The most popular board games for children 5 years


Children's board games are becoming increasingly popular. They are suitable for any company, because their diversity is great. Modern toys, developmental, logical, didactic - this is only a small part of the diversity. Children are happy to devote time to such games at home and in kindergarten, with family and friends. Although the games have competitive tactics, they bring players together in the search for solutions, watching each other, studying actions and consequences.


Board games are a collective matter. So one of the useful properties - close communication of players. A child learns to negotiate, communicate, give in, gains a sense of healthy competition, no less important for the future life.

Situation modeling is another usefulness of board games. The imagination begins to work. The child gets a problem situation and looks for ways to solve it, analyzes, suggests what the result can be.

Also, the child gets acquainted with the outside world - animals, plants, professions, situations. They also teach the rules of life - safety, rules of the road, the right behavior, what is good and what is bad.

From the point of view of mental processes, babies develop thinking, attention, of memory. Logical thinking is actively involved in sorting and grouping games. Along with this, the child learns to read, count, write. Many games are aimed at familiarizing the child with the works of various writers, folk art. Popular and useful games for the development of fine motor skills, which affects the accuracy, clarity of action, the child's speech apparatus.

The usefulness of board games is undoubtedly great. It would seem that such simple children's entertainment, but what is the potential for the development of the baby in them. And if they are made by the child himself with his parents, then their value increases significantly.


There is no clear ranking among board games, as many of them can be classified into different categories.. But still among these entertainments there are several varieties:


Games with chips, dice and card. The map can be thematic according to fairy tales, cartoons, with the study of animals, plants, professions - the choice is huge. The sets also include additional tasks in the form of riddles, the performance of poems, songs, dances. Suitable for any company, but the more children, the bigger the card should be, otherwise the game will end very quickly.

Lotto / Domino

Children's themed dominoes and lotto have many themes: plants, fruits, animals, transport, professions, seasons and the like.


Game sets such as "DIY", "Lego", the assembly of various parts, the creation of streets, cities - all the games in which, you need to assemble parts, come to a certain result. For boys, this game is especially interesting. The instruction with options of hand-made articles is attached to it. But this does not mean that the child should be limited to this. If it is difficult for him to come up with a model himself, then adults may well be of help and give an idea.

Puzzles and mosaics

From 40 to 60 large parts - the optimal number of puzzles for children 5-6 years. If the children are experienced and well versed in this matter, then the number can be increased, and the size of the parts can be reduced. The complexity of the mosaics can also vary. If you pursue the goal to take, but not to tire the child, then choose puzzles of average complexity.


Classes with cards “Find a couple,” “What's extra?”, “Memory”, “Who lives where?” are aimed at developing thinking, attention and memory. A child in the game recreates connections with the outside world, becomes familiar with the processes, develops logic. For kindergarten, these games are perfect - children learn by playing.


Interesting games with rules, where the player makes a decision, on which the further course of the strategy depends.

"Monopoly", "Children of Carcassonne" and similar toys will force your child to think and think through their actions in order to achieve the desired victory.

Games, developing fine motor skills

Beads, rezinochek weaving, "Jenga" and many others. The child controls accuracy in performance, coordination of movements, accuracy.

Games with chips and pawns

These are the traditional "Checkers", "Chess", "Ludo", "Backgammon". All of them make the child turn on thinking and think through their actions a few steps ahead.


Creating a game material with your own hands. Lotto, dominoes, chess, cards - all this can be done at home without extra costs. And the child will especially appreciate the game made with his own hands.

The best board games for each their own. All children have different interests and character, so the choice can be any, because the variety of games will allow to please every whim.

Popular Games

The abundance of board games will not make bored even the biggest fidget and fastidious critics.

Answer in 5 seconds

Play with a clock, a ball moving in a spiral for five seconds, and question cards. In five seconds you need to answer one question with three answers. Name three favorite dishes, colors and so on. If you managed to give an answer, then move forward, and if not, then stay in place.


Game set with cards. It is necessary to quickly find a pair of your own image hidden in a colorful illustration of another card. Due to the fast pace of the game does not bother, and the child can play it several times.

