Candles "Corilip-Neo" for children: instructions for use


To support the body of babies who often get sick or have a serious illness, they use drugs that contain valuable nutrients. Such support is most important for children who are malnourished or under stress. They are prescribed funds to strengthen the body, one of which can be called "Korilip-Neo".

Special features

The drug is represented by only one dosage form - rectal suppositories. They are characterized by an oblong shape and yellow color with patches of dark yellow or orange. Such suppositories are placed in cellular shells of 5 pieces each and packed with ten candles in one box.

The composition of the medication includes three substances, from the first letters of the names of which the word "Korilip" is composed.

  • Cocarboxylase. This component is presented in the form of hydrochloride at a dosage of 12.5 mg per candle.
  • Riboflavin, also called vitamin B2. Its number in each suppository is 1 mg.
  • Lipoic acid also called thioctic or alpha lipoic. Her dosage for 1 suppository is 6 mg.

The only additional component of “Korilipa-Neo” is solid fat. The drug does not contain any other chemical compounds.

Operating principle

Components of suppositories support the body of the child, as well as enhance its protection against viruses and bacteria, therefore, "Corilip-Neo" refers to drugs with a tonic effect. Suppositories have a positive effect on the course of metabolic processes and help in the treatment of various pathological conditions.

Candle actives act together and mutually enhance their properties:

  • cocarboxylase is important for tissue nutrition, the formation of amino acids, the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism and the synthesis of nucleic acids;
  • thanks to the participation of riboflavin, important biochemical reactions take place, and hemoglobin synthesis takes place;
  • lipoic acid has hepatoprotective properties; it affects the formation of energy in the child’s body.

From what age is prescribed?

"Corilip-Neo" is allowed to use from birth, that is, this medicine is not contraindicated for newborn babies and infants.

Moreover, this drug is intended for children under the age of one year, and other drugs are prescribed to patients older than 1 year.


The purpose of the drug can be both prevention and treatment of various pathologies that occur at an early age.

"Corilip-Neo" is used in children of the first year of life in such cases:

  • if the baby suffered tissue hypoxia during childbirth;
  • if the infant has respiratory disorders, due to which he long receives less oxygen;
  • if you need to support the crumbs in the development of new functions, for example, when the baby learns to hold his head, sit or take the first steps;
  • if the baby is not gaining weight well or is lagging behind;
  • if it is required to protect the toddler from infectious diseases during an epidemic;
  • when is the preparation for routine vaccination;
  • if the baby has suffered a viral or bacterial infection and you need to help his body recover faster.

In addition, "Corilip-Neo" includes a range of measures for a variety of somatic diseases, including bronchitis, gastrointestinal dyskinesia, allergic reactions, chronic inflammation of the urinary tract, heart defects, and so on.


The drug is not used if the child has hypersensitivity to any active component of the candles.

Since Corilip-Neo is injected into the rectum, this medication should also not be prescribed for inflammation of this part of the intestine or bleeding from it.

Side effects

There may be an allergic reaction to the suppository ingredients, for example, urticaria, dyspepsia or bronchospasm. With such symptoms, the medication should be immediately canceled by contacting a pediatrician for the selection of an analogue.


According to the instructions for use, the drug is used only rectally. The suppository released from the packaging is introduced to babies up to a year in the anus, 1 piece per day. Before using "Corilip-Neo" it is necessary that the intestines be empty, so the candles are used either immediately after a bowel movement or after an enema.

The drug is prescribed courses for 10 days. It is usually recommended to go through not one, but several such courses (most often 3-4), taking between them breaks of 20 days, therefore in the end all the treatment with such candles lasts 3-4 months.

Terms of sale and storage

"Korilip-Neo" is sold by prescription, so contacting a pediatrician before buying such medicine for infants is mandatory. The average price for one medicine pack is 230-260 rubles.

Candles should be stored at home at a temperature of up to +20 degrees until the end of the shelf life of 2 years.


On the use of drugs in children, you can see quite a lot of good reviews. In them, parents call “Korilip-Neo” a good alternative to injections and confirm the absence of adverse reactions.

Moms say that it is very easy to use suppositories for babies. The main advantage of the drug is its useful and safe composition.

What to replace?

A full-fledged analogue of "Korilipa-Neo" is the drug "Korilip", which is also produced in an elongated yellow suppository, sold according to the prescription in boxes of 10 pieces. Indications for the use of such candles are similar, they are used for hypotrophy, SARS, decreased immunity, jaundice, acetone and other problems.

Contraindications and possible negative effects of these drugs are also the same, because they have the same active ingredients. The only difference between “Korilip” and the drug with the “Neo” prefix is ​​a higher dose of the active substances - each of them is twice as large in one “Korilip” candlestick as in “Korilip-Neo”. This allows the use of suppositories not only for children of the first year of life, but also for older patients.

At the same time, for the baby "Korilip" is divided into 2 parts and only half is inserted into the rectum, and for children over one year the remedy is prescribed by 10-day courses of 1 candle per day.

Among other analogues can be called "Derinat", "Galavit"," IRS-19 ","Imunofan»And other medicines in tablets, drops, suppositories and sprays used to stimulate the body's defenses.

To learn how to properly enter rectal suppositories, you will learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate.At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.