Wooden educational toys for children


Today, many parents when buying toys to their kids prefer wood products. Because wood is a natural, natural material, which means it is safe for children. Let's talk in more detail what are the advantages of these toys, and the minuses and how to choose a quality product for your child.

Pros and cons of wood toys

To begin, let's consider the merits of these toys, it’s not for nothing that they are so popular.

What are their advantages?

  • Natural, environmentally friendly material. The smell of wood seems to bring us back to the old days when all the toys were cut out on their own. And then they did not even hear about plastic.
  • The tree does not cause an allergy in the child, unlike artificial materials.
  • These are very strong, durable things, they are not so easy to break.
  • These toys do not have small parts, so they will suit even the little ones, who are all trying "to the teeth."
  • Neurologists emphasize the importance of tactile contact of the hands of the child with a wooden surface. It helps the formation of motor reflexes.
  • Such products are easy to wash and wipe, besides they collect less dirt.
  • To date, a wide range of "natural" toys. In addition, they can be made independently.

The disadvantages of wood products

  • Poorly treated wood can collect moisture and dirt.
  • Sometimes manufacturers use low-quality materials in the manufacture of toys, for example, paints that cause allergies in children. When buying, you need to ask for certificates of quality.
  • A damaged wooden surface of the product can cause injury to a child who wants to “try a toy to taste”.
  • Woodwork is not suitable for playing in a place where there is a lot of water - for example, a bath, the sea, etc.
  • For some children, unpretentious designs of such toys seem boring.
  • They can be quite heavy, because of this it is dangerous to throw them or drop them.
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Types of wood toys

Today, almost any toy can be made of wood - dolls, horses, cars, trains. Let us dwell on the main types of wooden "development" for children.

Open the list of cubes and pyramid - the most popular toys for kids. They can be used from 6 months. They are designed to develop fine motor skills in children, coordination, imagination.

Wooden puzzles will suit the child from 1,5 years. As in any puzzles, the goal of the game is to assemble a flat figure from smaller parts. Depending on age, you can choose puzzles of varying difficulty. Excellent develop logic and imagination in children.

The unusual name of another toy - sorter comes from the English word - “sort”. The game consists in placing various wooden parts (triangles, circles, squares) in the recesses of the corresponding form. Develops fine motor skills and memory, helps to study shapes and colors. Recommended for children with 1 year up to 4 years.

A simple wooden designer, consisting of large parts, suitable for kids from 1.5 years. Then you can purchase more complex. Develops imagination and fine motor skills.

Under the name "lacing" combined toys of different shapes. The player has one goal - to pass the string through the holes. This is entertainment for older children - from about 2.5 years. It is often recommended for children who speak poorly - it contributes to the development of speech and writing skills.

Wooden sets are also popular - vegetables, furniture for a dollhouse, a hairdresser, etc.

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How old can you start playing?

Today sold wooden unpainted rattles and rodents, allowed even for newborns. And already from 6 months you can buy suitable wooden toys for your child - pyramid and cubes. With the age of the child, the number of toys can be increased.

When buying, be sure to pay attention to the following points:

  • The product must have a smooth surface, without cracks and hooks.
  • Toys must have certificates of quality, dyes must be food or acrylic. Doctors advise a child under one year to choose unpainted products. It is better to shop in large stores, from serious manufacturers.
  • Marking should be clearly visible.
  • The weight of the toy of a child under 3 years should not exceed 100 grams to avoid possible injuries. And of course, sharp corners are not allowed.

Popular wooden toy models

Board insert "Forest" from the brand "Tomik"

Great educational toy for the smallest (from 1 to 2 years). On the wooden surface in the grooves must be placed various figures - animals, trees and others. Despite the seeming simplicity, the game is very useful for kids - it helps to memorize objects, develops curiosity, teaches how to compare a figure with its shape, hand coordination and much more.

Designer "Russian alphabet and numbers" from the brand "Sun"

The bright and multipurpose designer from a tree. From the parts you can build different houses, towers, and you can - learn the letters and numbers depicted on the details of the designer. The storage bucket has openings of different shapes, which gives the game another sorter function. Under the supervision of adults, you can play from 1 year, independently - from 3 years.

Sorter "Animals" brand Hape

Pretty expensive educational toy. Suitable for children from 1 year to 3 years. This is not an ordinary sorter - you need not only to insert geometric figures into the holes, but also to combine two different platforms so that these figures pass. And with the help of a hammer, you can knock them out on the surface of the table. Develops spatial and logical thinking, learns to memorize colors and geometric shapes.

GuideCraft brand pyramid sorter

This original sorter consists of 12 blocks. The game is to assemble the whole by connecting the wooden parts in a certain way. After collecting all the parts, the child will see the city with houses, trees, cars. In the sorter there are inserts of various materials - fabrics, acrylic. It helps develop sensory skills. In general, the product helps to study the score, shape, color. Recommended for children from 2 years.

Mosaic lacing from the brand "Toys from a tree"

The toy combines classic lace and mosaic. On 9 colorful cards you need to make pictures of beads and laces. It develops imagination, logic and fine motor skills in children, helps to study colors. Suitable for children from 3 to 5 years.

Wooden 3D - "Animals" White Rhino

As a result of assembling a wooden puzzle, a volume toy is obtained - a rhinoceros. In this series there are many other toys (bear, snake, lion, and others). Collecting such a puzzle, the child learns to create, develops spatial and figurative thinking. Suitable for children over 3 years old.

Logical game "Rainbow Account" from the brand Bondibon

Recommended for children from 3 years. Color sticks should be worn on sticks of different heights. Helps to learn colors, teaches the basics of counting, develops logic and fine motor skills.

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