Means "Breathe" for children


The risk of colds and viral infections during the winter period increases significantly, so every mother seeks to protect her children from hypothermia and virus attacks. Often for this plant remedies are selected with a natural basis, which are called safer by doctors. An excellent example of such anti-cold remedies is the Dishi line, which is produced by the Russian company Aquion.

Studies of such drugs have confirmed their effectiveness in preventing colds.and if the child is still ill, then their use reduces the duration of the disease and greatly simplifies the condition.

Release form and composition

The most popular of the "Breathe" means is oil. It is sold in 10 ml in dark glass bottles that have a dropper. In addition, it is produced in the form of a spray. These bottles contain 30 ml of oil and are equipped with a spray system. Recently, packages with 10 ml of oil have also appeared on the market, to which a special bracelet-inhaler is attached.

The composition of the oil "Breathe" includes six different essential oils: most of all in such a solution of peppermint and eucalyptus oil, in a slightly smaller quantity are represented cajeput, juniper, clove and wintergreen. Another active ingredient is added to them - levomenthol, as well as demineralized water and an emulsifier.

No less popular can be called the plaster inhaler "Breathe." It has a rectangular shape with rounded edges and is a non-woven strip with a protective film, under which is a sticky substance with 5 essential oils (fir, lavender, mint, turpentine and eucalyptus), supplemented with levomentolom.

After detaching the protective coating, these substances begin to be released into the air and affect the respiratory tract by inhalation.

Other anti-cold remedies of the line include such.

  • Gel with warming effect, used during supercooling. It is represented by a bottle with a dispenser, inside which is 30 ml of a pleasantly smelling gel mass. It contains levomenthol, badger oil and 5 essential oils - from fir, lavender, mint, eucalyptus and turpentine.
  • Gel that lubricates the skin around the nose. It is sold in 10 ml vials equipped with a dispenser. The basis of this gel is D-panthenol and vitamin E, as well as essential oils derived from eucalyptus, clove and mint. To them are added plant extracts from violets, chamomile and linden.
  • Lozenges used for discomfort in the throat. They are childish (contain honey, chamomile, marshmallow, linden, mint oil, vitamin C and zinc) and adults (include menthol, aloe vera extract, dried raspberries and 7 essential oils). In one pack for sale 12 lozenges.
  • Sachets with powder, from which they prepare a warm, healthy drink, which helps to recover faster from a cold. They are sold in packs of 10 pieces and, depending on the composition, are intended for children (contain chamomile, linden, zinc and vitamin C) or adults (valid due to extracts of sage, thyme, ginger and propolis).

Operating principle

The healing effects of the oil and the Breathe spray are due to their active ingredients.

  • Juniper oil vapor has a positive effect on nonspecific immunity. They prevent the spread of colds and viral diseases in the season when such infections affect a large number of people.
  • The mint oil is marked with an analgesic effect, which is important if the cold is headache. In addition, his couples invigorate and facilitate breathing.
  • Clove oil is known antiseptic properties, due to which it disinfects the air in the room. In addition, it reduces inflammation and pain.
  • The inclusion of eucalyptus oil in the aromatic composition Breathe strengthens the defenses, which prevents the flu and the common cold. If the child is already sick, this component will inhibit the pathogens, which will speed recovery.
  • The oil, which is extracted from white tea tree (it is also called caeput) has tonic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a good antiseptic.
  • Butter oil (wintergreen) leaves the respiratory organs and reduces the activity of the inflammatory processes of this localization.
  • Menthol has a moderate spasmolytic effect, due to which this natural substance helps with laryngitis, bronchitis, acute rhinitis or pharyngitis. This ingredient also reduces pain and acts on harmful microbes.

Adding to the patch fir oil gives it bactericidal and antiviral properties.

    The lavender oil present in the sticky mass is also an antiseptic and facilitates breathing through the nose, and turpentine oil is included in such a medical product due to its distracting and anesthetic effects. After attaching a sticker to clothing or another surface, the effect of oil on the airway lasts up to 8 hours.

    Thanks to badger fat, a warming gel enhances blood flow in the treated area and also softens the skin. The addition to the composition of such a rubbing of essential oils allows you to influence the respiratory system inhalation. The presence of gel for the skin around the nose panthenol and vitamin E contributes nutrition and hydration of the skinand plant extracts in such a remedy have anti-inflammatory effects and eliminate irritation.

    Lozenge components have the ability to influence the nasopharynx and throat, normalizing the condition of the mucous membrane. They restore it with inflammation and damage, help cough up sputum, eliminate discomfort.

    Components of drinks "Breathe" help compensate for dehydration, elimination of toxins and germs, soothe the throat and relieve cough.


