Spray "Breathe" for children


In the cold season, many children cannot avoid colds and various viral diseases. To prevent such a problem, Akvion created a line of products called Breathing. One of them is a spray that is convenient to use both at home and in public places. According to research This remedy reduces the risk of SARS, eliminates swelling of the nose in case of a cold and speeds up recovery if the child still has a cold.

Release form and composition

Spray "Breathe" is sold in small bottles of dark glass, equipped with a special spray system. Inside one bottle is 30 ml of a nice-smelling oily liquid. The basis of this solution, providing it with a therapeutic effect, are natural essential oils:

  • mint;
  • eucalyptus;
  • clove;
  • juniper;
  • caeput;
  • wintergreen

    Another active component of the spray is levomenthol, which is separately released from peppermint oil. Among the excipients of the drug is only polysorbate (emulsifier) ​​and demineralized water. Other means of the Breath line are a plaster, skin gel, lozenges, drinks, bracelet oil, and a warming gel.

    All of them are in demand during the cold season, but have different age restrictions.

    Operating principle

    Due to the ingredients in the composition, the use of the spray helps:

    • strengthen the body's defenses;
    • reduce pain during inflammation of the airways;
    • ease breathing;
    • reduce the activity of the inflammatory process;
    • To cope with pathogens that hit the respiratory system.

    Due to the antiviral and bactericidal properties of essential oils after spraying in the room contribute to the disinfection of air, which significantly reduces the risk of contracting SARS. In addition, the penetration of essential oils with air into the respiratory tract is a kind of disinfection and not only prevents their inflammation, but also accelerates recovery if the patient is still ill.


    As a prophylactic, spray "Breathe" is claimed:

    • during the seasonal rise in the incidence of colds and colds;
    • after talking with a sick family member;
    • after hypothermia;
    • in case of nasal congestion, tickling in the throat and other first symptoms of colds.

    In the midst of illness, the spray will help alleviate the condition and reduce malaise, thereby reducing the duration of the ARD.

    From what age is prescribed?

    The use of spray "Breathe" is recommended for children older than 1 year. At an earlier age, this drug should not be used because of the high risk of an allergic reaction to its plant components.


    In addition to restrictions for use in infants and babies, the only reason to refuse spraying "Breathe" is hypersensitivity. If a child has a negative reaction to any ingredient of the oil in the form of redness, runny nose or another symptom, spraying is contraindicated.

    If your child is prone to allergies, you should use the spray very carefully, because any essential oil is considered to be quite a strong allergen.

    Instructions for use

    Home spray "Breathe" can be sprayed in all areas where there are many people at the same time. It's enough to do At least 1-2 presses on the sprayer, after vigorously shaking the bottle and removing the plastic cap. Holding the package vertically, you need to quickly press the applicator until an aerosol cloud appears in the air. Next, the spray cover with a protective cap until the next application.

    In addition to flavoring the air in the room, the drug is also sprayed onto the curtains - 5 sprays are recommended - and soft toys with which children sleep or go to kindergarten (3-5 sprays should be made).

    Using a tool on upholstered furniture or other fabric, first make sure that it does not leave stubborn stains. To protect against viruses on the street, in the store and on public transport, you can spray “Breathe” 3-5 times by pressing the scarf in the place where it does not contact with the skin.

    Another way to use the spray - acupressure. To carry it out, you need to splash some oil on the pulsation points (one injection is enough) and then gently massage the skin. It is important to ensure that the solution does not get on the mucous membrane of the child and does not come into contact with damaged skin. If during spraying the oil accidentally gets into the eyes or mouth, you need to quickly rinse them with clean water and monitor the condition of the little patient.

    The duration of use of the spray "Breathe" is not limitedtherefore, such a drug can be used as long as necessary. If desired, it can be sprayed throughout the season of the epidemic of ARVI. Frequency of use during the day - as needed.

    Side effects

    Among the negative reactions to the dispersion of the oil "Breathe" rarely noted allergies, provoked by one or more components of such a solution. If it occurs in a small patient, you should immediately stop using the spray and not use such a drug in the future. Other adverse reactions to the solution are not found. Since there is no direct contact with the mucous membrane of the nose and pharynx, "Breathe" does not provoke their overdrying and does not cause addiction.

    Terms of sale and storage

    Spray "Breathe" refers to non-prescription drugs, so that difficulties with its acquisition usually does not happen. The average price of one bottle is 250–260 rubles. The shelf life of the drug is 3 years from the date of issue. Until it expired The bottle can be stored at room temperature by placing the packaging in a place hidden from the babies.

    To prevent the essential oils from escaping, the bottle must always be tightly closed.


    The main advantage of "Breathe" in the form of a spray is the natural composition of the solution. Most moms like that in such a liquid there are vegetable essential oils and menthol, thanks to which it smells pleasantly and has antiseptic properties. Not less important advantage of the spray is its safety, since it is allowed even in childhood, does not dry the nasopharynx from the inside, does not cause addiction, unlike vasoconstrictor drugs.

    Most parents are satisfied with the prophylactic use of oil and confirm that spraying “Breathe” in the room, on toys and clothes really helps to prevent colds.

    Those mothers who used spray with SARS and flu, noted a decrease in the duration of the disease, a quick relief from congestion and an improvement in the general condition of the sick child.

    The spray bottle on the bottle is called convenient, and the flow of funds is quite economical. According to parents, the spray is especially effective if the cold has not started yet or the child has the first signs of indisposition. In such cases, "Breathe" copes well with prevention and the development of the disease stops right at the beginning.


    If you need to replace the "Breathe" spray with a similar tool, the doctor may recommend a patch. "Sopelka". It is glued to clothing in the chest area so that the active components of such a patch (eucalyptus oil and camphor) have an inhalation effect.It is used from 2 years of age with a cold and a cold. Other analogues "Breathe" can be called cream “Efilipt Bro Baby” and ointment “Pulmeks Baby”. Both products are allowed from six months and are applied on the skin of the back or chest when coughing and other symptoms of acute respiratory infections.

    Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.