Elidel for children: instructions for use


"Elidel" is a popular tool in dermatology that helps eliminate skin inflammation. Due to the local action and the absence of hormonal components in the composition, such medicine is in demand in childhood.

Release form and composition

"Elidel" is made only in one dosage form, which is a 1% cream. It is sold packaged in tubes of 15 and 30 grams. There are also more packaging that can hold 100 grams of cream. In the form of ointment, lotion, solution and other forms of "Elidel" do not release.

The drug itself is a homogeneous, almost white mass, the main ingredient of which is called pimecrolimus. Its amount per gram of medicine is 10 mg. So that the medication is well absorbed, remains homogeneous and does not deteriorate, it also includes propylene glycol, benzyl alcohol, medium chain triglycerides, citric acid, cetyl alcohol and some other ingredients.

Operating principle

The main therapeutic effect of "Elidel" is anti-inflammatory. Part of the cream pimecrolimus affects mast cells and T-lymphocytes, as a result of which selectively inhibits the formation and release of various active substances (they are called inflammatory mediators and cytokines). Clinically, this is manifested by a decrease in the activity of inflammation, the elimination of redness, swelling, or itching.


The main reason for prescribing Elidel is atopic dermatitis. The drug is usually used for short-term elimination of symptoms of allergic inflammation of the skin, but can be prescribed for allergies and for a long time.

From what age is prescribed?

It is allowed to treat the skin with "Elidel" in children from 3 months of age. Safety tools for infants of the first months of life is not installed, so this cream is not assigned to such babies.


"Elidel" should not be used in patients with hypersensitivity to any component of the cream. You can also not treat the skin with such a tool if it is affected by bacteria, fungi or viruses (you first need to cure the infection).

Precautions in the use of the drug require children who have severe forms of inflammation or weakened immunity.

Side effects

Since the percentage of pimecrolimus absorbed into the blood is extremely low, the medication does not cause any systemic effects. This, in contrast to the use of hormonal agents, allows the use of "Elidel" over a large area and does not limit the time of treatment. In addition, "Elidel" does not provoke irritation or atrophy of the skin, and also does not have a photosensitizing effect.

However, in some children, after lubricating the skin with a cream, local reactions to the medication may appear. Most often, this is a burning sensation or heat at the treatment site, which passes quickly and usually only appears in the first days of use.

In rare cases, reddened, itchy, or festering spots are noted in places smeared with “Elidel”.

Sometimes, skin lesions with herpes simplex virus, dry skin, discoloration of the skin, the appearance of papillomas, painful sensations and other ailments that require medical advice are identified.

Instructions for use

It is recommended to use "Elidel" at the first signs of skin lesions, in order to prevent the exacerbation of atopic dermatitis. Cream smear the affected areas twice a day - it is applied with a thin layer, and then gently rubbed so that the medicine is completely absorbed. The drug can be used on any part of the body, including on the neck and face.

It is recommended to lubricate the treated skin with emollient cosmetics after applying “Elidel”. If the child after water procedures, then first put on the skin emollient, and then carry out the treatment "Elidel". The drug continues to use until all symptoms of inflammation of the skin disappear.

If more than six weeks have passed since the beginning of lubrication of the affected areas with “Elidel”, and the severity of the inflammatory reaction remains significant, you need to consult with your doctor and make sure that the child has atopic dermatitis.

If the cream has effectively acted and the disease has passed into a remission stage, and then has become aggravated again, the treatment of the inflamed skin with Elidel should be resumed at the first symptoms of relapse. In case of accidental ingestion of the medication on the mucous membrane of the mouth, nose or eyes, flushing with clean water is recommended.

Overdose and drug interactions

The manufacturer does not report cases of overdose of the cream, and the compatibility of the cream with other drugs has not been studied. Since pimecrolimus is almost not absorbed, such a component can not affect the effect of any drugs that are used inside or injections. Simultaneous application to the skin with any other topical medication is not recommended.

Terms of sale and storage

“Elidel” is a non-prescription drug, so it can be freely purchased at any pharmacy. The average price of a tube with 15 g of cream is 950-980 rubles. Keep the medicine at home in a dry place so that it is inaccessible to children. The recommended storage temperature is from +4 to +25 degrees. The shelf life of the cream in a sealed tube is 2 years, after opening - 1 year.


Almost all parents who used "Elidel" in children with diathesis (atopic skin lesions) speak positively about the cream. The drug is called very effective and confirms that it quickly relieves young patients from itching and dermatitis. Its main disadvantage is considered a rather high cost.


Drugs with the same active substance does not exist, so if necessary, replace "Elidel" analogue The doctor may recommend another local anti-inflammatory agent, for example:

  • «Sudokrem» - a multicomponent agent that is used at any age;
  • Protopic - containing tacrolimus 0.3% ointment, used from 2 years;
  • "Pantoderm" - ointment on the basis of dexpanthenol, approved from birth;
  • «Skin cap» - cream or aerosol based on zinc pyrithione, which is prescribed for children over 1 year old.

Sometimes, in atopic dermatitis, instead of “Elidel” and other non-hormonal creams or ointments, it is required to prescribe a child a stronger remedy from the group of glucocorticoid hormones (“Advantan"," Lokoid "," Kutiveyt ","Elokom" and etc. ).

However, the use of such drugs without the prescription of a doctor in childhood should not be.

Reviews of the doctor about the drug "Elidel", his testimony, contraindications, side effects and analogues, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.