When and in what way is it better to pierce the ears of a child?


When a girl grows up in a family, the question of ear piercing once arises before parents in all frightening glory. Since there are no definite universal tips on this subject, moms and dads are at a loss as to when and how to pierce the ears of a daughter and is it dangerous? We will tell about this in detail in this article.

A bit of history

Humanity has learned to pierce the ears almost simultaneously with the use of stone axes and other tools that have advanced civilization far ahead. At different times, the pierced ears of the representatives of one or another nation or tribe could tell a lot about a person - these decorations reflected his social status and well-being. In the Middle Ages, Europeans sincerely believed that piercing one ear improves eyesight, and therefore travelers, pirates wore an earring in their ears.

The tradition of piercing ears was common not only among women, but also among men.

Many eminent persons and members of royal families wore an earring in their ear. Today earrings are still considered decoration. Mostly female. But it happens that the ear pierced and the child-boy, if he is brought up in a family of large originals.

Types of ear piercing are numerous - it is not only a standard puncture of the ear lobe, but also curly punctures of other parts of the auricle, and not in one place. Usually such a piercing is chosen by young people, less often by teenagers. In most cases, parents of children choose the traditional puncture of the lobe. Despite the apparent simplicity, this manipulation causes a lot of questions, doubts and anxieties.

Optimal age

The main question concerns the age at which the baby can pierce ears. There is no single standard here. It all depends on what opinion the parents came to at the family council. Some pierce their daughters with ears as soon as the baby is 5-6 months old, others are waiting for a more conscious age - 10-14 years. Often parents deliberately go to the earlobe of a newborn.

Puncture ears - the procedure, no matter how cool, traumatic. In terms of children's psychologists, it is better to conduct it when the child cannot, due to his age, remember either positive or negative experience - up to a year. Infant, of course, will be hurt. But not for long. And memories of this will not remain. The same opinion is shared by many mothers who remember the personal, not always positive, experience of ear piercing at an older age.

Most pediatricians and surgeons tend to believe that it is better to pierce the ears of the child no sooner than the crumbs will be 3 years old.

This position has a strong argument:

  • local immunity in children is underdeveloped, and therefore the healing process of the wound may be more long and painful for the child;
  • kids can not consciously relate to a foreign object in the ear, which are earrings, so you should not expect a careful attitude from them. Children under 3 years old can cling to the earrings during the game, while dressing, and this is fraught with lobe ruptures and strong painful sensations;
  • even sturdy and good earrings can be unbuttoned from time to time. A brilliant interesting object cannot help but interest a child; a baby can taste it, swallow it or inhale;
  • even a minor mistake of a specialist who will do the piercing can damage the nerve endings concentrated in the earlobe;
  • at an early age is likely to develop an allergic reaction to metals that are part of earrings.

Thus, the answer to the question of how many years or months to pierce the ears of a child should be given only by specific parents of a particular child.

Unfortunately, moms are often driven not by the desire to make the child better, but to create the appearance of well-being. Therefore, the little girl has to pierce her ears only for the reason that the neighbor's girl already has golden earrings in her lobes, that the ears of her friends have already been pierced from birth.

From this point of view, it is wiser to let the child make his own choice. If a girl, having reached a certain age, wants to wear earrings herself, it will not be too late to meet her desire and take her to the cosmetology room or salon in order to pierce her ears. Medicine does not set a rigid age limit for the procedure. Therefore, the age for piercing can be anything. From the point of view of the technical performance of the puncture, there is no big difference how many years or months a child has.

Right moment

If the question of age has already been resolved, the next most important is the question at what time it is better to pierce the girl's ears. Firstly, at the time of the procedure, the baby should be healthy, any problems - cutting teeth, runny nose, cough, you must first be cured and only then go to the piercing. Secondly, it is important to consider the time of year. Piercing the ears in the summer is convenient, because the child does not wear hats, and the risk of mechanical injury to the unhealed wounds in the lobes is minimal. But during hot months the risk of infection increases, because the child is sweating, it's hot outside, dust is flying.

Winter time is not the best option because of the need to wear a hat, as well as because of the likelihood of over piercing injured ears with piercing.

The best time to pierce the ears is rightly considered the end of spring and the beginning of autumn.

May and end of August-beginning of September - the most convenient months for this, when there is no risk of negligence to injure the ears with a hat or scarf, and there is no pronounced heat, the risk of attaching the infection is significantly reduced.


