About the site and its editors

The most important event in life is the birth of a child. Everything is changing: lifestyle, priorities and even interests. Together with the crumb, every day is filled with previously unknown meaning, and life becomes more exciting and more touching.

The appearance of the baby is a very important and at the same time difficult period. There is a huge number of questions and controversial situations concerning not only parenting, but also child health. That is why the source of knowledge and experience that tells the right way out of the situation is so important for parents. To help mothers and daddies, grandparents created our site.

All the authors of the site not only received appropriate training, but also decided in practice many questions of interest to parents.

Medical Center Health

We are glad to cooperate with the medical center "Health". With the support of the medical center, we are ready to provide qualified answers to questions from our readers.

our team

Julia Bodnyak

specialist with medical education

Julia is a mother of two children with medical education. Knowing in practice the subtleties of upbringing, development and health of children, transfers her skills to others, and her experience in the clinic makes her knowledge even more valuable.

Vladislav Korneev

pediatrician, children's neurologist

Vladislav has extensive experience working with children and their parents, as well as current knowledge in methods of preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases in pediatrics and in particular neurology. Freely oriented in a large amount of medical information on the Internet space, which is often false and dangerous. At the moment he is a neurologist of a children's city hospital.

Anna Sidorova


Anna graduated from the Volga State Samara Academy. Works in a rehabilitation center in Samara. I am pleased to share the accumulated experience and knowledge with young mothers and everyone who is in a difficult situation and needs advice.

Natalya Ustinova

child psychologist

Natalia is a child psychologist, a fairy tale therapist. She has been working in the children's psychological and pedagogical center of rehabilitation and correction "Satoris", the experience of practical work is over 10 years. He advises parents on various issues related to psychological preparation for pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, relationships in a young family and with others, upbringing, education and development of children of preschool and school age.

Elena Kokarovtseva

teacher, educator

Elena is an experienced teacher and educator. She loves working with children and tries to find an individual approach to each child, see her spark of talent in her and help her develop it with success.

Oleg Sibiryakov

psychologist athlete

Oleg is a professional athlete and practical psychologist. He loves his work very much and is happy to share his experience on the pages of our site.


medical reviewer, specialist in psychosomatics, mother of 4 children

Elena has a medical degree and is a psychosomatic specialist. Having rich experience in raising children, Elena gives valuable recommendations and advice in an accessible and understandable form.

Anna Emagulova

kindergarten teacher, speech therapist

Anna is a kindergarten teacher with speech therapy experience, a mother of two charming daughters. Since finger and speech games, various exercises with the child help to fully develop the baby, Anna is happy to share her experience with you.

Elena Perova

teacher of additional education

Elena is an experienced teacher of early child development, a teacher of the Chess group for children from 3 to 12 years old.She pays great attention to child psychology, is interested in children's products, early development and strengthening of children's health. On the accumulated knowledge and developments Elena is available in articles.

Natalya Kuimova

social educational psychologist, educator

Natalia has a higher pedagogical education and experience in kindergarten. The development of the program “I hear my child” helped many parents to establish contact with children, and the development of the GCD system was successfully completed by the pupils of the graduation group of the school readiness test. Having various experience in conducting master classes and seminars, participating in conferences, Natalia shares her accumulated experience with you, dear readers.

Oksana Sedykh


Oksana is a teacher of computer science. The available psychological education allows us to consider the problem from different angles and give useful recommendations to parents.

Alexey Konovalov

teacher of additional education

Alexey teaches the game of chess and is engaged in the comprehensive development of children. Having considerable experience in repairing, he gives useful recommendations on the finishing work in the nursery and its design.

Victoria Scanner

correspondent and TV host of the children's program

Victoria is a professional journalist. The works are mainly devoted to children and adolescents up to 16 years.

Ksenia Mashtakova

tourism journalist

Ksenia is engaged in creativity with middle and older adolescents, practiced in their education and stimulates the disclosure of their hidden talent. An important place in her life is given to the study of fashion trends in the design of a children's room and travel. The accumulated experience Ksenia gladly shares on the pages of our site.

Denis Naumov

founder of the school for budding parents

Denis is the founder of a school for beginning parents. Having experience in raising a daughter and organizing classes, she shares her knowledge and gives practical advice to parents.

Arina Meath


Arina is an experienced doctor who advises parents on children's health. Qualified answers to popular questions you can find on the pages of our site, Arina gladly shares her experience in a simple and easy manner.

Anna Sukhareva


Anna is a talented teacher of English and a former instructor in hippotherapy. On the pages of our site shares personal experience and gives valuable advice to parents.

Sergey Diskashin


Sergey is a psychologist. Particular attention is paid to the psychology of young children, because this is the age at which our consciousness is formed. On how to achieve maximum mutual understanding between parents and their kids, to make the process of education interesting, and most importantly - a productive occupation, Sergey tells in his articles.

Alsou Gataullina


Alsou Gataullina is a journalist with experience raising a little brother. Interested in raising and caring for children. Alsou is happy to share her experience and achievements on our site.

Anna Orach

philologist, teacher, blogger

Anna is an experienced teacher of English and Russian who is creative in her work. Her every lesson begins in a new way, interesting and fun. Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and skills, Anna writes articles about children, their development, and relationships with parents and peers.

Evgenia Belousova


Evgenia is a mother and an experienced ophthalmologist, who gives useful advice and answers questions in her articles that often concern parents. From her articles you can learn a lot of new things and get practical recommendations.

Julia Yurichek


Julia is a teacher of Russian language and literature. In his profession, he most appreciates the analysis of situations from moral texts and classics, thanks to which the child learns to do the right and objective assessment of other people's actions.

Julia Nikitina


Julia is a primary school teacher with 15 years of experience in secondary school. He has extensive experience in preparing preschoolers for school.

Anna Antonova

mother with pedagogical and medical education

Anna has two children, in the upbringing of which two educations at once help - pedagogical and medical. Having a wealth of experience in applying her knowledge in practice, Anna shares them with us in her articles.

Elena Sinilnikova


Elena is a mother of two children with philological education, experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language in high school and French in courses. Having a great interest in everything connected with children, Elena gladly shares her knowledge with us.

Anna Vasilenko

physical teacher education

Anna has completed higher education in physical education and philology. Being an active athlete and participant in the competition, Anna shares her experience and techniques of building lessons with us.