Sudokrem for newborns and infants: instructions for use


Many mothers encounter irritation and inflammation of the skin in a child, because the skin of babies is very delicate and is easily damaged by various external and internal factors. To combat redness, dryness and other unpleasant symptoms, various topical drugs are used, among which can be called "Sudokrem." Such a tool for more than 80 years successfully treats diaper dermatitis and is prescribed to patients of any age.

Release form and composition

"Sudokrem" is produced in Ireland and is a white, creamy mass with an unexpressed aroma of lavender. The product is sold in plastic jars containing 60 or 125 grams of cream. In the form of ointment, gel, suspension, aerosol or other form of "Sudokrem" do not produce.

The drug is multicomponent, that is, contain several compounds that provide it with medicinal properties. It contains a little more than 15% zinc oxide, 4% lanolin and a small amount of such active substances as benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate and benzyl cinnamate. The auxiliary ingredients of Sudokrem are solid and liquid paraffin, lavender oil, wax, distilled water, citric acid and some other compounds.

Operating principle

Thanks to the emollient ingredients, Sudocrem soothes irritated skin, relieves pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. Since the basis of this drug has water-repellent properties, after application to the skin, the cream forms a protective barrier. It protects delicate baby skin from many irritants, such as urine. In addition, it stimulates the recovery of damaged cells, which is also facilitated by the antifungal and antimicrobial properties of the drug.


"Sudokrem" is used for a variety of skin problems. This tool is used:

  • with diaper dermatitis to eliminate irritation and pain;
  • with minor burns, including with sunburns;
  • with pressure sores and ulcerative changes in the skin due to them;
  • with the "flowering" of the skin, which often occurs in a newborn;
  • with shallow cuts or scratches;
  • for eczema, red cheeks, peeling of the skin and other symptoms;
  • with frostbite of the skin, if it is mild;
  • acne and pimples appearing in adolescence;
  • for abrasions and bruises;
  • with wind bubbles as an adjuvant to eliminate inflammation and more rapid healing;
  • with allergies, which is manifested by skin changes.

From what age is prescribed?

Manufacturer "Sudokrema" emphasizes that the use of this drug in children at any age.

The product is harmless to baby skin and can be used even in newborns.

It is often prescribed to infants up to one year old, and to preschool children, and adolescents, because such a cream helps to cope with a variety of problems that arise both in a newly born baby, and in an actively growing toddler or in transition age.


The tool should not be used in children with hypersensitivity to any ingredient Sudokrem. There are no other contraindications for this drug.

Side effects

Since the preparation is hypoallergenic, negative reactions after skin treatment with Sudokrem are very rare.

However, sometimes the tool can provoke a rash, redness, swelling and other symptoms of intolerance, with the appearance of which its further use should be abandoned.

Instructions for use

If "Sudokrem" assigned to the baby, as an aid from diaper rash or means for their prevention, The drug is used during each diaper change:

  • after washing the skin of the baby and drying it, you need to take a little “Sudokrem” with a clean, dry finger;
  • means to put on the surface of the skin of the baby, gently rub the cream;
  • rubbing movements are performed in a circle, but they should not be intense, especially if irritation has already appeared;
  • the cream must be completely absorbed - if a white film remains on the skin after lubrication, it means that the preparation was applied too copiously (next time you need to take it in a slightly smaller quantity);
  • processing is repeated as often as necessary.

When using "Sudokrem" for other reasons, a small amount of the drug lubricates the areas of damage or inflammation, and then lightly rub it in to obtain a transparent thin film.

If the drug needs to be applied to the face, it is important to ensure that it does not accidentally get into the eyes or mouth of the child, as the agent should not be in contact with the mucous membranes.

Terms of sale and storage

You do not need to take a prescription from a doctor to purchase Sudocrem in pharmacies. The average price of a jar, inside of which is 60 g of cream, is 300-340 rubles, packaging from 125 g of the drug - 430-450 rubles. Store it at home is recommended at room temperature, putting the jar in a dry place.

The shelf life of a sealed drug is 5 years, but after opening the contents of the jar, you can use it for no longer than 12 months.


Almost all reviews of Sudokrem are positive, which is associated with a wide range of drug use, the ability to use for all age groups, effective action on damaged or irritated skin, as well as the absence of side effects. According to moms, the cream is easy to apply, economical, quickly copes with redness and rash, it smells good.

Among its minuses usually mention inconvenient packaging and high cost.

The testimonial is presented in the following video.


Drugs that have the same composition of active substances as Sudocrem does not exist, therefore, if necessary, the doctor will recommend replacing such a tool with an analogue topical medication with a similar therapeutic effect, for example:

  • "Desitin." The effect of such an ointment is due to zinc oxide, which, like the components of Sudokrem, softens, reduces irritation and creates a protective barrier on the skin. The drug is used even in infants as a treatment for diaper rash and its prevention, and for scratches, burns and other indications. It can be replaced by “Zinc paste” or “Zinc ointment”, which is somewhat cheaper.
  • «Bepanten». This drug is in demand for inflammation or damage to the skin, and for the prevention of various problems, such as cracks and diaper rash. It comes in the form of ointment and cream, and the main component of such drugs is called dexpanthenol. "Bepanten", like "Sudokrem", can be used from birth and is permissible replace by other means based on the same active compound ("Pantoderm", "Dexpanthenol», «Panthenol"," D-Panthenol "and others.).
  • «Elidel». This 1% cream contains pimecrolimus, through which the drug affects the inflammatory process in the skin. Treatment of the skin of children by this means is allowed from the age of three months. The drug is most often prescribed for atopic dermatitis, as well as for various skin problems provoked by an allergic reaction.
  • «Skin cap». This cream acts on the skin due to zinc pyrithione, which has not only anti-inflammatory, but also antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is used for atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff, eczema and other indications in children older than a year. The drug is also available in the form of a shampoo and aerosol.
  • "Tsindol". Such a suspension, like Desitin, contains zinc oxide, which is able to dry and soften the skin, as well as absorb harmful substances and accelerate healing. The drug is in demand for itching and inflammation of the skin, for example, in case of dermatitis, prickly heat, thermal burns, scratches or chicken pox. In children, this "talker" can be applied from birth.
Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.