It is not at all superfluous to visit a pediatrician before piercing the ears. He will examine the child, will give recommendations. The fact is that the procedure is not allowed to all children for safety reasons. About who can not pierce the ears, we describe below.

If the doctor approves the desire of the parents, then, with his support, you can choose the salon or the room that pierces the ears. Important to navigate not only on the price list of the organization, but also on reviews of its work, which, if desired, can always be found on the Internet.

You should not focus the child’s attention too much on the upcoming procedure, so as not to frighten him, but you also do not need to be silent about the details. If the girl already understands reasonable explanations, you should tell her about the upcoming manipulation, avoiding, however, the "bloody" details.

On the appointed day you need to behave calmly and casually. Be sure to wash the child's head, so that the hair was clean. You should also make sure that the neck and the ears are clean.

Ways of piercing

Pierce the girl's ears in several ways. It was during the times of our grandmothers that the puncture was carried out exclusively by a needle; today, manipulations are carried out more humanely and less traumaticly. There are three main ways to make neat holes in the lobes under the earrings.

Studex 75 System

This is the most innovative method of ear piercing, which came to Russia not so long ago. Studex System 75 is a disposable piercing device designed and manufactured in the United States. In appearance, the device is similar to the stationery stapler.By the principle of action - there is also something in common. This method is considered the most humane for piercing precisely children's ears. The device pierces the skin of the earlobes completely silently, so the child will not be scared at the time of penetration of the earlobe.

A puncture with the help of an American device is quite painless, and due to the absence of skin breakage, the wound heals much faster and delivers significantly fewer unpleasant minutes to the child.

Among the shortcomings of the innovation system is a rather limited selection of jewelry options. Parents will not be able to immediately insert those earrings to the child that they have looked after and bought, as quite certain medical earrings are being filled into the device and there is no other option. However, in large salons with such technology, they offer a range of medical decorations, some even have a special children's design. The composition of medical earrings resembles the composition of surgical instruments - this titanium and hypoallergenic medical steel.

Another disadvantage is the relatively high cost of the procedure. On average, it is 2-2.5 times higher than the usual ear piercing. But "System 75" opens up great opportunities for parents of infants who do not want to injure a child and scare him. The device can pierce the ears of a child, even when he is sleeping. The procedure is simple - the device is brought to the lobe, the master presses the trigger mechanism and the earring is in the ear in the already fastened state.

Puncture with a special "gun"

This is also a hardware way to do a piercing, but for a puncture use a device that really looks very much like a gun. The device is reusable, which theoretically increases the likelihood of infection. However, prior to use, both the earlobe and the part of the device that will come into contact with the skin must be disinfected.

The “pistol” shoots at a place marked in advance with a thin marker on the lobe of the child’s ear with a sterile “stud.” The master will not have to fasten the nails manually; this process occurs automatically. The undoubted advantages of the method - in the speed and relative painlessness of the process. However, the "gun" is noisy, the moment of puncture the baby will feel and hear that he can scare him.

Another disadvantage is the lack of sterility of the method, because the device is reusable and much will depend on how sensitively they treat disinfection in the cabin. In addition, history knows examples when the device “stuck” and did not shoot at the right moment. The carnations themselves are made of medical steel, they are hypoallergenic, but their choice is very poor.

Despite this, the method of puncturing children's ears with a “pistol” is quite popular and widespread.

Hand puncture

This is an old and time-tested way. Call it painless can not, but it opens up additional possibilities. So, when piercing with special needles for piercing, the master has the opportunity to choose the size of the needle, according to the size of the lobe. An experienced master guesses the desired size almost intuitively, while not injuring the nerve endings of the lobe.

After a manual needle puncture, it is possible to insert into the ears not “carnations” and needle-earrings, but the pair of jewelry that parents lovingly selected for their daughter in a jewelry store. This is convenient already because then you will not need to replace temporary medical earrings with permanent ones. The way is hard given for children's perception, for one kind of needle can lead some children into a state of hysteria. Moreover, it can not be called bloodless.

The probability of infection exists even if the master has carefully processed both the needle and the earlobe.

This procedure is much cheaper than the automatic methods described above.But, taking into account all the drawbacks and disadvantages, the method is not very much in demand for child piercing, and this is quite reasonable.

Selection of the first earrings

The choice of the first jewelry for the ears of a little princess is a crucial moment. It is important that the earrings are not only comfortable and beautiful, but also safe for the baby's health. In order not to talk about the merits and healing properties of titanium and silver, the best option for a child is gold earrings. Moreover, the higher the sample of gold, the less likely the development of an allergic reaction to the metal.

