Rest in Sochi with children


Vacations at Russian resorts have recently become increasingly popular. Especially when it comes to vacation with a child. Among the local towns one of the most prominent is Sochi.

The city of the Black Sea received a “second” birth after the Winter Olympics, which were held here in 2014. Many unique objects were built for them, now the infrastructure of Sochi can be compared to resort cities of Europe and even surpass them.

If you decide that your long-awaited vacation should take place in this place, you should learn more about the features of recreation in Sochi with children.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The essential advantages of the Russian resort are that you can go to it even with a small child. The climate in Sochi is rather mild, and is easily perceived by residents of most regions. Of Russia. Getting to a vacation destination is not difficult, flight it won't be long, and if you want to travel by rail, then taking a ticket is also not a problem: Sochi tracks almost all parts of our large country. In this city, you can go by car, if you are fans of autotravel.

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The undoubted advantage of Sochi is that the most favorable conditions have been created here for family holidays. In addition to the sea, beaches and the sun, there is enough entertainment in the city that will be of interest to children of any age and adults.

Among the downsides, vacationers often note the pollution of beaches, especially at the height of the tourist season (July-August). On some beaches at this time there is an active bloom of algae, and therefore the water smells unpleasant and can be dangerous for children if they swallow it. By the way, in Sochi it is quite difficult to find a beach that is ideal for a child, since sand is a problem here. Most bathing sites are stony, with large and small pebbles.

The Olympics, of course, adorned Sochi, raised its prestige and popularity, but every medal, even the Olympic one, has a second side. The transformed city near the Black Sea, alas, cannot boast of low prices for housing, food, services, trips to a sanatorium and low cost of entertainment. Sochi is now one of the most expensive cities in Russia. If this is essential when planning a vacation, count everything well. It is necessary to foresee all the necessary expenses in advance and understand what exactly you can save.

Best season

The climate in Sochi is subtropical, in summer the air temperature is kept at +26 - +28 ° C, in winter - within 0 ° C. There is a lot of snow in the mountains, so you can go to one of the ski resorts with your children in winter. Summer vacation with children is better to plan in June - early July, or in late August - early September. During these periods, the sea does not bloom, the water temperature is about 20 degrees, the weather is good, and the beaches are not (yet) crowded with people. The smaller your child is by age, the further away from the tourist boom it should be kept.

The best sandy beaches

As we have already found out, things are not the best with sandy beaches in Sochi itself. Of all the urban bathing places, you should pay attention to the “Little Mermaid” beach, it is located in the Central region. The pebbles on it are small, for adults walking barefoot over it almost does not cause discomfort.For the child, you can buy special beach slippers with a thick rubber sole and open heel and fingers, in which you can walk and swim.

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In the resort town, where the most prestigious hotels of Sochi are collected, the beach is very clean, pebbled, but not free. But the place of swimming called “Swallow” is a public beach, for which you will not have to pay for the entrance. It is located in the neighborhood Mamayka. Another free city beach "Seagull" is located in Adler on the main promenade.

Almost every sanatorium or rest home, the hotel on the coast has its own beaches. Sometimes they are allowed to everyone (for a nominal fee), at least - the beaches are closed from visiting for those who do not live in this sanatorium.

In the dry figures of statistics, the beach of Sochi looks like this: 146 kilometers along the sea, 131 - the beach, of which 30 are urban municipal beaches and 101 are private.

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Most beaches have a gentle, gradual descent into the water, which is convenient for children's recreation, there are no sharp cliffs in depth. Wheelchair access is almost everywhere equipped for wheelchairs, there are wooden flooring. On every beach, even free, there is a first-aid post, there are lifeguards, there are cafes and small restaurants where you can have lunch or dinner. You can rent a sunbed and an umbrella, and then think out for half an hour exactly how to insert this same umbrella into pebbles. There is no sand, the equipment is difficult to install.

If your main requirement is a sandy beach, then you should revise your plans and go with your child to Anapa. There are the best sandy places for swimming, shallow depth and very warm water.

Hotels, pensions and motels

For holidays with a child or several children, the most ideal option is a hotel or a boarding house, where "all inclusive". You will not need to think where and how to feed the child and which beach to go with him.

Pearl (Grand Hotel)

The hotel has its own landscaped beach, an outdoor pool on the territory, tennis courts, a sports complex, several restaurants and cafes. Hotel rooms are different, but they all meet international requirements. The starting price for the cheapest room is 3700 rubles per day. Book a place in this hotel is better in advance, because in the season of free space is extremely small.

