Which cream under the diaper for newborns is better to choose?


No matter how good the diaper is, it cannot guarantee 100% that the skin of the newborn will be all right. Contact with urine, even if short-term, occurring before the absorbing layer of the diaper can cope with its task, can cause inflammation. That is why the skin of a newborn in the area covered by a diaper is recommended to be additionally protected with a special cream, which is called “Cream under a diaper”.

How to choose it, what brands and names enjoy the most confidence of moms, we will tell in this article.

Why protect your skin?

The skin of a newborn is incredibly sensitive to everything with which it comes in contact. They are much thinner than the skin of an adult, receptors and glands are located closer to the surface of the skin, and therefore irritation, rash, erythema and puffiness can manifest as a response to any adverse effect.

Urine and feces are considered one of the most powerful stimuli. Especially dangerous is the combination of urine and feces. Urea and ammonia damage the dermis, and intestinal bacteria almost immediately infect the affected places. The longer the baby lies in the dirty diaper, the more likely it is that the inflammatory process begins. When the baby is awake, parents can immediately notice the pollution and eliminate the danger. But if the child empties the intestines or is described in a dream, it may not be possible to find out the truth immediately.

For newborns, careful and attentive skin care is important. Of course, the baby must be washed, use only high-quality and fast-absorbing diapers to avoid diaper allergies.

Baby skin will be better protected if you use a special children's cream. This is not about the usual children's fat cream, but about products that are designed to protect the skin from the effects of ammonia and urea. These creams create a protective film on the skin, which is an additional protection.

Cosmetic requirements

When choosing, it should be noted that the usual means to care for the body of the baby will not work for the baby's inguinal zone. The skin in this area is even more vulnerable than on the rest of the body. It is not for nothing that during the period of prenatal development the protective original lubricant remains in the inguinal zone right up to the birth, whereas it disappears from the rest of the skin long before birth.

To care for the area under the diaper, you need a special children's protective cream that will help protect your baby from diaper rash, from the occurrence of eczema, peeling, irritation and contact allergies. Oily and moisturizing creams for this purpose are not very suitable, since the ammonia urine medium will quite quickly deal with the oily thin film created by them. For the care of the inguinal zone are suitable drying creams that have anti-inflammatory effect.

The most important requirement for this kind of cosmetics - hypoallergenic. On the packaging must be appropriate labeling. The notorious "fly in the ointment" is that no labeling guarantees that an individual child will not have an allergic reaction.

There are no uniform standards for manufacturers; every large company has its own laboratories and systems for dermatological tests.And because even a hypoallergenic cream must be introduced into use in small quantities and gradually, until you are sure that it is safe.

How to choose

From a variety of creams under the diaper in inexperienced parents, their eyes usually diverge, and the question of the right choice becomes very relevant. A lot really depends on the purchase of parents. Let's see what you need to pay attention in the first place.

  • Manufacturer. The name and brand is not only a pricing factor, but also a relative quality guarantee. There are companies that have worked for many decades in the market of children's cosmetics, which allowed them to establish themselves as trustworthy. Below we will talk about several similar manufacturers.
  • Composition. Do not be lazy and finish the composition of the product to the end. It should not be dyes, stabilizers. It is best to give preference to the cream, made from natural ingredients. Also avoid creams with a pronounced aroma: this indicates a large number of chemicals used as perfume fragrances. On such creams, an allergic reaction is quite often developed despite the labeling "hypoallergenic".
  • Shelf life. Children's cosmetics also has its expiration date, and use it after the expiration of this period is dangerous. So make sure the cream is not expired.
  • Certificates To make sure that you are not trying to sell a fake, do not hesitate to ask the seller for a safety certificate and a certificate of conformity for the products.
  • Place of purchase. Buy children's cosmetics, especially designed for newborns, should be exclusively in a pharmacy or the official store of a large children's distribution network. Buying from the hands, on the market or on the Internet may disappoint you, because the probability that you will be offered a fake, the composition of which may be dangerous for the child, is greater.

Top Rated

Means for the care of the groin area of ​​the newborn can be divided into cosmetic and therapeutic.

The first exist only for the prevention of diaper rash. The latter, as well as coping well with preventive tasks, can also be used to treat dermatological problems that have arisen in the intimate zone of an infant. Not surprisingly, the first places in the rating compiled from the parents' comments came from remedies with a healing effect, followed by popular cosmetics.


This is a therapeutic agent for the skin, the main active ingredient of which is dexpanthenol. The tool not only effectively protects the skin of the infant, but also helps in its regeneration in case of damage.

It is possible to put means at each change of a diaper, the number of applications is not limited. The obvious advantages are that the ointment is quickly absorbed, does not leave marks on diapers and clothes of the child, and also very well moisturizes the skin and protects it from the development of peeling.

Cons - in the cost (from 500 rubles) and in a small, but still the possibility of an allergic reaction to the drug.


It is a cream that contains two active ingredients at once - benzalkonium chloride and cetrimide. The tool belongs to the group of antiseptics.

A definite plus is the activity against some bacteria, which is important for the prevention of infection of wounds with intestinal bacteria from feces. The best is also a combination of price and quality - the cost of 250 rubles.

Minus - in the same probability of manifestations of individual intolerance. This happens infrequently, but parents must be warned.


This is a drug with zinc oxide. Besides it, the cream contains lanolin, petrolatum and fish oil. This composition creates a skin film, very similar in its structural characteristics to the natural fatty layer of the skin.

This film is difficult to dissolve in urine components, and therefore it is most preferable to use the agent at night - before a long sleep in one diaper.

Plus - the cost (about 250 rubles), minus - not very pleasant smell.