In case of severe allergy, the earrings “do not survive”, the ears are inflamed and festering for a long time, they hurt and cause a lot of trouble. As a result, it happens that you have to completely remove the earrings and allow your ears to grow over yourself calmly.

So that such a scenario does not become your reality, it is better not to risk and immediately buy the girl earrings 999 samples. Today on the shelves of jewelry stores presents a lot of children's jewelry made of jewelry alloys. Despite their high cost, belonging to well-known brands, they are not suitable as the first decoration after piercing the ears. If you wish, then, when the wound is fully tightened, you can change earrings.

Change earrings to silver or alloy products is best if when the child is fully adaptable to wearing ear ornamentsit should be done in doses, carefully observing whether the inadequate response of the body — reddening, inflammation, and the formation of a purulent plug — does not appear on the new decorations.

The first earrings should not detract the lobe, so it is important that they are light in weight and small in size.

You should not choose designer original models with sharp elements, protruding edges. It is better to choose a smooth and smooth decoration, with a reliable lock. For the first couple is better to opt for the English or French type of castle.

Earrings with pendants look elegant and stylish on teenage girls, but this type of jewelry does not fit a little girl. Pendants and any hanging elements can cling to hair and clothes, the baby can catch them during a passionate game. This is fraught with both earring breakage and earlobe injury.

Choosing earrings with all the above safety requirements, do not forget to consult with your daughter. If she is at the age at which children are able to express their preferences, it is absolutely necessary to ask her opinion about the product.

Contraindications for the procedure

Not all babies can pierce ears. Like any procedure involving intervention in the body, piercing has some definite contraindications. So, if a child has diseases of the hearing or sight, it is better to refrain from the procedure. This also applies to temporary problems with these sensory organs - otitis, conjunctivitis, myopia or strabismus.

After the correction of diseases with the permission of the doctor - ENT or an ophthalmologist you can pierce your ears. Piercing is contraindicated in children with diabetes mellitus and an innate tendency to form keloid scars on the skin (this fact can be established by visiting a dermatologist).

Recent traumatic brain injuries, as well as existing neurological diseases, are also indications for refusal to puncture the ears. If a girl from birth is prone to allergic reactions to food, medicine, detergents, then it is better to wait a little with the piercing.

Contraindications to the procedure may also be some blood diseases, especially those associated with low platelet counts. Do not pierce the ears of a child with HIV infection and other illnesses associated with the state of immunodeficiency. After suffering an infectious disease (any), it is better to wait at least a month before heading off for earlobe piercing.

Ear piercing is strictly contraindicated in a child with mental illness, as well as with epilepsy, since the procedure can provoke a severe painful attack.

Do not recommend doctors procedure and children with congenital heart disease.

Care after the procedure

It depends on how careful and correct the care of the punctured ears of a child is, how the lobes will heal and how long the baby will experience inconvenience:

  • Bathing. It is not necessary to bathe the child after piercing the ears for at least the first 3-5 days. Do not wash your hair, drive the child to the bath or swimming pool. With water, many viruses and bacteria are transmitted, in addition, chlorine, which is contained in the pool water, can cause severe inflammation if it enters the wound. You can wash, but with caution, avoiding contact with soap and water on the ear lobes. Open water bodies, including the sea, should be avoided during the first month.
  • Physical exercise. During the week after the puncture should protect the child from physical exertion, active games associated with the movement. In the process of physical activity, sweating increases, and getting sweat into an unhealed wound is not only dangerous from the point of view of possible infection, but also quite painful.
  • Hairstyle. It is important to ensure that the girl's hair does not come into contact with the earlobes. For this, it is best to make her a high tail, a bunch on the back of her head.
  • Replacing earrings. Earrings, which were in the bumps with a puncture, should remain there for at least one and a half months. That is how much time is required for the traumatic canal in the tissues to fully heal and be able to calmly “perceive” the change of ornaments.
  • Handling wounds. Treat the wounds should be at least three times a day - preferably in the morning, afternoon and evening. For this it is best to use hydrogen peroxide. Alcohol-containing agents, including vodka, it is better to leave similar procedures in adults and adolescents. Children spirit liquids even locally completely contraindicated. During processing, peroxide drips on the wound and gently rotate the "stud" around its axis. If there is a gold earring with a bow in the ear, you can make the movements back and forth.

