Vitamins for children from 2 years


A child cannot grow and develop normally without vitamins; therefore, it is first and foremost important for parents to pay attention to their sufficient flow into the children's organism. Let's see why the two-year-old karapuzu vitamins, whether it is enough to get them with food or need pharmaceutical preparations, as well as which vitamin complexes will be the best choice for children from 2 years.

Baby food
When it is impossible to have a balanced diet for the child, the vitamins become a real salvation.

What is it?

Vitamins are the nutrients involved in many processes in the human body. Their lack affects health and can lead to diseases. Especially important vitamins in childhood, because in the first years of life the development of the baby is particularly active.

Two-year-old toddler need to regularly receive such vitamins:


What is responsible

Daily requirement for a child 2 years


The state of vision, immunity, growth of the child's body, health of the skin and mucous membranes.

1350 IU / 450 µg


Calcium / phosphorus metabolism, dental growth, bone formation and growth, local immunity.

400 IU / 10 µg


Immunity, elasticity of vessel walls, formation of connective tissue, muscle growth.

40 mg

IN 1

Exchange processes, the nervous system, digestion.

0.7 mg

AT 2

Metabolism, energy production, health of the skin and mucous membranes, eyesight.

0.8 mg

AT 5

Fat metabolism, the synthesis of hormones and antibodies.

3 mg

AT 6

Hematopoiesis, antibody synthesis.

1 mg

AT 9

The formation of new cells.

50 mcg

AT 12

Hematopoiesis, the functioning of the nervous system.

0.7 µg


Skin condition, digestion, cellular respiration.

9 mg


Skin and hair health, nail condition, metabolic processes, liver function.

20 mcg


Regeneration of tissues, the state of the vascular walls, the work of the heart, the absorption of other compounds, the antioxidant effect, the condition of the skin, the resistance of mucous membranes to external influences.

6 mg


Blood clotting.

15 mcg


Monocomponent vitamin supplements or vitamin complexes are recommended at two years of age if:

  • The crumbs of poor appetite and the baby lacks the nutrients from food to the full.
  • The child recovers from acute illness and long-term treatment (especially if there was antibiotic therapy).
  • You want to maintain the immunity of the crumbs in the autumn-spring period.
  • You live in an environmentally unfriendly place.


Vitamins 2-year-old child does not give, if:

  • The baby has developed hypervitaminosis.
  • The child noted intolerance to a particular vitamin.
  • Crumbs have kidney disease.
Vitamin complex for a child in 2 years
The vitamin complex should be prescribed by the doctor in the presence of the corresponding symptoms.

Should I use to strengthen the immune system?

The use of vitamin complexes is recommended for frequent colds and infectious diseases, since a sufficient intake of vitamins supports the immune system and makes the body of the baby more resistant to diseases.

Especially important for the immune system are called vitamins C, E, A and D. It is for their presence in the baby’s food and vitamin complexes that attention should be paid if there is a goal to strengthen the immunity of the toddler.

Forms of release

Vitamin preparations suitable for a 2-year-old child are produced in the form of:

  • Liquid products (syrups or solutions).
  • Powders (before taking them diluted with water or poured into a small amount of food).
  • Gel (it is usually smeared on dry biscuits).
  • Chewable tablets (they are both harder and in the form of gummies).
Vitamins gummy bears
You can choose the most convenient form of release for the crumbs.

What vitamins are better to give: a review of popular

The most popular and optimal vitamin preparations for a 2-year-old child are:

Title Special features
Kinder Biovital


Daily dosage in 2 years - 5 g (1 tsp)

The main advantages - a pleasant taste, ease of use, balanced composition. In this complex there are not only basic vitamins, but also lecithin. Supplement can be taken from 1 month of life. It has a positive effect on growth processes and appetite, helps in the fight against fatigue and frequent colds.
Peaks 1+


Daily dosage in 2 years - 10 ml.

The supplement has a rather high dose of vitamins C, B2, PP and B1. Acceptance of such a complex has a positive effect on immunity.


Daily dosage in 2 years - 5 ml.

The supplement helps to eliminate hypovitaminosis or is used as its prevention. The composition of this complex does not include vitamin B12. It also lacks biotin. The bottle should be shaken before use.
Multi-tabs Kid


Daily dosage in 2 years - 1 tablet

Supplement can be taken from 1 year. The tablets have a pleasant strawberry-raspberry flavor. Differs in a high dosage of vitamin D, as well as the content of a full dosage of iodine. The drug is recommended for the harmonious development of the child and support his immune system. The complex does not include preservatives and dyes.
Multi-tabs Kid Calcium +


Daily dosage in 2 years - 1 tablet

In addition to the main vitamins in the complex there is a high dose of calcium. The drug is recommended for intolerance to dairy products and when the child does not like milk. The complex also supports immunity and helps to recover faster from diseases.
Alphabet Our baby (powder)