    The use of oil "Breathe" is both prophylactic to prevent viruses from being infected during an epidemic (especially after contact with a sick person or hypothermia), and curative to reduce the manifestations of the common cold and more quickly get rid of nasopharyngeal edema and other unpleasant symptoms. Plasters "Breathe" is most often used for a cold, as they do well with nasal congestion. In addition, these stickers are used at night, to improve the quality of the child's sleep.

    Warming gel is used in children who are overcooled to prevent colds, as well as at the first symptoms of the disease. The gel, which lubricates the skin in the nose, is in demand with a cold, when the child appears dry and irritated.

    Lozenges are used for coughing, pain and sore throat, and the main task of using drinks is to give the child more warm drinks, to quickly cope with colds.

    From what age is prescribed?

    The use of oil and spray "Breathe", as well as both types of gel allowed from 1 year. For infants and newborns, such funds are not suitable, since at an early age the risk of an allergic reaction to their components is increased. Plasters can be used in children over 2 years old, lozenges for children with chamomile are used from 3 years of age., children's drink with lime - from 7 years.

    As for the pastilles for adults with raspberries, they, like the drink containing propolis, are prescribed from the age of 14.


    Any of the products of the series "Breathe" is prohibited to use in case of hypersensitivity to their ingredients. If the child has an allergic disease or bronchial asthma, the use of the medication must be coordinated with the doctor. Pastilles and drinks due to their carbohydrate content are additionally contraindicated for problems with carbohydrate metabolism and diabetes.

    Instructions for use

    Oil "Breathe", which is sold in bottles with a dropper, is recommended to use:

    • put on napkins and lay them in the room;
    • dripping on a soft toy with which the child sleeps or walks in the kindergarten;
    • put on the edge of the pillow baby before bed;
    • process the collar of the outerwear in the place where it does not touch the skin;
    • wet the scarf before leaving the house;
    • drip on the handkerchief and hide it in the breast pocket.

    To ensure a sufficient effect in all these cases, 2-3 drops of the drug are sufficient. When using a bracelet, 2-4 drops of oil are applied to it.

    Spray can be sprayed indoors. for air disinfectionby pressing 1-2 times on the spraying device. In addition, it can be sprinkled on soft toys, furniture and curtains, and when the child goes to a public place - on a scarf. 3-5 presses are used for such prophylaxis.

    Another way to use the oil - acupressure. Means process pulsation points - apply 1-2 drops or press the sprayer once, and then gently rub the skin. At the same time, the duration and frequency of oil use are unlimited.

    The “Breathe” plaster is allowed to be glued only on clothes or any other surface near the child (wall, wardrobe, headboard), but not on the skin. If the mother wants to protect the baby from being infected outside the home, the adhesive plaster can be attached to outerwear. Applications are done 1-2 times a day.

    The use of other means of the series.

    • Using a warming gel, rub the baby’s feet, back, or chest after hypothermia.
    • The gel for the skin around the nose is applied to the wings of the nose and next to them, without affecting the mucous membrane, and then easily rubbed. Treatment is carried out 2-4 times a day for 3-7 days while the child has rhinitis symptoms.
    • Baby lozenges give 1 piece three times a day. They need to slowly dissolve in the oral cavity.
    • To dilute one sachet use 100-150 ml of water.

    This drink is taken 3 times during the day with meals.

    Terms of sale and storage

    All funds that are part of the line "Breathe", freely sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Price depends on the type of product and package size. For example, for one spray bottle you need to pay 260 rubles, a pack with 5 patches costs 190-200 rubles, 10 sachets for making a drink with linden costs about 280 rubles, and a tube of gel for the skin around the nose - 180 rubles.

    The shelf life of the Breathe oil, the warming gel and the patches is 3 years from the date of manufacture, the gel for the skin around the nose, lozenges and drinks is 2 years. Before its expiration, patches, oil, gels, candies and sachets should be kept. in a place hidden from children at a temperature not higher than 25 degrees Celsius.


    On the use of the line "Breathe" in childhood there are many positive reviews. The main advantage of such drugs is called the natural basis. Among the advantages of oil and plaster also note the contactless effect on the respiratory tract, due to which they do not dry the mucous membrane. Judging by the reviews, the tolerability of products under the “Dyshi” brand is mostly good, but occasionally there are allergic reactions to its plant components. Other side effects of such funds are not detected.


    Instead of the "Breathe" means, the doctor may prescribe other drugs that have a similar effect on the upper respiratory tract. These include ointment "Pulmeks Baby", "Vicks Active Balsam", "Efilipt Bro Baby", "Doctor Theiss Eucalyptus", "Doctor Mom Fito", "Suprima Plus" and so on.

    One of the most popular analogues of the patch-inhaler can be called and means "Sopelka". Unlike "Breathe", such a plaster contains only eucalyptus oil, which is complemented by camphor. However, it is used for the same indications, since Sopelka has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and sedative effects.

    Next, watch the video tutorial on the use of the "Breathe" warming gel for children.

    Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.