For processing, you can use antiseptics such as "Miramistin"," Chlorhexidine ", with the appearance of suppuration can be applied to the wound ointment with antibiotics -"LevomekolOr "Erythromycin".

If everything is done in a timely manner and correctly, if the child does not touch the ears during the recovery period, the wound in the lobe heals quickly enough - from 2 weeks to one and a half months.

Possible consequences

Puncture of the ears, if carried out in compliance with hygienic rules, under the sterile conditions of a special clinic or office, rarely leads to complications. More often, complications occur with an independent home piercing with a non-sterile sewing needle or a needle from a syringe. Now there is such a service - departure of a specialist in house piercing, and many mothers use it.

This is convenient, because the child does not change the familiar environment, and it is easier for him to transfer the manipulation. But even a good specialist with good equipment and solid experience can not guarantee one hundred percent sterility of the procedure carried out in a normal apartment. The most common complication of ear piercing in children is bacterial inflammation of the wound. Sometimes it is so strong that the pediatrician insists on removing the earrings and starting antibiotic treatment.

Even with proper care, the earrings can “not settle down”, and the wound can not heal. In this case, we are most likely talking about the immune rejection of the material from which the jewelry is made. If there were contraindications described above and the parents ignorantly ignored them, then after the piercing, the disease of the organs of hearing or vision can be exacerbated. therefore It is important to take the recommendations of specialists more than seriously.

In children with diabetes and blood disorders, there may be complications associated not only with poor and slow healing of the wound after a puncture, but also with worsening of general well-being, especially if the infection enters the bloodstream. According to the existing pediatric practice, you should consult a doctor after piercing the ears in the event that if in a month and a half healing did not occurand earlier, if the child showed allergies, fever, neurological symptoms appeared, which can cause damage to the active point of the earlobe, nerve endings.

Useful tips

Do not buy a child to wear earrings with any content of nickel. It is usually added even to inexpensive gold. Nickel causes in children the strongest allergic reaction.

In order to dispel doubts, you should require from the seller a certificate of quality and a certificate of conformity for selected gold items.

In order not to risk the health of the child, you need to make sure that the chosen cosmetology clinic or office has the appropriate license to carry out mini-surgeries, minor surgical interventions, including piercings. The master, who will carry out the puncture of the ears of the child, must have the appropriate qualifications, the presence of medical education. Do not hesitate to ask for supporting documents, because we are talking about the health of the child.

You should pay attention to the situation in the treatment room. The fact that it complies with all sanitary requirements, can indicate the presence of tile, easy to clean, cleanliness of all surfaces, as well as the presence of a quartz lamp. Before manipulation, make sure personally that the packaging of sterile medical earrings, which are used in the “pistols” or in the silent “System 75” devices, is intact, is not broken. Ask the wizard to open it with you..

Some cosmetology clinics and the office provide additional services - on physiotherapy in the healing process of the wound after the piercing. If there is an opportunity, be sure, at least in the first week, visit the UV therapy, it will help faster healing of the channel.

Opinion doctors

Piercing the girl's ears too early is as undesirable as the “late” one. The fact is that after 12 years the process of puberty starts in the body of girls, and the wounds on the body at this age heal somewhat longer. Therefore, it is best to do the piercing before the transitional age.

Earrings are not considered mandatory or even an important condition for a girl’s normal life and development, and therefore this process can be successfully postponed until the age of majority, especially since it can happen that the girl doesn’t consider piercing her ears, because now there is a lot of jewelry with a clip for which the puncture as such is not required.

The structure of the earlobe, from the point of view of medicine, is quite complex. Indeed, under the thin skin lies a mass of important points, ganglia and plexuses, the stimulation of which allows you to influence the work of some internal organs. Acupuncture therapists and neurologists are actively using this knowledge. Puncture lobes is always a big risk for even an experienced specialist who does this every day cannot guarantee that he will not touch one of these “strategically important” points.

So, below the middle of the lobe in the direction closer to the cheek are points that are responsible for visual acuity. Their injury can be the beginning of the pathological process of glaucoma formation, reducing the visual function in a child. Naturally, the changes will not be lightning.

Pathology will develop gradually, and after a few years, when the child has an eye disease, parents are unlikely to be able to compare these two events with each other - the disease and ear piercing at an early age.

Neurologists are not so categorical.Most of these experts believe that the injured active point is simply “turned off” from the chain of nerve impulses. Is this “shutdown” harmful, it is not yet known to science. If there are consequences, they are quite remote.

About when to pierce the ears of children, will tell cosmetologist I. Sysueva in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.