All about diapers for newborns: the types and subtleties of choice


Every young parent has a lot of questions about diapers for newborns. Before choosing, you should explore the types and characteristics of such products. Competent purchase will contribute to the comfort of not only the baby, but also his parents.

What is it and how is it different from diapers?

With their appearance, diapers for newborns resemble the usual diapers, which are sticky or buttons. In this regard, many parents believe that this is one and the same. However, between these products there is a fundamental difference.

  • Diaper for newborns is called the type of underwear, which is designed to preserve the clothes and skin of the child in a dry state after uncontrolled urination and bowel movements. In the products there are several layers in which there are components that turn the liquid into a jelly-like state, as well as materials that retain moisture and prevent its outflow from the diaper.
  • Pampers is the name of a brand that is owned by Procter & Gamble. Pampers have absolute similarity with disposable diapers in appearance and method of operation.

The difference between diapers and diapers lies in several characteristics.

  • Name. Diapers can be produced by different manufacturers. Pampers is the name of a particular brand.
  • Materials used. For the manufacture of diapers used only modern raw materials, as well as polymer film, adsorbing substances, cellulose. Diapers can be made of natural fabric (cotton, wool).
  • Term of use. Diapers are only disposable items. Diapers can be not only disposable, but also reusable.

To make the right choice of absorbent panties, you should be familiar with the positive and negative qualities of products. In this case, each parent must be aware that the safety and health of the child comes first.

First, consider the positive characteristics of diapers.

  • Liners in reusable products are made of natural material. This suggests that babies will be less likely to be attacked by dermatitis and diaper rash. However, after changing the product, be sure to clean the skin and allow it to "walk" without a diaper.
  • Cost of diapers are lower compared to diapers.
  • Environmental friendliness. Using only environmentally friendly materials minimizes the likelihood of allergic reactions in a child.
  • Reusable diaper able to maintain its functionality along with the original appearance for 2-3 years.
  • Convenient use. Due to the buttons and velcro, the size of the products can be adjusted. Pants, bought at the time when the baby is two months old, can be successfully used until he reaches one year old.

However, diapers are not without certain disadvantages.

  • When using diapers, it is impossible to achieve perfectly dry skin, which diapers can boast.
  • After each process of urination, a change of absorbent liner will be required. A diaper is changed every couple of hours.
  • After the act of defecating the baby, it is necessary to immediately change the product.
  • During the use of the product should be constantly monitor the dryness of the child.
  • In some cases, removal of feces from the surface of the refillable product is accompanied by certain difficulties.


Diapers help to preserve the cleanliness of the child’s clothes, allow you to extend the duration of the walk, visit or clinic. Also, when using such products, you can reduce the number of washes, which makes it possible to communicate with your child more often and spend more free time with him. Currently, manufacturers sell two types of diapers.

  • Disposable. Such a product should be discarded after the second process of urination or immediately, in the case of defecation. Belong to the category of expensive, but more comfortable types of diapers.
  • Reusable. They are products consisting of several layers. The first layer is a breathable base that does not let moisture through. Due to this, it can not change a certain period of time.

The middle layer consists of a liner, which is responsible for the absorption of moisture. The upper level is responsible for the passage of fluid. Liners and backing can be washed or changed. A reusable diaper is a cheaper model compared to a disposable one, since you only need to buy a liner. In the first and second product there are functional fasteners or velcro, there are also rubber bands wrapping around the belt and legs of the child.

Each parent independently decides which type of diaper will suit his child. If there are no material difficulties, you can use disposable products that, with frequent changes, do not provoke the appearance of diaper rash.


To choose the right diaper, you need to decide on the desired size. The level of comfort and usability of the product depends on this indicator. The smallest absorbent panties are indicated by the size "1" and are intended for crumbs, the weight of which does not exceed 2 kg. In most cases, such diapers are purchased for premature babies.

The following size is for babies whose weight has not reached 6 kg. At the front of such products there is a special soft insert located on the umbilical wound. This structure eliminates the discomfort and pain of the newborn in relation to the diaper.

Choosing the right size always depends on the weight and general data of the newborn. For this reason, it is not recommended to purchase in advance a large number of absorbent panties. This is due to the fact that next month may require the purchase of products of a completely different size.

Rating models

Each parent wants to choose for his child only the best, so it often asks which brands you should pay attention to. To make a comparison of different models and understand their quality, you should study the rating of manufacturers.


The manufacturer offers its customers reusable diapers, which are characterized by the following qualities.

  • Products are completely identical to diapers. They are easy to put on and take off.
  • Diapers provide a snug fit to the skin, thereby reducing the chance of leakage to a minimum.
  • Models have universal sizes.
  • It is possible to adjust the width and height of products.
  • Diapers are provided with reliable protection against leakage.
  • There are velcro on diapers along with auxiliary fasteners like buttons.
  • Due to the well-chosen combination of materials, the baby does not face skin irritation.
  • The outer layer is made of laminated polyester, the inner one is made of microfleece. The middle layer is made of microfiber.
  • Products occupy leading positions in the rating due to the possibility of multiple washings and affordable cost.


