and liquidation of the state plan.

After that, Pavel Tyulenev, decided to leave the mineral and raw materials industry in pedagogy, believing that the people needed reforms in the education system. In 1991, he occupies a leadership position at the Center for the Promotion and Development of Children. From this point on, he devotes his life to teaching.

What is MIR and where did it come from

The impetus for the development of his own methodology was the work of Boris Nikitin, who was able to prove that the early development of a child may well take place in life. This Pavel Viktorovich shared in one of his publications. Children, brought up by the method of B. Nikitin, in their development, both intellectual and physical, were far ahead of their peers. P. Tyulenev decided not to dwell on this and find out what abilities of children in order to begin learning to read, music, literature and artistic activity, mathematics, play chess are marginal.

Conducting various studies, he found that the baby can learn to read before it starts walking. The brain activity of the crumbs when reading “for oneself” works much less than when walking. Proceeding from this, Pavel Viktorovich singled out a hypothesis that if, using a special system of teaching a child, to start developing it correctly from birth, then it is quite possible teach a crumb to read faster than he starts talking or goes.

The author of the MIR method took almost 20 years to develop the project.

Pavel Tyulenevy took almost 20 years to develop the necessary teaching methods, to test and prove his hypothesis.And so, in December 1998, for the first time, an eleven-month-old child, who was still only crawling, was able to make a word out of individual letters.

At the same time, when this kid grew up, he was constantly surprised to say that he could always do this when asked when he learned to read. This answer then shocked all scientific workers and doctors in pedagogy and psychology, because it was proved that a seven-month baby can already be able to read, only the learning process should be started earlier.

Pavel Tyulenev and his colleagues began developing their own methods, and the kid, meanwhile, was becoming more and more successful in learning. The question arose of how a child at this age can exercise a skill without losing it and developing it further. Since the crumb still does not know how to speak well at this age, the idea arose to offer him a typewriter and a computer. The child mastered typing with ease and eventually saw the light of “Reports from the Future” - letters from a baby who was barely a year old.

Parallel to the system of teaching reading and writing, Pavel Viktorovich also worked on other developing methods. In 1992, under his authorship, the program “In five years - in the fifth grade” was implemented and published, and in 1995-1996 the publication of the book “Read Before You Walk.” Was published.

In addition to the MIR methodology, Pavel Tyulenev is the author of other effective methods for the development of children.
The training system for P. Tyulenev was called the Intellectual Development Method - MIR, which was a special part of the science of intelligence, which he proposed for systems of optimal education in 1995. His teaching methods are focused on parents and teachers, and can be completely independent of traditional education. With the help of MIR, the baby will be able to learn how to read while still at the age of a slider, and by the age of 18, get more than one higher education or become a PhD in science, having defended a thesis.

In the next video, Pavel Tyulenev himself will talk about his methodology and what results can be achieved with its help.

Special features

  • It is necessary to start learning from the first days of life.

Pavel Viktorovich believed that teachers and doctors who talk about the dangers of early developmental activities with children simply cannot create the necessary environment for the development of a baby. In fact, babies can develop much faster than many people think. After all, human abilities are laid in the first two years of his life. It is then that intelligence develops by more than 80%. In these years, the baby will be much easier to learn to read than, for example, in 5-6 years.

Nature laid in man the ability to actively assimilate graphic images in the first four months of life. In these months, the child has no need for entertainment, he only observes. If you take advantage of this moment and start showing him letters, then growing up, he will recognize them and be happy as his favorite toys. Reaching the age of three or four months, the baby is already beginning to coordinate his actions with his hands and he will need other toys that he can touch and take. A suitable time for learning will be missed.

Tyulenev claims that it is necessary to study with the child according to his method from the very moment of birth

So, you should take a moment and show the child the images of letters, geometric shapes, etc., which are recommended by the method, from the first days of life and up to three months, in order for the baby to memorize the images of words. They will become for him a kind of designer, from which he will add words in the future, that is, he will be able to read.

  • Creating the right developmental environment for learning without learning.

The developing environment is what surrounds the child in his development, it is games, toys and aids offered to him by his loved ones. It is in this environment that the kid makes his first discoveries, makes his first conclusions, learns to think and develops memory. It is she who gives tremors for the development of the crumbs.

