Dr. Komarovsky about what to do if the child beats his head on the walls and floor


Situations in which a child begins to roll on the floor and beat his head against a wall or floor completely disarm adults. Even parents who have unprecedented composure often quench themselves and react to the behavior of the baby like this: either they rush to calm him down, or they become even more annoyed and begin to scream and threaten punishment.

What is the reason for this behavior and what to do if the child, not sparing his head, knocks her against the walls, says children's doctor Yevgeny Komarovsky.

What's happening?

When a child rolls on the floor and knocks his head and everything that hits the walls or the floor, parents unwittingly think that something is wrong with him. But Dr. Komarovsky reassures - This is a manifestation of the usual children's tantrums.

Mental illnesses that are accompanied by such actions of the patient are rare, and they should not be thought of, if the baby always leads a completely sane way of life, he is adequate, but occasionally such incidents happen to him.

Tantrums in one form or another are characteristic of almost all children, especially during periods of age-related “crises” - at 1 year, at 2–3 years, at 5–7 years. They should not be considered a disease; rather, they are a sign of the pedagogical errors of adults.

There are usually many reasons for a child to have a tantrum for parents. This is an impossibility, due to age, to say with words what one wants or what is troubling, and the wrong day regimen, as a result of which the tiny one gets noticeably tired in the evening and simply cannot somehow cope with his emotional “swings” and common pedagogical neglect.

If a child once tried a tantrum, and she brought the desired results for him (he got what he wanted), then there is no doubt that practicing such a peanut would be with enviable regularity.

Hysterics in a one-year-old child and a younger child are almost always associated with certain disturbances in his state of health, since manipulate such children do not yet know how. But already in a half or two years, this behavior turns into a great tool to achieve the desired.

How to proceed?

Yevgeny Komarovsky encourages parents to be prudent and not allow themselves to be manipulated.

If a child falls, hits his head, bites his hands, then adults need to be well aware that all this is done exclusively for them.

If at this moment to leave the room and leave the child alone, having previously created a safe space for him, so that he does not cure, expressing his emotions, then very soon the need for hysteria will disappear.

Children stop using it when they see that they don’t touch and do not care for a single adult family member, that the result cannot be achieved.

Yevgeny Komarovsky argues that it will not be easy at first, but parents must maintain an icy calm.

If an adult shows that the hysteria of the child is annoying, then the child will also regard this as a result, not quite the one he expected, but quite tolerable.

If the thought has crept in from the parents that something is wrong with the child, no one bothers to show it to a pediatrician, a neurologist, a psychologist, a psychiatrist.And if these specialists do not reveal serious mental deviations and lesions of the central nervous system, then one can relax and proceed to the pedagogical elimination of hysterics as such.

Sacred all differently. If parents have fears that the child may damage his face, head, and limbs, then it is best to offer him a pillow, soft ottomans. With such devices it will be easier to beat, and there will be fewer bruises.

If the child is not only knocking his head, but also suffocating, he is breathless, parents also should not panic. This happens if a child in weeping dramatically exhales from the lungs the entire reserve volume of air.

You just need to blow the baby in the face, and he will take a reflex breath, breathing will be restored.

Punish or not?

In spite of the fact that many popular advisers recommend spanking the frustrating, Evgeny Komarovsky opposes physical punishment. Such an exit is a way of detente for the parent, but it does not contribute in any way to solving the problems of hysterics in a child. Moreover, the toddler will quickly understand that with blows you can solve problems, and this will begin to be used in everyday life.

If you can not cope with irritation, it is better to put the child in a corner for a time that corresponds to the age of the baby: at 1 year - for 1 minute, at 2 years - for two minutes and so on. It is necessary to punish immediately, and not after the lapse of the day, because after lunch the kid will simply forget that he rolled on the floor in the store in the morning, shaming the parent and demanding the purchase of another machine.

Warning of repeated tantrums

After parents have managed to successfully overcome one hysteria, they should make sure that repeated episodes are gradually minimized. This will help observation.

Usually inadequate behavior has similar prerequisites and circumstances for the onset of a tantrum. The child, before falling to the floor, behaves in a similar way - rubs his eyes or begins to sniff.

If you find signs of a “coming storm”, you need to try to immediately distract the child, to turn his attention to something else. It is also helpful to start visiting the kindergarten as early as possible.

More on children's tantrums Evgeny Komarovsky tells in this video.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.