Drops "Maltofer" for children: instructions for use


If a child has anemia caused by iron deficiency, doctors recommend taking iron supplements. One of them is "Maltofer».

For the treatment of children most often choose such a drug in the form of drops, because giving them to small patients is very convenient. The effectiveness of the medication was confirmed by many studies. However, before using this drug, you must read the instructions for use.

Release form

"Maltofer" in droplets is represented by a dark brown solution placed in polymer tubes or in glass bottles equipped with a plastic dispenser. In one tube / bottle is 10 or 30 ml of medication. The drug is also produced in the form of a syrup, in ampoules for intramuscular injections, chewable tablets and solution, which is taken orally.


The main ingredient of any form of Maltofer is trivalent iron in the form of polymaltose hydroxide. In 1 ml of drops, such a compound is represented by a dosage of 178.6 mg. If we take into account the conversion to iron, then the content of such an element per milliliter of the drug will be 50 mg. Since each milliliter of Maltofer includes 20 drops, one drop contains 2.5 mg of iron.

Additionally, the solution contains sodium hydroxide, methyl parahydroxybenzoate and propyl parahydroxybenzoate sodium. Not expressed sweet taste and a pleasant smell give cream flavoring and sucrose to drops. The balance of the drug is represented by purified water.

Operating principle

The active ingredient Maltofer has a multi-core structure resembling ferritin protein, which is a physiological depot of iron in the human body. In this form, the compound is stable and does not immediately become a source of large amounts of iron ions. In this case, the drug is very well absorbed in the intestine.

Once in the bloodstream, the iron from Maltofer is connected to transferrin and transported to the bone marrow, where it is included in the process of hemoglobin synthesis. In addition, it connects with ferritin, after which it moves to the liver and is stored there until needed for the formation of hemoglobin. That iron "Maltofer", which is not absorbed in the intestine, leaves the body with feces.


«Maltofer"Most often prescribed for iron deficiency. The drug is in demand both with latent deficiency (when anemia has not yet developed, but the risk of its occurrence is very high), and with the appearance of clinical manifestations of anemia, called iron deficiency. In addition, Maltofer can also be used for prophylaxis - for example, if a child does not consume meat or has increased mineral requirements.

At what age is it allowed to take?

"Maltofer" in the form of drops is used in the treatment of both infants and older children. This form of medicine is prescribed at any age, if there are reasons for this, whether it is a toddler 3 months or a teenager of 14 years. It can be given even to premature babies.


The drug is not prescribed to children:

  • with detected hypersensitivity to any component of Maltofer;
  • with hemochromatosis or hemosiderosis;
  • with anemia, the cause of which is not iron deficiency (hemolytic, megaloblastic and other);
  • with fructose intolerance;
  • with problems of utilization of iron - for example, with thalassemia or sideroachresticheskoy anemia;
  • with impaired glucose / galactose absorption;
  • with a lack of isomaltase or sucrase in the body.

Side effects

The children's organism often reacts to Maltofer treatment with drops by changing the color of feces, but this darkening does not affect the child’s well-being or the results of the treatment. In some patients, this medication causes stool thinning, headaches, skin rashes and nausea. In rare cases, the medication causes constipation, abdominal pain, vomiting, pruritus, or discoloration of teeth.

Instructions for use and dosage

Since the iron from Maltofer is better absorbed in the presence of food, the drug is advised to be given to children during feeding or immediately after eating. To accurately measure drops, a tube or vial should be placed vertically. If the liquid does not appear immediately, you can knock a little on the package until drops start to stand out. Shake the tube or bottle should not be.

Recommended daily doses of medication are noted in the annotation. They are presented in a table that indicates the patient's age and the reason for taking it (treatment of anemia, taking with iron deficiency in the absence of anemia, and preventing iron deficiency). A child younger than a year is given 2 to 4 drops per day to prevent iron deficiency, and with the clinical manifestations of anemia, the dosage increases to 10-20 drops.

The daily dose of medication can be taken once or divided into several doses. Drops can be added to vegetable or fruit juice, milk formula or other baby food. Although this food is slightly colored, but the taste of the drink or food does not change. Such staining also does not affect the effectiveness of the drug.

The duration of taking Maltofer is influenced by the reason for using such an iron preparation. If it is anemia, then the medication can be prescribed for 3-5 months in a therapeutic dose, and then for a few more months - as a prophylactic. To determine when it is possible to complete therapy, a complete blood count is performed (the amount of hemoglobin is determined). If the patient has an iron deficiency but has not yet developed anemia (or he needs to prevent such deficiency), Maltofer is usually prescribed for 1-2 months.


Cases where the "Maltofer" in a high dose caused the poisoning, until that time was not registered. The manufacturer assures that the compound of iron in this medicine is of low toxicity, therefore there is no overload with such an element or intoxication even when the dose is exceeded.

Interaction with food and other drugs:

  • Drops should not be administered at the same time. with any other iron supplements, as this will reduce the absorption of its active substance.
  • The drug can be administered with aluminum hydroxide preparations., as well as with tetracycline antibiotics. Studies have shown that the active component "Maltofer" does not interact with such drugs.
  • In addition, there was no incompatibility of drops with vitamins (E, D, A), choline, soybean oil, oxalic acid, tannins and other food components. This means that meals are not affected by Maltofer treatment.

Terms of sale

If you are going to buy "Maltofer" in drops in a pharmacy, you need to consult with your doctor and get a prescription from him. The average price of one bottle of such medication is 250-260 rubles.

Storage conditions

Keep the drops at home should be at a temperature below 25 degrees, hiding them from small children and sunlight. The shelf life of this form of medication is 3 years.


Using "Maltofer»For children, many parents are happy. They praise such medicine in the form of drops for effective action, reasonable price, ease of dosing.Among the drawbacks, stool staining and other side effects are usually mentioned, as in some babies the medication provokes an allergy or a negative GI reaction.


The same active compound as the Maltofer drops is present in the preparation «Ferrum Lek»which is produced in the form of syrup, in injectable form and chewable tablets. In addition, to replace "Maltofer" can other drugs, which include one or another form of iron.

Among them are popular "Totem", "Ferlatum", "Tardiferon", Sorbifer Durules, «Actiferrin» other. Before using any of these drugs, you must first visit a doctor to find the optimal analogue suitable for a small patient by age.

What products are better to take Maltofer drops? You will find the answer in the attached video.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.