Children's dancing rug


It would seem that the dance mat is just a toy, which appeared after the jukeboxes that were popular in the 90s. But in fact, he perfectly develops the child's hearing, sense of rhythm and speed of reaction. Today the market offers a large number of models for different ages.

Special features

The musical rug is a special platform for dancing and playing children with anti-slip surface. On it are located buttons and arrows for advancing during game and sounding of music. For kids there is a simplified version - a piano or images of animals.

Connect it to a TV or computer with special cables. Included is a disc with classes and games of varying complexity. The better the skills, the higher the level of the child’s strengths. There is the possibility of tournament dances. There can be several dance venues in the kit, which is important if there are two or more children in the house.


Rug develops immediately several sides of the child. This includes children's motor skills, hearing, sense of rhythm and dance skills directly. A child, playing, trains attention and creativity. For older children, this is a good start for the development of plastic and soft movements.

If your child is hyperactive and loves to jump and jump, then the rug can be your salvation, because all the activity of the child will be localized in one place.

Sports benefits

Along with dance abilities, the child’s muscles and stretching are developed and strengthened. No wonder athletes are engaged in aerobics.

Accuracy and speed of reaction can also be attributed to sports skills. The higher the level of the game, the more these qualities are required from the child. It trains well and stamina. A rug can be a good alternative to exhausting workouts for children with more weight, playing, losing weight will be easier and more fun.


To destination:

  • professional;
  • universal.

By action:

  • DDR - dance dance revolution (a simple musical rug with 4 or 6 buttons in front);
  • PIU - pump it up (interactive panel with arrows located on a circle with the active center).

By way of connection:

  • with connecting to a TV;
  • with computer connection;
  • with connection to the game console;
  • with connection to a different type of equipment;
  • wireless.

How to cause interest in the child?

There are no special difficulties here. A child can be enticed simply by starting to dance himself. At this moment the competitive spirit will take its own and imperceptibly for itself the child will also join the game. Suggest inviting friends and playing together.

If this does not work, take the child with you to the store and let him choose the model he likes for himself.

Tips for choosing

First determine the material of the mat. The most economical option is a coating similar to an oilcloth, but it cannot boast of durability. Therefore, there are mats with reinforced rubber buttons. The most expensive ones are fully rubberized with embossed buttons, but they are also the safest ones - the child will not damage the foot, and such a dance trainer will last much longer.

The underside of the mat must have a non-slip coating and velcro for fixing.

The older the child, the denser the cover should be. For teens, it is better to choose a special platform.

Each pad has a different number of buttons. The most versatile - with 9 buttons. It is suitable for different ages and games. But if your child is still small, he is unlikely to appreciate such a pattern, then it is better to give preference to bright children's surfaces.

Model overview

  • X-tream - the easiest mat for beginners to dance kids 3-4 years. Relatively inexpensive and high quality.
  • Hello girl - dance canvas for girls in pink color, has two modes of operation.
  • Dance Pad Deluxe Piu - a universal rug with connection to different equipment with a soft insert. Included with it, besides music, there are also 8 games.
  • Stay Cool Duplex Wirelessplayroom surface for two players.
  • Dance mat - the character makes certain movements, you need to repeat it. There is a multiplayer game for up to 4 people.


Without exception, all consider dancing mats useful for both children and parents.

Many when buying are lost with the number of buttons and arrows. Another difficulty is that the software is not suitable for installation, so when choosing, you should carefully study the documentation. Further, there are difficulties with the setting, the buttons do not obey and all interest in the game disappears.

In dance programs, preference is given to where the rug itself and its buttons are shown on the screen, but with the character it is more difficult to dance, here the reaction speed and thoughts should be even faster.

Slip mat or not, it is advisable to check in the store so as not to be disappointed and not injured. A big plus for users is effective burning of calories; a child, while playing, does not have to think about excess weight, both calories and dissatisfaction with himself disappear.

Children's dance mat - a great way to entertain a child. At the same time, while the child is playing, his all-round development takes place, which affects his creative and athletic skills, mood and health in general. And below is a video that summarizes the rules for using a children's dance mat.

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