Nomidez for children: instructions for use


Among antiviral drugs, drugs that can affect influenza viruses are particularly popular. They are annually prescribed to adults and children both for the prevention of influenza and at the first signs of the disease in order to speed recovery.

One of them is a medicine called "Nomides". It is well established in the fight against influenza viruses and can be used during an epidemic.

Release form and composition

Nomomedes is a Russian drug produced by Pharmasintez only in one form. Such dosage forms are capsules, and their active ingredient is oseltamivir in the form of phosphate. The drug is sold in 10 capsules in one pack, and their dosage affects the appearance and size.

  • 30 mg capsules oseltamivir is distinguished by its smallest size (No. 3). They have a white case and cap, and inside is a white powder.
  • Drug with a dosage of 45 mg represented by blue capsules. Inside there is also a white powder, and the size of such a “Nomides” is №2.
  • In capsules with a dosage of 75 mg the largest size is # 1. As for coloring, they have a white case and an orange cap. Inside each capsule, as in the medicine with a different dosage, placed white powder.

The composition of the auxiliary components of the capsules is almost the same and differs only in dyes, which are used in the manufacture of caps. Among the inactive substances "Nomides" is starch, copovidone, gelatin, talc, aerosil and other compounds.

Operating principle

Oseltamivir has been shown to inhibit influenza viruses by acting on neuraminidase, as a result of which new viral particles do not leave the affected cells and do not penetrate into the epithelium, which prevents the infection from spreading in the body.

If “Nomidez” is started in the first 40 hours after the onset of flu symptoms, then the symptoms of the infection disappear faster and their severity decreases.

In addition, the incidence of bronchitis, otitis, sinusitis and other complications of the flu is reduced, thus avoiding the use of antibiotics.


Consider the reasons for the use of "Nomides" in childhood.

  • Flu treatmentwhich should be started as soon as the patient has a fever and other clinical manifestations have appeared. The sooner you start giving the baby Nomides, the sooner the virus stops excreting from the respiratory tract, the symptoms of the disease will begin to subside, and the course will be easier and without complications.
  • Flu preventionwhich is especially important when weakened immunity and stay in a large team. Receiving capsules is recommended in the first two days after contact with sick children or adults.

From what age is prescribed?

Use of Nomidez in children with influenza or for the prevention of such a viral infection allowed from the age of 3.

If antiviral treatment is required for babies who are not yet three years old, they should, together with a doctor, choose an analogue approved for such patients.


Nomodes should not be given to children with hypersensitivity to oseltamivir or another ingredient of capsules. The drug is also contraindicated in severe renal insufficiency or serious violations of the liver.

Side effects

Some children have vomiting, headache or nausea while taking Nomides. As a rule, these side effects appear on the first or second day of therapy and disappear on their own in 1-2 days, but sometimes if such negative symptoms occur, the medication must be discontinued.


According to the instructions for use of the drug, the capsules should be swallowed with water, and the diet will not affect the time of taking Nomidez. If the child is sick with the flu, then the drug is recommended to be given for five days twice a day.

Single doses depend on age and body weight:

  • a child over 3 years old with a weight of less than 15 kg is given at 30 mg each;
  • if a patient 3-8 years old weighs from 15 to 23 kg, then he needs to be given 45 mg;
  • if the weight of a child of 3-8 years is 23-40 kg, then a single dose will be 60 mg;
  • at the age of less than 8 years, but with a weight of more than 40 kg per reception give 75 mg;
  • for children 8-12 years old, a single dosage is also 75 mg;
  • for a teenager older than twelve years, 150 mg is required at a time.

For convenience, a child under 12 years old is usually given one capsule with a suitable dosage, and if you need to take 75 mg, then it is permissible to replace a capsule with that amount of oseltamivir with two capsules with 30 and 45 mg.

With the preventive purpose "Nomides" is taken once a day. If the child has been in contact with sick people, give the capsules 10 days. after such contact. If the medication is discharged during an epidemic, then the reception is acceptable to continue up to 6 weeks.

Single doses for children under the age of twelve are the same as for the treatment of influenza. Adolescents older than 12 years for the prevention of the drug give 75 mg per day.

Overdose and drug interactions

If you accidentally exceed the dose of "Nomidez" (for example, if you mix up the dosage of the capsules), severe nausea, pain, vomiting and other negative symptoms may appear. In such a situation, a medical examination is recommended.

As for compatibility with other drugs, Nomides does not affect treatment with diuretics, antiallergic drugs, antibiotics, antipyretic and many other means.

Terms of sale and storage

You can buy Nomides in pharmacies only by prescription from a doctor. The cost of the drug is affected by the dosage of the capsules, for example, for a package with a dosage of 30 mg you need to pay about 300 rubles, and the average price of 10 capsules of 75 mg is 650 rubles.

It is necessary to store the medicine at home at a temperature below +25 degrees, putting the packaging in a place hidden from small children. Shelf life "Nomides" - 3 years. It is listed on the box and must be checked before the start of treatment, since it is unacceptable to give an expired drug to children.


On the use of "Nomides" in children there are mostly good reviews, in which mothers confirm that such capsules help to quickly recover from the flu and prevent complications. Tolerability of the drug is called good, and side effects such as allergies, nausea, or other symptoms are rarely noted.

The disadvantages of the drug usually include its high price.


      The most famous analogue of "Nomides" is "Tamiflu". Such capsules also act due to oseltamivir and are used to treat or prevent the flu. Previously, they were produced in the same dosages as Nomides, but now only Tamiflu with 75 mg of the active substance in one capsule is sold. In addition, this drug is much more expensive. However, the use of Tamiflu, in contrast to the use of Nomides, is possible at an earlier age: the suspension prepared from capsules can be given to children older than a year.

      Replace "Nomites" can and other drugs with antiviral action, which effectively destroy influenza viruses or prevent infection by such pathogens.

      For example, the doctor may prescribe the following drugs.

      • «Orvirem». The effect of this drug on influenza viruses is due to rimantadine.One of the main advantages of this antiviral medication is the liquid form. Such sweet syrup is prescribed to children older than a year and to prevent infection, and at the first symptoms of infection.
      • «Relenza». Such a drug in the form of rotadisc with powder contains zanamivir. This substance, like oseltamivir, affects neuraminidase, so Relenza is often used for influenza. Inhalation with this medicine is allowed from 5 years of age.
      • "Arbidol". This antiviral drug contains umifenovir and is available in different forms. In the form of a suspension, it is prescribed for influenza and ARVI in children over 2 years old, and treatment with Arbidol in tablets and capsules is allowed for patients from 3 years of age.

      Dr. Komarovsky talks about antiviral drugs in the next video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.