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Rodina (Grand Hotel and SPA)

Hotel "five stars", one of the best on the Black Sea coast. There is a fitness and spa centers, several restaurants, a children's playground. The starting price of rooms in the Homeland is quite high - from 15 thousand rubles.

A separate fee for a cot for a child from 3 years old - 3500 rubles per night. But there are good children's animators, nannies, game rooms. There is no children's menu in restaurants, but this question can be settled upon arrival, often at the request of parents, milk porridges and vegetable purees are prepared for children.

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Radisson Azure

The four-star hotel is not bad adapted for joint rest with children. It has a covered water area where you can relax with your child in the winter, a special children's menu, a kids club, a heated pool, 300 meters from the sea.

Cots for children under 6 years old are provided free of charge. Children from 6 to 12 years old will need to pay about 2 thousand rubles for an extra bed. The cost of a standard room in this hotel is about 10 thousand rubles.

There are many boarding houses in Sochi, the prices for accommodation in which are much lower than the cost of a hotel room. On average, accommodation in a boarding house will cost 2000-6000 per day.

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Sanatorium "Golden Ear"

On the full board, with meals and transfer to the excursions, you can settle here. The sanatorium has its own beach, swimming pool, kids club, the restaurant offers a special children's menu. The cost of rest this season in the sanatorium has grown up a little: a family of two adults and two children will give about 20 thousand rubles per day, for two weeks - 339 thousand.

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Sanatorium "Svetlana"

There are family rooms and a children's play area, the restaurant offers a children's menu, and about 5 minutes walk to the sea. Near the sanatorium - Sochi Arboretum, a circus, several amusement parks. The room rate is the ability to include three meals a day. A day of living for a family with two children will cost about 10 thousand rubles.

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We rent private housing

Self-rental is very popular in Sochi. No matter how you get to the resort city, at the entrance, at the station, the locals will be surrounded by local residents with signs "Rent a room". This is not the best way to rent a house in Sochi. You can become victims of fraudsters, criminals, or move into a housing in which you do not want to stay for a minute.

Search for an apartment, a room in a guest house, a private house is better long before departure. You can contact any real estate agency in Sochi, but you can do it yourself, without intermediaries. Analyze all the offers, look for reviews of those who have already rented an apartment from one or another owner. To do this in our time of the all-powerful Internet is not difficult.

Approach the choice of housing seriously, your vacation with a child should not overshadow anything.

Be sure to look at how far from the sea and the beach the house is located, because you and your child will have to go this way several times a day, whether there are parks, cinemas, shops, pharmacies nearby. In summer, it is important that there is a working air conditioner, refrigerator and bathroom in the house or room.

Some homeowners, which are rented, provide customers with Internet and satellite TV.

The farther from the sea housing, so it is cheaper. This year, on average, a studio apartment near the beach will cost 3-8 thousand rubles a day. Accommodation on the second and third coastlines - starts from 750 rubles per day. Call the owner of the option you like, specify the date of your arrival, ask for additional photos of the property, ask all your questions, be sure to write down the address. Never send any prepayment!

Some owners of such holiday apartments, I know from personal experience, may even meet you at the train station or at the airport. True, not all.

It is better if by the time you send such options you will have several, with the addresses and phone numbers of the owners, because not everything is true, what they write on the Internet. In fact, the apartment may be "killed", and the photo - made in a special graphic editor. The owner can forget about you and settle in the apartment of other people. Situations can be different, you should have backup options so as not to run around someone else's city in search of shelter.

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A quiet beach holiday, which most adults want, will quickly bore the child. When all the kulichiki from wet pebbles are made, all jellyfish are caught, and splashing in water will get pretty tired, the child will require new impressions. There are no problems with the organization of children's leisure in Sochi, there are plenty of places to visit.

With a baby, you can go to the arboretum. In the heart of the city is a unique botanical garden, which contains incredible plants and trees, flowers and shrubs from almost all over the world. The adults will be able to appreciate the botanical collection, enjoy the lush flowering, and the kids will just breathe in the fresh air, will be in silence, the little children need this kind of rest, relaxing and measured.

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It will be interesting for a child of a conscious age to take a walk around the Olympic Park, look into the Museum of Olympic Glory, and in the evening, when it starts to get dark, visit the Singing Fountains. You can go to one of the amusement parks.

In the center of Sochi there is a park "Riviera". On the territory allowed without tickets, freely, but to ride the rides will have to be paid. The park has a dolphinarium and an aquarium. Show programs in dolphinariums are held daily.

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Inquisitive adolescents will like Poliana of Friendship, on which the most famous people planted trees since the mid-twentieth century. This was done by cosmonauts, artists, politicians, outstanding athletes.

