How to swaddle a newborn in the heat?


Summer time gives not only positive emotions from the sun, the variety of colors and warmth. Numerous inconveniences in caring for a newborn can be associated with a hot period. One common question is the issue of swaddling crumbs in the heat. In this article we will tell you how to do this taking into account the climatic conditions in order not to harm the baby.

What is the danger?

Swaddling, especially tight and closed, increases the likelihood of overheating of the baby. In newborns, thermoregulation has its own characteristics - the baby loses heat quickly, but just as quickly it can overheat. Overheating is dangerous for a child who has recently come into the world with a variety of unpleasant consequences: an increase in temperature, increased sweating, the formation of diaper rash, eczema, prickly heat, the development of atopic dermatitis.

Yes, and to feel overheated baby will not be the best way that will immediately affect his appetite, sleep quality, behavior and mood.

Swaddle or not, the parents themselves decide. And if you decide to swaddle, then you should do it right. In itself, swaddling a baby does not harm, does not violate the blood circulation, does not squeeze the joints, does not form from him a prostrate and repressed personality, a slave and submissive person, as some fashionable psychologists describe. Therefore, for a newborn in the heat of swaddling, there is only one danger - a violation of heat transfer.

How to proceed?

First you need to choose the right diaper. Thick flannel diaper for summer swaddling is not suitable. They will be too hot. It is also worth refusing from swaddling in a diaper with a water-absorbing membrane layer. She doesn't breathe too well.

In the summer it is best to use chintz for the baby. They are thin enough not to disturb heat exchange, and at the same time the child will not freeze in them. You can also use diapers with Velcro, but it is worth choosing again thin and light options.

Swaddling in the heat has its own characteristics, which you definitely need to read.

  • Before each swaddling in a mandatory manner, the skin of the child, the wrinkles should be wiped with a tissue cloth moistened with warm water without soap. You can use wet wipes, but only on the condition that they are hypoallergenic and do not have a pronounced perfume smell. Sweat glands in the heat, even without overheating, produce more secretion, so before you swaddle your baby, be sure to clean his skin.
  • As far as possible in the heat is to limit swaddling, wrapping the baby in a diaper only at bedtime. The rest of the time, he will be better off in a light shirt or without clothes at all (summer time should be actively used to receive air baths).
  • In hot weather, diapers should be washed after each shift, regardless of whether they are dry or wet. I am glad that in the heat they dry faster, but less optimism is instilled by the fact that they still need to be ironed after each drying.
  • When choosing a method, it is necessary to give preference to freer species, to abandon tight swaddling, and also to pay attention to the fact that there is always a layer of fabric between the handles and the baby’s body, this will prevent diaper rash.
  • Avoid swaddling with the head, the head of the baby gives most of the heat of his body, and therefore close it in hot weather is unacceptable.It is best to give up the time of summer heat and from caps, using them only during a walk.

How to swaddle?

It is not necessary to wear a baby shirts or undershirts under the diaper. This will create an extra layer of fabric and increase the sweating of the baby. Free or partial swaddling is also considered acceptable. If the child can sleep with open arms, only legs can be wrapped. If he waves his hands and wakes himself up, scares, it is worthwhile to swaddle the baby in the classical way, but without tightening it so that the fabric fits the body of the baby freely.

If a child has hip dysplasia and the doctor prescribes wide swaddling, hold it with only one diaper in order not to overheat the child. Such a method with the use of two or three diapers in hot weather is unacceptable.

Useful tips

Simple tips can help you to avoid diaper rash and other unpleasant consequences of a violation of thermoregulation.

  • Keep the house at a temperature not higher than 21 degrees of heat, if necessary, use air conditioning, but exclude the presence of the child in the room where the air conditioner operates in cooling mode.
  • Discard the blanket in the crib for the heat, lay the children's orthopedic double-sided mattress in the "summer" side.
  • Do not forget that the baby, in addition to your milk, also needs drinking water. The hotter it is on the street, the more your baby should drink.
  • On an extract in the summer buy only light sets without an abundance of silk and lace elements.
  • On walks to the home thin diaper add another one the same, warmer things in the heat are not needed.

Do not refuse to swaddle just because of the high temperatures in the yard. If a child randomly swings handles, he will be calmer and more pleasant in a diaper than without her. In any case, in the first months after birth. The fact is that the baby "remembers" the narrowness inside the mother's womb, he had to spend several months in it, and the psychologically spacious outer world, into which he came on his birthday, is a great stress for him. The diaper partly reduces this stress, making the transition softer and more painless for the toddler.

If the child can fall asleep with open hands (all children are large individuals, and it is possible that you have just such a baby), leave him without a diaper. It is much more difficult to overheat in summer in sliders and a shirt made of natural fabric than in a diaper.

On how to properly swaddle a newborn in the heat, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.