Bizibord - an entertaining educational board for a child


Raising a small child is not an easy task, requiring constant attention from at least one of the parents. At the same time, adults sometimes also need a free minute, which is often not present - you cannot leave the baby alone, because it is not clear what he will be doing at this time, or if he will not do anything. An excellent solution for young mothers and fathers will be such an invention as bizibord.

What is bizybord and what is it for?

Bizybord (or developmental board) is a special invention of modern teachers-educators, which allows achieving two goals at once: reliably distract the child’s attention so that he does not engage in various nonsense, and at the same time develop his wits with a game method.

As the name implies, this is really a board, and even with various details attached to it, designed to interest the baby. Probably everyone noticed that small children are very curious. They all need to touch, or even stick in your mouth. This does not mean that they are harmful, they just do not have enough knowledge about the world, and in this way they know it.

There is no standard set of things attached to such a development board, but most often in the minimal version these are materials of various textures, allowing the child to simply get a tactile view of certain items (it still looks bright and beautiful).

Modern designers are becoming more sophisticated and more active, attaching all the things that interest the kids to the base. However, they can be dangerous for them or just break from excessive children's interest - here you will find sockets with plugs, handles for cabinet doors, and circular dials of the phone, and much more. In a more complex version, the bizybord may contain light structural elements - for example, plastic simple shapes (circle, square, triangle), which can be immediately inserted into the openings of the corresponding shape.

A bit of history

Bizybord is a vivid example of the Montessori pedagogical methodology, named after its inventor. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was perhaps the first known person to notice that school education is too standard and does not take into account the individual characteristics of the child. She proposed a more flexible approach, in which the child is offered optimal conditions for development in the form of a reference developing environment, and knowledge is not driven into his head by force, but voluntarily gets there - due to natural curiosity.

Bizibord is a Montessori method for the smallest. It is unlikely that a tiny baby will be interested if you begin to explain to him how the same door latch works - he will not listen or simply will not understand anything. Another thing is when, playing with her, he accidentally understands the principle of work, then for him it will be a reason for joy and pride in himself. He will definitely remember this, and most importantly - he will not break anything of value.

Both the Montessori technique as a whole, and the bizybords over the century of their existence have been repeatedly criticized, yet they have not disappeared.On the contrary, over the years these or other teachers introduced reasonable ideas about how to improve the invention, thanks to which modern “smart” boards are much more useful and more interesting than those with which everything once began.

Video review of the toy "bizybord" by the Montessori method can be viewed in the next video.

What is useful for the development of the baby

Arguing about the benefits of bizybord, usually indicate four main points:

  • Even the most primitive developmental board involves feeling, and this develops fine motor skills. Infants wield hands and fingers are not as good as adults, so their tactile curiosity is largely due to the banal desire to "warm up", and this toy will provide all the possibilities for this.
  • Receiving any new sensations unambiguously stimulates the brain, which must digest, systematize and memorize the information received. With such simple exercises begins the development of human thinking, which is greatly accelerated due to the bizborde.
  • If the board contains rather complex composite structures and is used by a little older child, it can also contribute to the development of its logic. On the example of simple mechanisms, such as heck or locks, he can independently figure out how such a construction works, as well as others (like it).
  • Children's curiosity often ends with broken things or, which is much worse, health problems for a child - which is worth only the eternal desire to put your fingers in the socket! However, the bizybord was created just for these purposes - it is absolutely safe, but at the same time it gives the kid all the possibilities for exploring the surrounding world.
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How old do you play

The answer to this question can vary significantly - depending on how complex a particular type of business wordboard is.. Educators and child psychologists believe that the use of the simplest structures can be beneficial from the age of 10 months - at this stage, the baby’s brain is already sufficiently developed to memorize the sensations of touch and draw some simple conclusions.

Using bizyborda is considered to be definitely useful up to two years of which the child is usually already learned most of the knowledge offered by the “smart board”, and now it is already possible to distract and develop it with some simple cartoons. At the same time, there are more complex and interesting models, so in general, child psychologists advise not to take the development board away from the child, but simply wait for the moment when it will no longer interest its owner.


Classify bizybordy can be on a number of characteristic features, starting with the style of design - whether the product is focused on the boy or on the girl, what is the set of details? Most of these classifications are more descriptive. Obviously classifying educational boards can be possible only by the level of complexity and the expected age of the host.