The manufacturer produces reusable diapers, who occupy an honorable place in the rating due to the following qualities.

  • The product is a classic model, the inner layer of which consists of a bamboo-coal fiber.
  • On diapers, there are protective sides, due to which the risk of leakage is reduced to zero.
  • Models are considered universal. They are suitable for children from 3 months to 2.5 years. Products are designed for a weight category of 3-15 kg.
  • Adjustment of volume, depth is allowed. The action is achieved with the help of buttons.
  • Bamboo-coal fiber is a hypoallergenic raw material that can remain dry. Due to this, such diapers can be used in the cool season.


This is a domestic manufacturer, which ranks third in our rating of diapers. Among the features include the following qualities.

  • Products are made only from natural materials.
  • Diapers are not capable of forming a greenhouse effect. Due to this, the skin of the baby is not exposed to the formation of diaper rash.
  • Absorbent zone has an increased thickness. This quality increases the reliability of the product and allows you to change the diaper less often.
  • There are no rough seams in diapers. The manufacturer cares about the quality of products, all the lines are made carefully.
  • On sale you can find models of rectangular and triangular type.
  • Easy wash.
  • There are no Velcro and membranes.
  • The diaper has the most affordable price, so it is in demand among families with a small budget.


This is another popular manufacturer, which represents products of domestic production. Consider the distinctive features of diapers.

  • The skin of the baby is in contact with organic cotton, inside is a fabric membrane.
  • In a special pocket is absorbent liner.
  • The manufacturer produces two sizes of products: 0-9 kg, 9-14 kg.
  • There are two types of diapers: regular and reusable shorts.
  • The choice of colors is no different variety.
  • Sometimes the absorbent liner fits over the pocket. With a small amount of urine, only wet material will need to be changed, and washing will not be necessary.

This brand is in great demand due to these qualities. The manufacturer was able to combine in its models all the necessary properties for comfortable operation.


Konopusha is a domestic manufacturer of reusable diapers. Products have the following qualities:

  • comfortable operation;
  • There are no harmful components in the products;
  • in the manufacture of using only environmentally friendly materials;
  • diapers are suitable for use from the first days of life and up to 2.5 years;
  • the manufacturer offers a wide range of colors and a variety of patterns and patterns, due to the wide choice, you can easily buy a suitable option for a boy (with cars) or a girl (with different animals).

How to choose?

In order not to worry about the health of your child, you should choose the best quality diapers. To do this, pay attention to the following indicators.

  • Natural materials. Small children are prone to allergic reactions, so it is best to study in advance what the diaper consists of. It is recommended to give preference to cotton products, since cellulose, along with gel-forming and chemical components, does not belong to the category of hypoallergenic substances.
  • Purpose according to gender. Not every diaper is suitable for a boy and a girl at the same time. However, there are universal models that will suit all children.
  • Absorbability indicators. This criterion is considered the most important, since the condition of the baby’s skin depends on it. If the diaper is too wet, the baby may experience prickly heat, diaper rash and irritation.
  • Softness level Diapers should be soft so that there is no pressure on the baby’s body.
  • Breathable diaper. Products must not only absorb moisture, but also be able to pass air. It is necessary to choose such models in which the absorbing matter has microscopic pores.
  • Suitable size. The choice is based on the weight category of the baby.
  • The presence of additives and fragrances. It should immediately abandon the products, which added various extracts.
  • The shape of the diaper. It is best to choose products with stretched sides and special rubber bands. They help to prevent leakage.
  • The presence of fasteners. With reusable velcro, a parent can more quickly master the process of donning a diaper.
  • The presence of a temporary sign. There are day and night products, which differ in the degree of absorption, its shape and composition.

Dressing procedure

It is important to learn how to properly wear diapers to prevent leakage. Disposable baby items can be worn as follows.

  • The first step is to prepare the skin of the child. It must be dry and free from contamination.
  • The baby should be placed on a comfortable flat surface. For these purposes, you can use a changing table or bed.
  • Ass and groin are smeared with cream.
  • Under the ass should be placed the back of the diaper, and between the legs of the baby is missing the front part.
  • The product is fixed with velcro or special buttons.
  • Make sure that the diaper is not pressed on the belt. To do this, wear a diaper should be under the control of the tension on the belt.
  • Dirty products should be immediately thrown away, it is necessary to check the condition of the diaper after feeding, at night and after the change to hold the toilet of the genitals along with the air bath.

Reusable diaper is also easy to wear. This will require the following steps.

  • Absorbent liner is installed in a special pocket, which is located inside the product.
  • Some parents put two inserts inside, so that the procedure for changing the diaper was carried out less frequently. Such an action is allowed during long walks and trips, but at home such a method should not be used.
  • The back of the product is also placed under the buttocks, and the front part is passed between the legs.
  • The size must be adjusted to the height of the buttons or velcro.
  • Used liners should be removed, washed and left to dry.
  • A new insert is inserted inside the pocket.
  • If the liner is very dirty, it should be soaked beforehand. Do not use the conditioner for linen, as it contributes to a decrease in the level of absorption.
  • Ironing of diapers or interchangeable liners is not allowed, even at minimum temperature conditions.