This is another zinc drug that can also be used both for care and to quickly and effectively treat the appearance of diaper rash and diaper dermatitis. The cream has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and drying effect.

Plus - in a mild anesthetic effect, which is very important in treating the symptoms of diaper dermatitis already started, and the cost is about 300 rubles.

Minus - in the possibility of developing allergies, especially with frequent use, as well as in consistency (the cream is very thick, it is difficult to apply and slowly absorbed).


This is the German line of cosmetics care, which deservedly enjoys the love of millions of parents around the world. The cream is suitable for daily unlimited use. It consists of natural ingredients, including chamomile extract with calendula.

At first, a rather bright yellow color of the cream can be alerted, but you should not worry, there are no dyes in it. This color means a calendula.

Pros - a pleasant and unsharp smell, quick absorption, quick action. It is possible to use the cream and appeared diaper rash.

Minus - the cost. The price of the cream varies from 450 to 600 rubles. Some parents note that the aluminum tube in which the product is located is not very convenient to use.


The German company, which produces "Baby Cream", has more than half a century of experience in the production of elite children's cosmetics. Sunflower oil and chamomile extract in the composition of the tool perform a dual task - they treat, disinfect and create a protective film under which the skin continues to "breathe", that is, the blockage of pores and glands does not occur. The cream has a very pleasant and delicate smell.

Plus - a large variation of choice, because the line "under the diaper" is not limited to one cream, there are sprays for similar use. Cost - from 150 rubles. Minus means is the consistency. The cream is thick, absorbs slowly, and therefore can stain the baby's clothes and diapers and leave ugly grease stains on them.

Spray under the diaper is easier to apply, but it creates a thinner protective film, and therefore is not suitable for the treatment of diaper rash, but is well suited for their prevention.

Baby teva

Children's products for the care of the groin area from this manufacturer have long been known. The cream for the diaper area contains milk proteins and lavender oil. It has a pleasant smell, devoid of dyes and preservatives.

Among the advantages can be called a low cost - from 120 rubles. Ease of use is also important - the cream is quickly distributed over the skin of the infant.

Cons: when applying a large number of "rolled", you can use the tool only for the prevention of diaper dermatitis, but not for treatment.


This is a French brand of children's cosmetics, which has been recognized by the parents of the entire planet. The cream under the diaper from this manufacturer contains zinc oxide, and therefore it is quite possible to use it not only for prevention, but also for treatment.

Pluses are numerous: the cream does not cause allergies, well applied, absorbs quickly, effectively protects the skin of the toddler from the first days of his life. Available in tubes and in a bottle with a convenient dispenser.

Minus one - the cost, the price starts from 450 rubles, in some stores and pharmacies of the country can reach 700 rubles.

"Eared nanny"

This domestic cream is considered one of the most popular. This is due to its low cost (from 100 rubles) and the optimal composition, which includes peach oil and calendula.

Among the advantages can be called a light texture means that does not complicate the application and rubbing.

Minus - the possibility of developing allergies, some parents complain that redness and rash appeared after the first use of the drug.

"My Sunshine"

This cream with affectionate name is perhaps the most budgetary of all presented above - its cost starts from 45 rubles. You can buy the cream of this brand with jojoba oil and depantenol, you can choose a cream with a string. You can supplement the kit with gel for washing the child of the same brand.

Among the advantages, of course, is the cost and organic composition. The disadvantage of many parents consider uncomfortable tube and lid.

How to use?

Any remedy for the diaper should be applied exclusively on clean skin. When changing the diaper, the child needs to be washed, wetted with a diaper, and after a 10-15 minute air bath, you can start applying the chosen remedy. Parental movements should be neat and gentle. Girl cream should be applied to avoid falling into his vagina, the boy should not be smeared with cream directly penis. Any of the above funds can be taken with you to the hospital. They can be used for mom and baby, when he is born.

What is better - cream or powder?

And creams under the diaper, and powder have a drying effect. In the composition of the classic baby powder - talc. For a one-time use of the powder is very good, it dries the skin very quickly, does not cause allergies. It is easier and faster to apply.

With daily use, the powder can cause excessive dryness of infant skin, which contributes to the occurrence of cracks, inflammation, peeling, itching and discomfort.

The right cream even with repeated daily use does not cause such symptoms: the child’s skin remains sufficiently moisturized and protected. This does not mean that the powder should be abandoned altogether. She can do a good job with emergency care as a result of the development of diaper dermatitis. Once or twice it can and should be used for diaper rash, after which you need to switch to products with a cream base to avoid dryness of the skin of the inguinal zone.

Just do not use these different care products at the same time. The film from the cream and a thick layer of talc that adheres to the cream will create completely unbearable conditions for the existence of delicate baby skin.


Some parents when discussing on thematic forums of creams under diapers emphasize that they prefer to use wet napkins with cream soaking. This allows you to save money, because you have to buy only one tool, and the benefits of it are twofold. In fact, such wipes contain extremely little cream substance, if they contain it at all. For babies with sensitive skin, such care will be clearly insufficient.

There is a category of parents who generally consider creams for a diaper to be overkill. If you have skin problems with a child, such moms and dads try to apply medicinal ointments one-time, until the symptoms disappear. Not surprisingly, their children are more likely to suffer from diaper rash.

They describe mothers and very unusual ways of caring for the intimate zone of newborns - lubricating with sunflower or butter, as well as drying folds on legs and buttocks with a hair dryer.

It is wiser to refrain from such experiments with your own child. Under the layer of oil, be it thrice natural, the skin does not “breathe”, but a hair dryer can cause local hyperthermia, weathering, burn.

The most common positive reviews about "Sudokreme"And the line" Weleda. "

On how to properly apply the cream under a diaper, see the following video from Dr. Komarovsky.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.