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The smallest, for example, constructive details come to nothing, for them the main thing is tactile sensations, which can be provided with the help of different types of fabric, buttons, pockets, and the like. There is even such a variety as soft bizybord, which is not a board at all, because its base also consists of fabric.

Children closer to the age of 1.5-2 years can throw more complex tasks, such as the same figures with slots for them, switches and sockets, locks. A toy can be complicated and even more, but then think about replacing it with a full-fledged (albeit small), constructor.

Popular parts and items

The imagination of today's creators of bizybord knows no boundaries, so they can use the most unexpected components in the creation process. Parents who do not have a pedagogical or psychological education, as well as experience in the use of bizybord (or at least preliminary experience in raising children), can be difficult to determine with the choice of board model.

It is not clear to parents what details are really useful, and which are the fruit of the producer’s excessively violent imagination and his desire to interest uninformed customers. It is worth considering what components are considered generally accepted, “standard” for business boards - some of this on a particular decent model may not be, but none of these things will become redundant.

So, use success:

  • The smallest details - buttons, loops, hooks.
  • Simple locks of all known types - from bolts and bolts to bolts and door chains.
  • Various switches and buttons, as well as (in complex versions of the boards) simple lighting devices in working condition - light bulbs or flashlights.
  • Wooden abacus.
  • Wheels, balls and gears - everything that can show movement.
  • Locks-zips.
  • Watch dials, dials from the telephone, TV remote controls - to a greater extent in order to protect the originals of such things from excessive curiosity on the part of the child, but also for his development in preschool age - provided that he already understands at least approximately purpose of the subject.

Sometimes a drawing can also be perceived as a separate element of the development board, provided that it really is like a separate part.

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Shape and size

When deciding on the choice of bizybord with its shape and size, proceed from the fact that using the product should be as comfortable as possible for your child.. When choosing a form, pay attention to non-standard solutions designed to attract attention not only with the content, but also with the appearance - for example, today such a toy can look like a train or a house.

Moreover, most of these products still look standard - most often it is a rectangle, but other simple shapes are popular.

As for size, here it should be repelled by the fact that the child had everything at hand. If we are talking about a child aged 10 months to 2 years, then his physical activity is relatively low. For the hobby and game with the bizybord he needs to constantly sit on the ground, which means that, ideally, he should reach with his hands to the edges of the board - this will be the optimal size. Reasonable exclusion is permissible if there are two or more children, and it is assumed that they will play together. Then the playing field increases proportionally so that it is not too crowded near it.

Popular manufacturers and models

For those parents who have already realized that they can’t do without a bizybord, it’s worthwhile to conduct a small survey of the most popular manufacturers of such toys with descriptions of the models thanks to which they became famous. In our country, preference is most often given to the following firms.


This company as a whole is focused on the production of educational toys for the youngest children, and the choice of educational boards is simply amazing. Here there is everything - for every taste and any size, and you can select bilateral bizybordy, as well as options with mazes and doors.

Happy home

This company does not have its own website, but is known to the whole country thanks to its strikingly beautiful business boards. The peculiarity of this manufacturer lies in the fact that it offers only ready-made sketches, whereas it starts its production only after placing the order itself. In theory, this allows for small changes to the selected sketch, which should be of interest to creative parents.


This brand stands out for its most expensive models, the cost of which can reach tens of thousands of rubles.Such a high price is due to the fact that the manufacturer creates not only the usual bizybords, but also complex structures of them - a kind of "houses", each side of which is a separate development board with its own set of components.

Such a solution is not suitable for babies, but it can seriously entice older children who have well-developed physical activity. With success, such a product can be used even where there are many children. This brand is a supplier of products for kindergartens.

Smart tree

The products of this company are notable for their visual conciseness, which by no means reduces the interest of children, because the creators very intelligently select the single-color calm color range. This choice is very good for those children who are particularly restless - the toy will not only attract their attention, but also calm them down a bit. At the same time, developers offer a wide range of bizybord of various directions.

Interesting house

High-quality, beautiful and thought-out bizybordy from this brand will definitely like the baby. The child will learn to open and close the zippers, tie shoelaces, fasten clothes on buttons.

Of course, the list of manufacturers of educational boards does not end there, but these companies deserve the special love of their parents.