Daily dosage in 2 years - 3 bags of different types of powder in 3 meals

The drug can be taken from 1 year. The main difference from other supplements is taking into account the compatibility of vitamins. All components are divided into 3 parts and are offered in separate sachets. Before use, each sachet is mixed with water. You can take them in any order. The supplement strengthens the immune system, improves the nervous system, normalizes sleep and has a positive effect on appetite. Allergic reactions to such a complex almost never occur.
Vitrum Baby


Daily dosage in 2 years - 1 tablet

The additive is represented by animal figures. The drug will support the growth processes in the children's body, strengthen all systems and will be a good prevention of vitamin and mineral deficiency.
Vitrum Circus


Daily dosage in 2 years - 1 tablet

An excellent choice as a prophylaxis is not only hypovitaminosis, but also anemia, since iron is present in addition. The drug should be used after illness and under heavy loads.


Daily dosage in 2 years - 1 tablet

In addition to 8 vitamins, the supplement also contains useful vitamin-like substances. It is recommended to fill the deficiency of vitamins in food and normalize metabolism.
Nature's Way Alive!


Daily dosage in 2 years - 2 tablets

The additive has a high content of vitamins A, C, E and D.
In addition to vitamins, citrus antioxidants, fruit and vegetable extracts are present in the product. Also, this complex is a good source of iodine and zinc. The drug is recommended to strengthen the teeth and bones, eye health and improve digestion.
Nature's Plus Source of Life Animal Parade Gold (pills)

Daily dosage in 2 years - 2 tablets

The additive is represented by chewable animal figures. A drug

includes all important vitamins, natural fats, minerals, enzymes, lutein and beneficial bacteria for the intestinal flora. Reception of such a complex will support the health of bones and the digestive tract, as well as immune function.

Opinion Komarovsky

The famous doctor does not deny the importance of vitamins for the children's body, but does not advise taking pharmacy complexes unnecessarily. The only indication in order to purchase a vitamin supplement for a 2-year-old child, Komarovsky considers proven vitamin deficiency of certain vitamins.

Komarovsky does not recommend taking multi-component drugs for prophylaxis, but on the condition that the baby eats differently.

For more on this, see the transfer of Dr. Komarovsky.

Nutritional correction as an alternative

Providing a tiny and varied and balanced menu to the child, you fill up all the child's needs for vitamins through nutrition. To do this, in the diet of the toddler must be present:

  • Butter.
  • Meat.
  • Vegetable oil.
  • Milk and other dairy products.
  • Cereals.
  • A fish.
  • Eggs
  • A variety of vegetables.
  • Berries and fruits.
  • Liver.

Menu of a child from 2 years discussed in detail in another article.

Balanced nutrition - vitamins
A balanced diet can never be compared with synthetic vitamins. If possible, choose only the first.


  • Buy a child only baby vitamins and only those drugs that are allowed to receive at his age. Experiments with the reception of complexes designed for older children can end badly.
  • Carefully read the annotation to the acquired drug, even if the vitamins are advised by your doctor. It is better to double-check the recommended dosages and other nuances than to treat the effects of inappropriate use. And in no case, on your own, do not overestimate the dosage of the agent.
  • If the crumb does not tolerate citrus fruits, pay attention to the source of ascorbic acid in the selected vitamin supplement. It must be a currant or a wild rose.
  • Before giving the vitamin to the baby, double-check the shelf life of the supplement.
  • Since many vitamin complexes have a tonic effect, it is preferable to give the crumbs the drug in the morning or in the daytime. Most often, vitamin supplements are advised to take during breakfast or during lunch.
  • Make sure that the can of vitamins is stored in a place where the child can not get. Tasty bright vitamins sometimes like the baby so much that the availability of the whole package can be dangerous.
  • Choosing a vitamin supplement, you can purchase the drug, which also contains minerals. It is especially important for a two-year-old baby to get enough iodine, calcium, zinc, iron, copper and selenium.
The doctor will help you choose vitamins or even whole vitamin complexes.


Many parents speak positively of taking Alphabet to their 2-year-old child. They note the rather rapid effect of such an additive in the form of increased activity of the baby and more rare colds. Among the positive qualities of the drug, all parents call the ease of use and hypoallergenicity. Children usually like these vitamins, and parents do not worry that incompatible substances are “found” inside the complex.

A lot of good reviews about multi-tabs, but the disadvantages of the drug include a greater risk of allergies and a large pill size. In general, parents confirm that taking such a complex has a positive effect on the immunity and health of two-year-olds.

About vitamins Pikovit, most parents also responds positively, Noting that this supplement copes with the task of increasing appetite and strengthening immunity. The advantages of the drug include ease of use and a pleasant taste.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.