Can a nursing mother eat hematogen?


If a woman is breastfeeding, she should watch out for her nutrition, because eaten food can change the composition of milk and affect the well-being of the baby. And such delicacy as “Hematogen” deserves special attention, since it is not an ordinary sweetness, but a medicine that helps to treat anemia. In some cases, the use of such a bar can harm both the nursing mother and the baby.

Special features

For the manufacture of "Hematogen" used serum bovine blood, thanks to which the bar is rich in proteins (food albumin). To make the product taste good, it contains condensed milk, cocoa, sucrose, honey, molasses, vanillin, and sometimes nuts, chocolate, dried fruit, vitamin complexes and other components.

In "Hematogen" note such useful properties:

  • improvement of iron absorption in the intestines;
  • immunity strengthening;
  • stimulation of blood cell synthesis;
  • vision improvement;
  • strengthening nails and hair;
  • increase the resistance of the female body to infections.

In appearance, "Hematogen" is similar to iris, but it has a slightly specific flavor. Dried red blood cells give a characteristic dark color to the product. They are the source of iron, which, after entering the body is included in the synthesis of hemoglobin. Such the composition makes Hematogen a valuable additive in case of iron deficiency anemia or high risk of its developmentFor example, if the human diet is low in animal protein.

Despite the pleasant taste that many adults and children like, it is not at all an ordinary chocolate or candy. Therefore, to use "Hematogen" in large quantities is unacceptable, as well as replace them with full meals.

Can it hurt?

Although this product has many beneficial effects, sometimes Hematogen is contraindicated. For example, this tile should not be used for varicose veins or thrombophlebitis, as it will contribute to the thickening of the blood. If a nursing mom has calcium problemsthen they can be aggravated due to the intake of "Hematogen" (iron interferes with its absorption).

This delicacy is also contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity, a large amount of sugar makes it harmful for diabetics, and because of its high caloric content, eating hematogen should be discarded for overweight women and metabolic disorders. Since breast milk changes its taste a little after taking this supplement, a crumb can refuse to breastfeed. In this situation, the treat will also have to be excluded from the diet of a nursing mother.

Like many drugs, Hematogen can provoke various side effects, including pruritus, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, headache and other unpleasant symptoms. Their occurrence is also possible with an overdose - if a woman eats more “squares” than the doctor recommended.

Is breastfeeding allowed?

There is no strict ban on the use of "Hematogen" during breastfeeding, but in the first months after birth, it is undesirable to include such a tool in the diet of a nursing mother. Most doctors believe that feeding a newborn from such a delicacy may be more harm than good.

Fears are associated with a high risk of allergy to this product, because “Hematogen” contains a lot of protein, which can act as an allergen and harm the crumbs. Some doctors recommend to refrain from sweet tiles for up to 3-4 months after giving birth, others advise to wait until six months. By this time, the digestive system of the baby will be quite strong and the risk of negative influence will decrease.

What should be considered?

If you try Hematogen for the first time after giving birth, limit yourself to one or two "squares" and carefully observe the reaction of the karapuz. If the baby began to act up, refuses to breast, became covered with a rash, became restless or had a broken chair, he would have to refuse to use Hematogen. If the condition of the baby is normal, you can gradually increase the daily dose to 15-30 grams, after consulting with your doctor.

Buying "Hematogen", it is better to choose the classic version, which is recommended for children.

This tool is well cleaned and does not include various additional components, so the risk of allergies is reduced. Get better treat in pharmaciesAfter all, in the store under the same name you can get a low-quality analogue that does not contain the nutrients that are in the traditional “Hematogen.”

Another important recommendation is to check the expiration date. It must be indicated on the wrapper, and it must be checked before consuming the product. An expired remedy can be dangerous both for the woman herself and for the baby.

It will be useful to consult about the possibility of using "Hematogen" during breastfeeding with a doctor. He will determine if the nursing mother has any contraindications, and whether she really should use this product. In addition, the specialist will take into account other medicines that the patient takes, because “Hematogen” is incompatible with many of them.

This tool should not be combined with painkillers and diuretic drugs, some antibiotics and vitamin complexes. There are also restrictions regarding food. For example, "Hematogen" can not be used with dishes from the liver or fish, as well as with calcium-rich foods. Between such food and the reception of "Hematogen" is better to wait 1-2 hours, so that all the beneficial substances are digested fully.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.