Tips for choosing

Many parents, choosing a bizybord for the first time, start only from an attractive appearance, but this should not be the only criterion for making a purchase. There are some simple rules a good board should follow:

  • The bezibord should be of solid construction, without completely detachable parts. Children tend to pull into the mouth any nastiness, and the loosened zipper can be a huge problem, so before you make a purchase, you must carefully inspect the attachment of all elements. Pay attention also to the paint - it should be of high quality, not peel off, and it would be nice to clarify how safe it is.
  • It is believed that soft tissue development boards are much safer, but this is not quite true. Such a foundation is really better if the child is less than a year old, but older children already have enough strength to tear this or that detail from such a foundation. Wooden boards are recommended for them. In this case, the bizybord should be smooth and not have sharp corners.
  • The complexity of the toy must match the age of the child for whom it is being bought. - This concerns both the specifics of the tasks, and a set of components. A development board may contain even sharp elements — or the same thin threads that can also be cut, but such models can be trusted only to those children who already understand how to handle such things.

How to do it yourself

In this venture, there is nothing extremely difficult, so many parents really do just that - refuse to buy in favor of a homemade toy. The first step in creating it will be detailed planning - how the final result should look, what materials you will have to use and where to get them, how to combine them and in what order. Prepare for the task (seemingly seemingly very easy) to take at least a day.


If you are planning to do fabric-based bizybord, choose a durable, pleasant to the touch fabric, from which the threads do not climb. Just in case thread quilted piece around the perimeter - on this basis is ready. Most of the accessories are fastened to the fabric base with threads - they just need to be sewn, but this must be done securely in order to hold. Any mother can easily make such a bizybord with her own hands.


A wooden bezibord is a task, rather, for the pope.

  • The most simple and correct material for the base will be plywood.This material has sharp edges and can leave splinters, so it must be carefully polished from all sides with emery paper.
  • The method of fastening components to the board of wood may depend on the material of the components themselves. If it comes to self-tapping screws (for example, for attaching rotating gears), make sure that they do not protrude from the back side - the child may get hurt about them. All parts that can be attached with threads, fasten in this way, but choose more reliable threads - so as not to break.
  • Making holes for fasteners, whether thread or screws, do not forget to grind also the edges of these holes, as they are often sharp.

Choosing components, push off from what is at hand - literally everything will do. However, psychologists recommend that the complex mechanisms used be as far as possible.

It is clear that no one will put a work phone on the bizybord, although its disk is quite appropriate there, but buttons and switches it would be nice to assign the appropriate functions. Let them turn on some small lanterns and give sound signals. So the baby is much faster to comprehend the purpose of such things and learn how to use them in practice.

The step-by-step process of creating a bizybord at home can be viewed in the next gallery.

Another variation of bizybord with their own hands is considered in the next video.

Recommendations for games

Ideally, a good bizybord should contain a certain concept - or at least allow the interaction of its individual components for some common result. A good example of such an interaction can serve as a set of a small ball, a plastic corrugated tube of a curved shape and a cup at its lower end. Such a simple exercise very well develops the understanding of the space in the baby.

Switches or buttons are perceived much better if they have a certain visible (or audible) function.

If the construction of the bizybord provides for opening doors, it makes sense that at least one of them has a little secret where you can hide something. These little tricks actually contribute to the development of the child’s thinking, since things that seem simple and obvious to us are not yet available to him.

This is the easiest way for the kid to explain that you have an object, now nobody sees it, but it is there, but you have it again - this is how the doors work. There can be quite a lot of similar ideas, therefore, when acquiring a concrete developmental board, do not hesitate to ask how it will expand your child’s understanding of the functioning of the world around.


It is not at all surprising that most of the comments on business websites on various websites about young children boil down to the fact that this is a brilliant invention of humanity. Such products have a lot of advantages.

Most often, buyers indicate that even the most restless little man can be interested in such a toy, and at this age there is hardly any other way to take a child with something useful for the mind. It is repeatedly noted that the bizybord is perhaps the very first available educational toy, since all the others are relevant already in more adulthood.

Complaints can be met rarely, but for completeness, it is worth mentioning them. Low-quality bizybords are usually criticized, for whose strength parents did not pay attention when buying - for this reason, development boards made of plastic (especially from a cheap price segment) are often mentioned in a negative way. Models with thin threads are also mentioned as dangerous, both because of their fragility and because sometimes children even manage to cut themselves.

You can see how to make one of the bizybord options with your own hands in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.