"Citramon" for nursing mothers: instructions for use


During lactation, the load on the maternal organism increases, therefore, due to stress, sleepless nights and vitamin deficiency, many women experience headaches. One of the popular remedies that usually helps get rid of such an unpleasant symptom is Citramon.

On the effectiveness of such a medicine for headaches, you can learn from the many reviews, but when breastfeeding to take such pills is not recommended.

What is this drug?

Nowadays, in the pharmacy, you can buy various medications to help eliminate headaches, but “Citramon” is in high demand and is often bought for a home medicine chest. The drug itself is usually brown round pills packed in blisters or plastic jars.

In the name of the medicine, depending on the manufacturer, there are additional words or letters (“Citramon P”, “Citramon Ultra”, “Citramon-LekT” and so on), but all these drugs are similar to each other both externally and in composition. Only one version of the drug, called "Citramon-Extrakap", differs from the rest, as it is capsules, but the composition of the active substances in it is the same as in the tablets.

The effect of "Citramone" on the patient's body is due to the three active compounds in its composition:

  • acetylsalicylic acid has the ability to ease pain, reduce body temperature and act on the inflammatory process;
  • caffeine has properties to activate brain activity, dilate blood vessels and speed up blood flow in brain tissues;
  • in paracetamol, the effect on the center of thermoregulation is noted, as well as the analgesic effect.

Due to the effects of all components, "Citramon" is in demand for moderate headaches and migraines, as well as for arthralgia, myalgia, neuralgia and toothache. It is sometimes used in acute respiratory infections to reduce body temperature.

Can nursing mothers be used?

The instructions to Citramon contain information that such a drug is contraindicated when breastfeeding, because it penetrates into breast milk, and its active substances may adversely affect the condition of the newborn. The most dangerous component of tablets and capsules is acetylsalicylic acid, also known as aspirin. It can inhibit platelet formation, which increases the risk of bleeding in a child.

Under the influence of such a drug, babies may develop hemorrhagic diathesis, which is manifested by bruises, bruising and bleeding. Besides, aspirin is bad for the stomach and livertherefore, the newborn because of this component is vomiting, regurgitation and other unpleasant symptoms.

Another negative effect of acetylsalicylic acid is its high allergenicity. Some babies develop a serious allergic reaction under the influence of aspirin, and sometimes bronchial asthma. Besides such a substance contraindicated in children younger than 15 years due to the high risk of Ray's syndrome, which is also a reason not to take "Citramon" when breastfeeding.

Caffeine present in the medicine can harm the newborn. Because of its stimulating effect, such a component often provokes regurgitation, disrupts sleep and becomes the cause of tearfulness and nervous excitabilitythat affects the emotional development of the crumbs. The only relatively harmless component of Citramone is paracetamol.It causes adverse reactions in babies extremely rarely and is often prescribed when the temperature rises, even to infants up to one year old.

    Opinion of the majority of doctors about the use of "Citramone" in nursing mothers is unambiguous - doctors do not recommend drinking this drug if the child is breastfed. Experts believe that this medicine is dangerous for the baby and it is better to replace it with not such harmful means with anesthetic action.

    Nevertheless, a one-time reception, as practice shows and reviews, is not something criminal. And if mom's head splits, and there are no other pills in the first-aid kit, then it will be more preferable to drink “Citramon” than to endure the pain. But to take this medication course or to save them with pain regularly is not worth it. As soon as it becomes possible to purchase a safer analgesic, then they need to replace “Citramon” in the future in order to eliminate the need to use this potentially harmful drug.

    Reception at GV

    Although nursing mom has serious contraindications for taking Citramone, but with a severe headache and the absence of other analgesics on hand, some women still risk taking a pill or capsule. Also, there are cases when a young mother habitually drinks “Citramon” because she often used this tool earlier, and only then remembers the ban on breastfeeding. In such situations, the woman will need the following information:

    • it is advisable to reduce the usual dosage of “Citramone”, for example, to drink not a whole pill, but only half;
    • it is better to take the drug immediately after feeding, then by the next “meal” its amount in the blood will be very small;
    • you can express the milk before taking “Zitramon” and feed it to the baby, while the drug will act, replacing one feeding;
    • a woman should drink more so that the components of the medicine quickly leave her body;
    • It is important to carefully monitor the condition of the baby and consult the doctor with the slightest deviations.

    What to replace?

    If a nursing mother has a choice, whether to take “Citramon” in order to get rid of a headache, you need to weigh everything and decide whether such a risk is justified for the baby. To exclude negative consequences for the baby, it is better to refuse such a drug and use drugs that are allowed during lactation.

    This may be "Paracetamol" and its analogues ("Efferalgun", "Panadol"), since such medicines are permitted to both breastfeeding mothers and babies from three months of age. Equally effective against pain and heat is "Nurofen" or another drug ibuprofen. It can also be taken when breastfeeding, observing the dosage and treatment regimen prescribed by the doctor.

    If cramps are the cause of pain, a good effect will "No-shpa" or "Drotaverinum".

    As for the drugs Ketorolaka, which have a fairly strong analgesic effect, they are contraindicated during lactation, so they cannot be used instead of "Citramone".

    In addition to drugs, non-drug methods can also be used in the fight against headaches, which are also quite effective at times. Since pain often occurs due to lack of oxygen, you can take a walk in the fresh air or ventilate the room.

    Another common cause of headache in a young mother is severe fatigue and strain. In this situation, she should sleep and organize your vacation. In addition, you can:

    • rub the whiskey "Star";
    • make sweet tea;
    • massage the head and neck area;
    • make a cool compress;
    • take a contrast shower;
    • Attach to the forehead sheets of white cabbage.

    In the next video you will find tips on the use of drugs for breastfeeding.

    Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.