Replacement and consumption

Many parents wonder how often baby diapers need to be changed. Experts recommend checking every hour the degree of wetting the liner. Some manufacturers equip their products with an indicator of moisture content.

Depending on the manufacturer, the type of model, the amount of urine and the frequency of filling, diapers are replaced every two to four hours. On the day you need 6-10 pieces. In a month, this figure is 180-300 pieces.

Independent tailoring

Each mother can sew a cloth diaper with her own hands. For these purposes, gauze will be needed in the right size, which will roll up in a certain way. If there is a desire to make reusable products, the gauze is replaced with a cloth. Replacement is necessary in order to be able to erase the thing. The material should be soft, as it will come into contact with the delicate baby skin. Active demand is Madapolam. It is identical with a dense type of gauze and when pasting its edges you get a reusable diaper. You can also use the old bedding.After several washes, the material will become softer, so it will make it possible to sew a diaper for the baby.

If there are no sewing machines at home and you don’t want to brush over the edges with your own hands, you can buy ready-made samples in stores. They only need to competently roll. The size of the piece of fabric will depend on the planned shape. There are three folding options:

  • rectangle;
  • kerchief;
  • Hungarian diaper (panties).

For the first and second options fit gauze in the shape of a rectangle. For a Hungarian diaper, you need a square piece of gauze.


This is the easiest option to create diapers. It will take a piece of cloth (60x100 or 60x120 cm), which should be folded several times so that a rectangle is formed as a result. Its width should be 20 cm, and the length - 60 cm. Initially, the edges of the matter should be folded so that all the seams are located inside.

During wrapping, the rectangle is placed under the back of the child and must be passed between the legs. Then it is wrapped on the tummy. If the girl is swaddling, the long section should be behind, and for the boys - in front. This method is suitable for newborn children who do not move so much. For more active children, such a diaper is inappropriate, as they can crush it.

Some mommies are wondering how to sew a fabric so that it does not have to be rolled up all the time. Experts do not recommend this, because:

  • the baby will suffer from stitches;
  • diapers will dry for a long time.

Disposable items do not even need to be stitched, as they are immediately thrown away after use.


You will need processed matter, the size of which is 90x180 cm. The material must be folded in half to form a triangle. When swaddling a child, the product should be located under the buttocks so that identical corners are located on the sides, and the third below. The lower part will need to skip between the legs and put on the tummy.

The side parts are wrapped around the waist of the baby and fixed. Fastening is performed by filling the ends of the fabric with a belt. You should not resort to tying the fabric, so as not to interfere with the child.

Hungarian diaper

It will take more effort to make a diaper in the form of a Hungarian diaper with your own hands. To create absorbent panties, you need to take a square piece of fabric measuring 80x80 cm or 90x90 cm.

First, the matter is folded in half. Then the upper corner should be shifted to another part so that the center of the side slice is located on the opposite side from the center of the top. For example, the upper left corner needs to be shifted to the right without lowering down. In such actions, the lower left corner will be folded in half, and the fabric will take the form of a triangle, which will be located on top of the square.

Then the diaper must be gently turned over like a pancake. The part of the matter that formed the square should turn up several times, after which a triangle is formed with a reinforced strip in the center. Wearing such a product should be the same as a kerchief.

The difference of such a diaper from the others lies in the fact that compacted gauze will be located between the legs of the baby. The product is suitable not only for a newborn, but also for a more adult child.

Usage Reviews

Most parents respond to diapers positively. For families with a small budget, this option is considered optimal, because you do not need to spend money on expensive diapers. However, other mommies do not understand how you can change the usual diapers for diapers.

About the products of the brand Gloryes moms leave positive reviews and report that the products are reliable and comfortable to use. They are easily worn, fit snugly to the skin, so it does not undergo diaper rash. Volume adjustment allows the use of products for different weight categories and ages.

Parents also speak positively about the brand of Coolababy diapers. Products also proved to be reliable diapers and are considered universal. They can be used for several years, which means that it will not be necessary to purchase new diapers too often. Replacing liners only.

About products brand "Pampusiki" on the Internet there are mixed reviews. Most moms praise products of domestic producers, report on affordable price, hypoallergenic, using only natural materials.

However, such products are not suitable for long trips, as there is a risk of leakage.

"Konopush" like many parents for a wide selection of colors and patterns. You can pick up diapers with airplanes or different animals. The manufacturer manufactures products for boys and girls. Positive reviews report a convenient diaper structure, environmentally friendly materials and hypoallergenicity.

"Pure" like most parents because the diapers of this brand are made only from natural materials. Products cope well with moisture retention, so the baby’s clothes remain dry. However, not everyone likes the lack of variety in colors.

How to choose a diaper for newborns, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.