The value of the developing environment in the voluntary education of the child. Properly using it, there is no need to force the child to acquire knowledge and skills, to train them. Adults simply offer the child toys, and he himself chooses which ones are interesting for him and which ones are not. As a rule, children set aside toys that are not appropriate for their age or abilities are complex.

The author of the MIR method asserts that for proper development it is necessary to properly organize the space around the baby.

With the help of a well-chosen developmental environment, you will not overload the baby, because he regulates the load himself, doing what gives him pleasure and brings joy. So, not sitting with a letter in one hand and soothing drops in the other, you can calmly and peacefully (and this is important) teach the child to read by the age of two.

  • The reading skill is the most important.

It is reading that allows the child to get acquainted with the world of information, to acquire knowledge himself and to develop rapidly, especially at an early age. Parents will not be able to give him the amount of information that he can get by acquiring knowledge on his own. That is why Pavel Tyulenev presented reading as one of the most important general indicators of child development.

Features of the class

To master the methodology of conducting classes under the force of even an adult who is far from pedagogy. Successes will be in the event that one of the parents begins to work with the child, despite the fact that he is busy with work. One has only to spend at least a few minutes in the morning before the working day, and in the evening before going to bed, following the simplest recommendations. Crumbs will learn new things on their own.

The whole learning process of P. Tyulenev was divided into 10 "class-worlds", each of which corresponds to a certain period of development of the baby. Requirements and program for each of them are separate. A crumb goes to the first class-world immediately after birth, and before he reaches the age of two he will finish the first five class-worlds.

The developing program of Tyulenev is divided into 10 classes

It is in the first two years of life that the training is very intense, since the child develops very quickly during this period. In the most recent, tenth world class, the child will be enrolled at the age of 12 and will graduate at the age of 18. According to Pavel Viktorovich himself, the end of the 10th grade of the world is tantamount to getting a higher education.

The developers of manuals according to P.Tyulenev say that it is necessary to use materials that are already ready for classes. It’s impossible to make them independently, since each of them has its own “secret” of success.

Without making a hole in the right place, replacing or adding a picture, gluing the manual yourself without knowing the subtleties, you will not be able to achieve success. P. Tyulenev compares this with the study of physics according to the formulas invented by you.

The list of benefits that you need is not so big. For example, in order to teach a child to read you will need:

  1. The developing bed is a microschool (must meet the requirements set by the system).
  2. Sets of cards (postcards, pictures). Methods of playing games with them.
  3. Wonder letters: universal developing alphabet MIR and recommended games with it; Magnetic alphabet and games offered with it.
Developmental bed should meet all the requirements of the program, according to Pavel Tyulenev

The results of work and feedback from parents

So far it is difficult to say anything about the incredible effect that the creator of the technique assumes. There are kids who in two years could read the words and type them on a computer or typewriter, but what they will be in 10-15 years is unknown.

There is still no generation of children trained by the method of P. Tyulenev, they have not had time to grow up. Therefore, whether it is necessary to start learning to read a child from birth or whether it is worth waiting until 5-6 years old is not clear at the moment.

Among the reviews of parents can be found both positive and negative. Many questions have arisen about the textbooks of the system. All that is required for training can be ordered on the official MIR website. According to the author, it’s simply impossible to make them yourself, they all contain manufacturing secrets that no one reveals.

In comparison with other methods, this is a big minus. After all, parents do not even have the opportunity to try this technique for them or not.

In the method of Tyulenev, according to parents, there are both pluses and minuses

The cost of benefits is high, and no trial options are offered on the site. The site is carelessly designed, the structure is complex, not everyone can figure out what's what. Too many advertisements of this method and only general characteristics are offered for review.

Reviews of parents who have already managed to order benefits, also leave much to be desired. A large number of textbooks, a variety of manuals and brochures are very difficult to understand, this is not for everyone.

A number of parents believe that starting learning from birth is simply useless. All that a child learns at such an early age will be nothing more than rote memorization. A child needs to learn something consciously, understanding what he is doing and how.

Most parents liked only certain moments and games of the technique and they use them, successfully combining them with other techniques. Such parents lacked specific, practical exercises, some of the tasks proved to be too difficult to complete.

There are also parents who teach the child only by the method and are very pleased with the results.

In the following video, the MIR developmental technique is described in more detail. Watching the video, you can find out what a child can accomplish with whom they practice according to the MIR method.

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