Pathfinder and Gingerbread Man

Games in which a child using fragments of cards creates a map of movements from hero to hero. Kolobku, for example, needs to get to the grandmother on the opposite side of the field, but avoid meeting with predatory animals.

Mister twister

The game, duplicating Twister, but you need to play here with your fingers. It teaches to distinguish colors, counting, develops fine motor skills.

Monopoly junior

Children's version of Monopoly. The child learns what money is and how to use it. Similar to her - "Marakkesh" and "Farm Frenzy". The child also disposes of his household, trying to properly manage it and conduct lucrative deals.

Miombo Leaning Tower

Children's colorful version of the game Genga. First, the child builds a tower of bars, and then carefully removes them, trying not to drop them. That player will lose, after the course of which, the tower will fall.

Rattling jungle

The kit includes magnetic eggs and snakes. We must be able to hold the eggs so that they do not attract each other and do not make a rattling sound.

Alias ​​- team toy

Objective: to explain to your team what word is written on the card, what is drawn, without pronouncing it. Such a game “Guess who you are?” Is different in that each player puts a bezel with a word on his head, and, asking questions, tries to guess what the word is.

Constructor "Builder"

The constructor “Builder” of 65 elements is made of wood and includes various parts for building towers, houses and all kinds of figures. Bright and high-quality material makes the game safe and interesting.

Wheel of Fortune - quiz game

The kit includes a drum and cards with words (more than 1000), which are placed on special fields. Player moves are determined by the wheel. The player needs to guess where the ball will fall.


It is a card, the words from which you want to portray, not using words, only facial expressions and gestures.

Corridor (Labyrinth)

In this game, the main tactic is.The child must make moves in such a way as to trap the opponent and not get caught and get out himself.


A huge number of games. "Doctor Aibolit" a simple game on the famous cartoon with tasks will entice the kid. The original and popular toy "Cat and Mouse" is a three-dimensional field with chips-mice, inside which there is a glass ball. If it falls, the player’s chip is returned to the start. Mice cat interferes, creating obstacles. Another interesting hodilka "Turtle Runs". Children take turns taking different tasks from cards. The whole snag is that where - whose bug can be found only at the end.

Lotto in four languages

A simple lotto, but on the other side of the card the word is written in 4 languages ​​- Russian, English, French and German.

First, the child memorizes words in an unobtrusive form, by association a picture-sound, and secondly, you can find out which of the languages ​​is closer to your child.

Seth junior

You need to collect a set of cards in color, shape and number of characters. The winner will be the one who in the short time will collect the most sets.

Children of Carcassonne

A game with card fragments of the card. The kid must think through the tactics of laying out cards with his hero and come to the finish line first.

Haunted tower

Set with a clock with arrows and tokens. It is necessary to collect the ghosts in colors of three tokens, if the color does not match, then the clock starts to add five minutes. If you find the same kids, then place them in the bedroom. The game is designed for teamwork.


The game is up to 10. In the center of the table there is a deck of round cards with fruits and numbers. The team of raccoons and hedgehogs chooses cards by type and searches for those among them that will add up to ten. All this needs to be done quickly so that the opposing team does not pick up the card. The winner is the team that collects more cards.


Cards with families of animals are mixed and distributed equally to all participants. Each player picks up a card from the player on the left and tries to collect families. The loser is the one who will have a card with a cockroach in his hands.


Players are dealt 7 cards. Purpose: to discard a card similar in color or number to a deck on the table. The game is complicated by special task cards.

Color code

Cards with geometric shapes of different colors should be repeated using special color frames in the set. Helps to develop color perception and not to confuse shades.


Small colorful cards with letters and large cards with animals and names include five different games. The simplest is to collect the letters of your animal as quickly as possible.


One of the favorite children's board games. Various cartoon characters, frames, images with light landscapes are able to delay the attention of the baby for a long time. Kids love if the game is happening with the whole family.