More modern park - Sochi Park. It was built relatively recently, and it amazes one with a variety of attractions in the style of Russian folk tales. The child will like Gorynych and Baba Yaga, he will easily recognize the images of Ivan Tsarevich, the epic heroes, Vasilisa the Wise, Firebird. The park also has a dolphin. A ticket to “Sochi Park” is bought once, it’s one, giving you the right to enter and ride on any attraction, it is valid all day.

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We also offer you to watch a video about "Sochi Park".

Another park, about which it is impossible not to say - Sochi National Park. You can go to it with a baby for a short time, and with a teenager for the whole day. Your child will have the opportunity to explore the world for real, visiting caves and ravines, waterfalls and dolmens. If you're lucky, you can see a leopard, because this beautiful animal and many other rare animals live in the national park of Sochi. Guides will help you not to get lost.

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SKY PARK, adventure park at the height, located in the Akhshtyr gorge, will be remembered for a long time by older children, adolescents, and even the parents themselves. Here you can walk along the longest pedestrian suspension bridge on the planet, from which such views of the mountains and the sea open up, which captures the spirit of even the most fearless brave men!

With children of any age, with the exception, perhaps, babies, you can go to aquapark. In fairness it should be noted that there are several of them in Sochi. You can choose any - cheaper and more expensive, with a small number of slides and impressive in scope.

The most popular “family” water park is AquaLoo. This is more than a dozen slides, the same number of pools of different sizes, several waterfalls. Children also like the Mayak and Nautilus water parks.

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If you want to go on a tour, select the desired direction in advance. Tourists are driven and carried around Sochi, tours are on foot and by car. Separately, you can admire the evening scenery. You can see funny monuments of the city, visit Krasnaya Polyana, Eagle Rocks, Agursky waterfalls, monkey nursery.

Important nuances

  • Planned vacation time. If you are carrying a child to the sea, remember that the average acclimatization period is about a week. A baby up to one year old can get used to new conditions for 20 days. Enjoy and benefit from the sea water and sunbathing your child will be only after the complex biological process of acclimatization is completed in the body. So, with a child older than three years in Sochi, you must go at least 14 days, and with infants - 25-30.

  • To acclimatize faster Try to follow the resort’s child’s sleep and wakefulness, walks, and nutrition. In his diet it is not necessary to introduce new products, fruits and juices after his arrival.

  • On the beaches of Sochi many local delicacies are sold, but you should not be tempted. Do not take and do not let your child eat what is being offered, since no one controls these dealers, product quality is not checked, and in the hot southern sun the goods deteriorate rapidly. You risk poisoning the whole family.

  • Despite the fact that there are many local pharmacies in Sochi, do not be lazy to collect a travel kit with the most necessary funds for yourself and the child in advance. Be sure to include antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic and antidiarrheal drugs. Do not forget brilliant green, iodine, thermometer, drops with an antibiotic in the eyes and ears (in case of the development of a bacterial infection), antiviral agent, antihistamines (from allergies), laxative, destitute, elastic bandage and a normal bandage.


Reviews about holidays in Sochi, of which there are a great many on the Internet, are quite different.Someone was delighted, someone left with a feeling of complete disappointment. As a plus, they usually mark a developed infrastructure, a large selection of guest houses, hotels, boarding houses and sanatoriums in a resort town. The main disadvantage of most families is the high prices for recreation, accommodation and entertainment.

Young mothers point out a strange detail - in the midst of summer in Sochi, fruits are more expensive on the market than on the market in Siberia. It would seem that the south, the sun, peaches ... No, there are special laws of pricing, it is useless to argue with them. Fruits are better to buy in chain stores. There they are cheaper.

Negatively, many moms and dads speak about the condition of city beaches. At the height of the season it is very dirty there, utilities are in no hurry to clean up leftovers, bottles, plastic dishes and all that remains of the rest. As a result, it is quite difficult to find a place where you can stay with your child, without fear that the baby will cut the legs or pens on broken glass.

Ride on excursions "experienced" parents advise on their own, not to use the services of travel agents, especially those who call customers directly on the street. From the fact that you overpay the intermediary, you will not spend less time at the cash register in front of the aquarium or in the dolphinarium. You still have to stand in line.

For a successful holiday in Sochi with children, the correct attitude of the whole family is important. You should not expect from the Russian resort, even such a large as Sochi, foreign benefits of civilization. In domestic terms, popular holiday destinations of the Krasnodar Territory are still losing in many respects. Disappointment will not, if there is no high expectations.

A lot of interesting nuances you will learn from the transfer of "unlucky notes."

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.