Montelar for children: instructions for use


"Montelar" is called one of the effective anti-asthma drugs, which have a non-hormonal nature. This medicine is a product of the well-known Sandoz company from Slovenia.

Features of the drug

“Monteelar” is produced only in solid form, and all drug options contain montelukast as an active substance. There are different types of drug.

  1. Chewable tabletsIn which the dosage of 4 mg has a pink color and an oval shape, it smells like cherry and is marked, on the one hand, with the number “4”. Auxiliary components of this form of Monteelar are mannitol, MCC, aspartame, cherry flavoring and other compounds.
  2. Release tablets with a dosage of 5 mg. They differ from the medication with a smaller amount of montelukast with a round shape and the presence of the number "5" on one side. The composition, taste and color of such tablets is the same as that of the preparation containing up to 4 mg of the active substance.
  3. Tablets with a dosage of 10 mg film coated. They have a convex rectangular shape and beige color on the package shows the number "10". Among the ingredients of such "Montelara" is giproloza, opadry beige, lactose and other substances. They are inactive.

All tablets are sold in blisters, packaged in 7 or 14 pieces, and one package contains 14 or 28 tablets.

Operating principle

According to its mechanism of action, “Monteelar” is referred to as antagonists of special receptors called leukotriene. They are located in the smooth muscles of the bronchi and in immune cells. When the active substance of the tablets binds to them, this leads to the elimination of bronchial spasm, a decrease in mucus secretion and vascular permeability. Due to these effects, "Montelar" is able to eliminate an attack of bronchial asthma, and is also effective in the allergic form of rhinitis.


The drug is prescribed:

  • children with asthma - both to eliminate attacks and to prevent them;
  • young patients with allergic rhinitis;
  • with adenoids, if the cause of their growth is an allergic reaction.

From what age is prescribed?

The drug is not indicated for children under two years of age. For patients older than 2 years of age, but younger than 6 years, tablets with the content of montelukast in a dose of 4 mg are intended. The drug with a dosage of 5 mg is used to treat children 6-14 years old, and tablets, within which there is 10 mg of Montelukast, are intended only for adolescents over 15 years of age.


The drug does not take children with hypersensitivity to any of the components of "Montearra".

Since aspartame is present in chewable tablets, they should not be given for phenylketonuria. Since the tablets in the shell are lactose, this form is not used with a deficiency of lactase and glucose-galactose malabsorption.

Side effects

Occasionally, after taking Montelara, allergies, fatigue, a negative GI reaction, edema, or other negative symptoms occur. When they appear, you should consult a doctor and choose another treatment.

Instructions for use

The drug is given to the child once a day - at night, 2 hours after the last meal.

All children should take "Monteelar" only under the supervision of an adult.

A 2–5-year-old patient is prescribed chewable tablets with a dosage of 4 mg, and children from six to 14 years old are given chewable tablets containing 5 mg of the active ingredient each. If treatment is required for a teenager older than fifteen years old, he is given pills in the shell.

The medicine is taken as long as prescribed by the doctor. The duration of treatment depends on the disease and on the reaction of the child’s body to treatment. If a patient has asthma, as a rule, “Montelar” is prescribed for several months.

Terms of sale and storage

To purchase Montelara in a pharmacy, you must first take a prescription from your doctor. The price of 14 tablets on average is 450-550 rubles, and for a package of 28 tablets you need to pay about 700-800 rubles.

Storage of "Montelara" at home is recommended at temperatures below 30 degrees. The medicine should be hidden from children and lie in a dry place. Shelf life for chewable tablets - 2 years, for tablets in the shell - 3 years.


About 80% of reviews of "Montelare" are positive. They mark the drug as easy to use and more affordable than its counterparts. According to moms, it helps with allergic cough and runny nose. Doctors also recommend "Montelar", and Dr. Komarovsky calls it an effective antiallergic agent. The main advantages of the medication, according to parents, are its non-hormonal basis and the need to drink it only once a day. In the negative reviews indicate the occurrence of side effects or complain about the high cost.


The most famous analogue of "Montelara" is a drug called "Singular". It is also available in solid form with the same dosages, but it costs a little more.

Among other means on the basis of the same active ingredient instead of "Monteelar" can be used drugs "Singlon"," Almont ","Montelukast, Ektalust and Monler. These are also chewable tablets and coated tablets, the differences between which are only in different manufacturers, the composition of excipients and taste.

You can learn more about allergy medications from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.