Why do Bepanten is applied to a baby under a diaper and how to do it correctly?


«Bepanten"Is very popular with parents of young children, because it allows them to take care of the skin of a healthy infant and to eliminate various problems, for example, diaper rash. It is safe even for newborns and is often bought for a home first-aid kit while waiting for a baby or when a crumb has already been born.

Features of the drug

There are two different dosage forms of "Bepanthen" intended for treating the skin - cream and ointment. The main ingredient of both forms of the drug is dexpanthenol, presented in one gram of the drug at a dosage of 50 mg. Besides it, the cream contains stearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, lanolin and other substances that give it a creamy consistency and a white tint, and also provide rapid absorption.

Auxiliary components of the ointment are white wax, paraffin, cetyl alcohol, almond oil and some other compounds. Thanks to them, the drug is homogeneous, opaque and soft, has a pale yellow color and smells of lanolin.

As for the packaging, then the ointment "Bepanten" and the cream are sold in tubes of 30 and 100 grams. Both versions of the drug are non-prescription drugs, so there is no difficulty in buying them for the baby.

The average price of a package weighing 30 grams is about 400 rubles.

To preserve the therapeutic properties of "Bepanten" should be stored at temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius, and also ensure that the drug has not expired (it is 3 years).

How does it work?

After applying any form of Bepanthen on the skin, the active ingredient contained in the preparation undergoes some changes, as a result of which pantothenic acid is formed from it. This is one of the vitamin substances that is included in group B (vitamin B5) and has some beneficial properties for the skin:

  • well moisturizes and protects it from drying out;
  • accelerates healing in case of damage.

Why is it applied under the diaper?

For prophylaxis

The use of "Bepanthen" in infants helps to avoid irritation, which often occurs during the use of diapers or diapers. The skin of babies is very delicate, so with frequent exposure to excess moisture from urine and feces may cause redness and diaper rash. This contributes to the "greenhouse" effect of the diaper, because when using it, the access of air to the skin is difficult.

Most often for the treatment of the skin of newborn babies use cream "Bepantin", which helps prevent dryness or effectively removes it. It is well absorbed and is not as fat as the drug in the form of an ointment, therefore it is more in demand for the daily care of the delicate skin of the karapuz.

For treatment

If inflammatory changes have formed on the surface of the baby’s skin, then the ointment and cream will help to eliminate them. In addition, both forms "Bepanten"Copes well with various skin lesions. They are used if the crumbs found:

  • irritation;
  • redness;
  • diaper rash;
  • cracks in the skin;
  • excessive dryness;
  • abrasions;
  • sunburn;
  • potnitsa;
  • bedsores;
  • contact dermatitis;
  • desquamation, dryness, and other diathesis symptoms;
  • slight frostbite.

The drug is also applied to the site of insect bites or chickenpox blisters to soften the skin and reduce itching. The medicine smears the chapped and chapped lips, and nursing mothers put it on the nipples to quickly get rid of cracks.

Instructions for use under the diaper

  • If "Bepantin" is used in infants under a diaper, it is recommended to treat the skin of the baby after each change of diaper with a cream or ointment.
  • Before using "Bepanten", it is necessary to undermine the toddler and blot the skin, then leave the baby for a few seconds without a diaper and clothes.
  • The tool is applied in the size of a pea, and then gently rubbed with your fingers until it is completely absorbed.


Almost all parents who treated the baby’s skin with “Bepanten” speak positively of him. They praise such a drug for a convenient form, safety for babies, good skin moisturizing and quick disposal of minor injuries and other problems. Moms confirm that the medicine is applied and washed off very easily, without leaving any marks on the hands and clothes. Among the minuses "Bepanthen" is usually called its high cost.

What can be replaced?

If for some reason use "Bepanten"Does not work, there is an alternative in the form of other drugs based on the same active ingredient. These include "D-Panthenol", "Pantoderm", "Dexpanthenol"," Korgoregel ","Panthenol spray"," Panthenol-Teva "and other drugs. Their effect is the same as that of Bepantin, so such tools also do a good job with dressing, irritation from the diaper and similar problems.

The doctor may also recommend other drugs that can moisturize the skin and accelerate its regeneration, for example, "Solcoseryl"," Depantol "," Desitin ","Sudokrem"," Drapolen "or"Elidel". Most of these drugs are allowed from birth and are conveniently used in small patients with various irritations and injuries. If you need a tool for the prevention of diaper rash, "Bepanten" can be replaced with special cosmetic products intended for the skin of infants - creams Bubchen, Mustela, Sanosan, Weleda and others.

For the care of your baby, necessary cosmetics and hygiene products, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.