Should I put candles "Viferon" for children and how to do it: instructions for use


For the treatment of a child from viral infections or to strengthen his defenses so that the viruses are not afraid of the baby, Viferon is often prescribed in candles. Is this drug safe for babies, in what dosages is used and what else do parents need to know about the use of Viferon suppositories in children?


The main active ingredient in the preparation of Viferon is alpha-2B interferon, which is created synthetically (it is also called genetic engineering or recombinant). This substance is marked antiviral properties, as well as immunomodulatory effects. Interferon after administration to the rectum and suction activates the activity of cells that protect children's bodies from viruses and bacteria.

Its effect is enhanced by the presence in the preparation of such additional components as ascorbic acid and alpha-tocopherol acetate (this is a form of vitamin E). Since the foundation of candles is cocoa butter, this facilitates their introduction and contributes to a more rapid dissolution in the intestine.

Viferon application

  • Enhances the production of immunoglobulins.
  • Restores the production of its own interferon.
  • Reduces the activity of the inflammatory process.
  • Stabilizes cell membranes.
  • Activates regeneration processes.
Viferon activates immunity during cold seasons

All these effects on the child's body lead to a more rapid recovery due to the suppression of the infectious process and activation of the baby’s immune system.


Candles Viferon is recommended to use when:

  • SARS and influenza, including their bacterial complications.
  • Pneumonia caused by both viruses and chlamydia or bacteria.
  • Viral and bacterial meningitis in newborns.
  • Intrauterine infections and sepsis in the newborn.
  • Viral hepatitis B, C and D, including forms complicated by cirrhosis.
  • Herpes infection, both primary and reappeared.
  • Infection with enteroviruses.
  • Infection with mycoplasmas or cytomegalovirus.

Due to the inclusion of Viferon in the treatment regimen with the use of hormonal and antibacterial drugs, it is possible to reduce their therapeutic doses, which reduces the toxicity of drugs and the number of side effects from such therapy. Viferon is well combined with these drugs, without reducing their therapeutic action.


Viferon in childhood is not prescribed for intolerance to any of the components of the drug. There are no other contraindications to the use of this drug.

Candles Viferon virtually no contraindications

Release form

Candles for rectal administration of Viferon have a bullet shape, yellow-white color (sometimes with a marble pattern or small patches) and up to 10 mm in diameter. They are packed in cell blister packs of 5 or 10 each. Store this form of the drug should be in low temperature (+ 2 + 8 º C), so they are kept in the refrigerator.

Suppositories Viferon are available with different content of the active substance, while in childhood, the candles are used 150000ME and 500000ME. In adults, candles with the dosage of 1000000ME and 3000000ME are used.In addition to candles, Viferon is also produced in such forms as gel and ointment.

Side effects

Rarely encountered side effects from Viferon in candles are an allergic reaction in the form of itching and rash on the skin, weakness, headaches, fever, chills, muscle pain, decreased appetite, nausea. As soon as the drug is no longer used, within 72 hours these phenomena disappear, leaving no consequences.

When using candles Viferon possible allergic reaction, so you need to monitor the condition of the child

The use of candles Viferon allows you to avoid the occurrence of side effects inherent in interferon administered parenterally. This is due to the lack of antibodies that neutralize the antiviral properties of the drug.

Like all drugs containing interferons, the drug is an immunomodulator and affects the immune system, so many parents complain about the addiction of the baby's body to Viferon, when, with frequent use, it is no longer able to cope with viruses independently.

Features of the application for newborns

The drug is completely safe for the infant the first month of life, including babies who were born before the prescribed period. The dosage of Viferon in case of prematurity is determined individually, taking into account the gestation period.


The selection of the dosage of suppositories is primarily influenced by the age of the child. Up to the age of seven, they use candles containing 150,000ME of the active substance:

  • Newborn babies and infants under the age of one are given 1 candle every 12 hours, that is, the drug is used twice a day.
  • Children older than a year, but under 7 years old candles 150000ME are also administered 1 piece twice a day with a pause of 12 hours.

As for premature babies, the dosage is determined based on the period at which the baby was born:

  • If the baby was born later than 34 weeks of gestation, he is prescribed candles 150000ME, 1 piece twice a day with a break between the introductions for 12 hours.
  • In case of prematurity, infants with gestational age less than 34 weeks are administered 1 suppository of 150,000 IU three times a day with a pause of 8 hours.
Up to 7 years old candles are used with an active substance content of 150000ME

Children over 7 years old are prescribed suppositories 500000ME. They are administered 1 piece twice a day with a pause at 12 o'clock. When treating viral hepatitis, dosages are often increased, relying on them based on the body area of ​​the child, therefore, the prescribing physician should prescribe candles for such infections in childhood.

The course of treatment Viferon lasts 5 days. After a five-day break, another course of therapy is possible. As a rule, such courses of treatment for various infections require several:

  • One or two courses of 5 days is enough for flu, meningitis, enterovirus infection, SARS and pneumonia.
  • Two treatments are required for herpes infection.
  • Two or three treatments are prescribed for sepsis, candidiasis, mycoplasmosis and cytomegalovirus infection.

Instructions for use

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Cut one candle from the package.
  3. Open the package and remove the candle.
  4. Do not warm the candle in your hand, as it melts quickly.
  5. Place the child on a flank or on his back, lift his legs bent at the knees with one hand.
  6. Lubricate the area around the anus with petroleum jelly.
  7. With a sharp end, gently insert the candle into the rectum, pushing it with your little finger 1-2 cm deep.
  8. Squeeze the buttocks of the child and hold them for some time in such a position that the candle does not slip back.
  9. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.

On how to put candles to a child, see the following video.

Download detailed instructions for use by clicking on the following link.

Opinion Komarovsky

A popular doctor refers Viferon to the means whose effectiveness has not yet been proven. He believes that such medicine is not required for children either for treatment or for the purpose of prevention. In this case, the famous pediatrician does not consider such a drug to be harmful.

Using Viferon in childhood Komarovsky calls more psychological therapy for parents, because it gives them confidence that they at least do something to treat the crumbs.

Reviews and prices

Parents who used Viferon suppositories in their children respond differently to the drug. Some note the strengthening of immunity and the acceleration of recovery from viral infections. The advantages also include compactness, safety for babies and ease of use.

Opinions of parents were divided. Someone was delighted with the candles Viferon, and someone, on the contrary, was unhappy

Others complain about the lack of effect, the appearance of allergies, addiction, as well as the high cost. Packing suppositories 150000ME costs an average of 160-200 rubles. Candles Viferon 500000ME can be purchased for 230-300 rubles per pack.


If it is impossible to use Viferon, you can resort to one of its analogues containing the same active ingredient:

In the next video, an employee of the Pirogov RNRMU Immunology Department will tell more about Viferon preparations and its beneficial effects on the body.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.