Why put the cream Bubchen under a diaper and how to do it correctly?


The tender skin of newborn babies and babies is very vulnerable to the action of various external factors, therefore special cosmetics have been developed to care for it. They allow the skin to remain sufficiently hydrated, prevent the damaging effects of urine and feces, and also help to quickly cure diaper rash or potnyku.

One of the most popular with young parents is the German baby cream from the company Bubchen, which is used under the diaper. Such a tool is in demand due to its high quality, protecting action and affordable price. It is well established and approved by pediatricians and dermatologists.

Special features

Bubchen Baby Cream is available in a round blue box, inside of which is 20 or 150 ml of a white homogeneous mass. On the label you can see that this means “0+”, that is, it is allowed from the first days of life. In addition, there is an inscription "for sensitive skin", which confirms the possibility of using the cream even in newborns, because their skin is very delicate and susceptible to any external stimuli.

Bubchen cream has a delicate pleasant aroma and a slightly dense consistency. In this tool there are no dyes or preservatives, and the effect of the cream is provided with several ingredients:

  • the presence of panthenol, chamomile extract and zinc oxide in the composition gives the cream the ability to soothe and soften the skin of babies, as well as accelerate its healing;
  • thanks to oils from sunflower seeds, sweet almonds and shea, the protective barrier of children's skin is restored;
  • The addition of beeswax to the product allows, after processing, to create a film on the buttocks skin, designed to protect it from the effects of excess moisture from excretion products.

The composition of the cream includes some other components (water, butylene glycol, glycerin, hexyldecanol, etc.), but they are all harmless to the skin of babies. They are added to the tool to create the desired creamy consistency and prevent damage during storage.

How to apply?

Bubchen cream is recommended to be applied on the skin of the baby's buttocks during each change of the diaper and after bathing. Having removed a pampers or a wet diaper from a child, the toddler should be undermined or bathed. After that, having dried the skin of the crumbs with a soft towel (it is recommended not to wipe, but gently blot), leave the baby for several minutes without clothes, making an air bath.

Next, you need to type a little cream out of the box with your finger (enough size with a pea) and gently rub the tool into the skin of the baby. In this case, folds should be given increased attention.

After smearing the skin, you need to wait until it is completely absorbed, that is, for a while, leave the baby without a diaper. Only after that you can wear a toddler in a diaper or swaddle.

Where to buy and how to store?

You can buy Bubchen cream both in the pharmacy and in the stores that sell cosmetics, and in supermarkets (in the department where the baby care products are located). The average price of a small package of 20 ml is about 60-70 rubles. It is often acquired as a probe to check how the agent will be carried by the baby’s skin and whether it is convenient to apply it. If you liked the cream, it is more economical to buy a box with a capacity of 150 ml, which costs about 250-320 rubles.

It is convenient to hold the cream at home along with all other accessories for care (napkins, diapers, powder, etc.) so that everything is at hand. But it must be ensured that the storage temperature ranged from +4 to +25 degrees. The shelf life of Bubchen cream is 36 months and is marked on the bottom of the box. If the month and year before which this remedy is to be used is over, it is unacceptable to lubricate the skin of babies with this cream.

If the month and year before which this remedy is to be used is over, it is unacceptable to lubricate the skin of babies with this cream.


Bubchen is generally praised for the line of baby care products, calling the cream under the diaper of this brand affordable and convenient to use. According to parents, the cream perfectly softens the skin, gently cares for it and helps to eliminate inflammation, if the crumbs have redness or other problems. In addition, it has a pleasant aroma and economical packaging. However, some mothers do not like the rather thick consistency of the cream, because after applying to the skin, you need to wait for a while until it is completely absorbed.

What to replace?

Instead of Bubchen cream, baby’s skin can be treated with such means:

  • Ointment or cream "Bepanten». The basis of this drug is dexpanthenol, which not only helps to prevent irritation and dryness of the skin, but also treats various injuries and inflammations of the skin. The drug is often prescribed for diaper rash, abrasions, shallow burns, and breastfeeding moms put it on the nipples to eliminate cracks.
  • Cream French production Mustela. It helps protect the skin in the area of ​​the buttocks from the action of excess moisture, and is also hypoallergenic. The tool is considered expensive, but is valued for the lack of odor and greasy film, as well as for quick help with redness.
  • Sanosan cream. It can be used from the first days of life, both for the prevention of redness, and to get rid of irritation and diaper rash. As part of this tool, zinc oxide supplemented with olive oil. These ingredients provide the baby’s delicate skin with additional protection and quick healing.
  • Facility brand Weledacontaining calendula extract. About him there are many positive reviews, in which the beneficial effect noted after the first application. Judging by the reviews, this cream has a delicate texture, it absorbs quickly and smells good.
  • Cream Russian production "My sunshine." The basis of this tool are natural ingredients (the main ones are panthenol and jojoba oil), which moisturize and soften the delicate skin of babies. It has a low price, good absorbency and a pleasant aroma, but some babies have an allergic reaction to this cream.
  • Means "Eared nannies", which is also produced in Russia. This cream is inexpensive, contains calendula and peach oils, smells of nothing, but is quickly washed off and is not suitable for treatment if diaper rash has already appeared. However, many parents speak well of him and choose Bubchen as their cheaper counterpart for their little ones.

On the rules of applying the cream under the diaper, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.