Lotto odors

Scented jars need to be spread out on the field with images - fruit, household aromas, flowers. At the end, you can check the result by turning the flavor.

Pull the carrot

Volumetric hodilka in the form of a mountain with a carrot at the top. Hares hunt for it, but during the game can fall into a trap. Wins the one who first will be at the top.


The game allows for up to four players. Board with four sectors - bases, on which the player puts four of his chips. If the die rolls the number six, then the player has the right to bring a new chip to the field, if less, then the move is the one on the field. The winner will be the one whose chips will be earlier in the center of the field - the house of chips.

Pilot Louis

The task of the players is to save their chickens from an airplane with Louis. This can be done with the help of a special lever, hitting against which the airplane begins to make feints. Designed for four players.


Card exchange game. The more a player changes, the greater the chance of becoming a winner.

Games on paper

These games are good because you only need paper, pen and no costs. These include "Tic-tac-toe", hodilka cards, puzzles cut from a picture, that is, all the toys that can be made "here and now" if everything that is already available is tired and you want something new.


“Who eats what?”, “Where is whose baby?”, “Edible-inedible”, “Vegetables and fruits”, “What a fairy tale”, logical domino “What then?” And many other popular games for familiarizing the child with the outside world.

All games develop different feelings and mental abilities of children. Therefore, it is better to purchase them in a set or in order not to tire the child, to change them as you study fully.

Tips for choosing

Before purchasing games, decide for what purpose you are buying them.

  • If you buy a game for the babyask what he likes. If this is a gift, then find out about the interests of the birthday man.
  • For 5-6 year old children, the main thing is safety. Make sure that there are no piercing objects, too small details. If the game is with a case and batteries, then all covers should be firmly fixed.
  • Choosing a game, carefully read the instructions. And in general - check whether it is available. Fortunately, today the game series has an age limit, so the selection is made easier. But if your child has already outgrown some of them, then you can safely watch the options for older children.
  • Consider the conditions of the game - number of players, age, presence of adults. During the game there should not be such conditions under which it is impossible to play - there are a lot of players, the presence of leaders who are difficult to collect in a house with one or two children. Otherwise, the child will simply abandon this activity and all interest will disappear.
  • Another aspect is the material.of which the game set is made. Paper and cardboard cards and cards wear out quickly. Salvation - lacquered material. High-quality and dense, because children very quickly get upset if scuffs appear. Metal can injure. Wood and plastic have the best characteristics.

As you can see, everything is individually in the choice of toys. It is best to choose a game with a child together. Joint selection will help to purchase the game for the whole family and fun pastime.


Board game reviews are positive. All mothers emphasize their influence on the logic and thinking of children. But the attention and memory of the five-year-olds turn on harder, so the speed games are not as easy as we would like. Moms love color perception games, learning letters, numbers, shapes, which is natural for future students.

Children also like to play in the compilation of logical tracks, walkers, sound effects with various interesting details. The more colorful the game material, the more it captures the child, the more he wants to understand and study it. Having learned to play, the child seeks leadership. Therefore, in a family game, parents create a situation of success for the child, which contributes to strengthening the interest in the game and involving friends.

Moms like that the choice of games is big, but they wander around looking for an interesting option. Therefore, the games change as they become “annoyed” and lose interest in the child. Kids like to play with the whole family. Parents buy joint games for several children. But at the same time, they note that the age difference does not allow one to choose an equal game. Designers, puzzles, lotto, chess and toys with an unpredictable course of action - walker, Crocodile, Corridor are considered universal. Another plus in the acquisition board games - You can make an order via the Internet, and the set in the shortest possible time will be on the table.

In general, board games for parents and children - salvation from despondency, association and useful rest after a hard day’s work and kindergarten. Board games for children are becoming more popular. This is an interesting and entertaining pastime. Today, parents and educators often face the hyperactivity of children, computer addictionunwillingness to learn.At such a moment, the desktop toy becomes a savior - it will calm, enthrall and teach your child a lot.

An overview of the board games can be viewed without leaving your computer. What game will your child play? The answer can be obtained from the attached video.

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