Sonapaks for children: instructions for use and reviews


For special children, attention and support from parents are important, as well as proper treatment to help improve the condition. Doctors with tics, autism, and some other diseases prescribe the drug "Sonapaks", which has proven itself in medical practice.

Release form

"Sonapaks" is available in the form of pink and yellow dragees of 10 and 25 mg of the active substance. Packed in blisters of 30 or 20 pieces. A regular pack contains two or three blisters or 60 tablets.


The action of “Sonapaks” is based on thioridazine hydrochloride - a neuroleptic, i.e. an antipsychotic substance with a balanced action. It also has a slight antidepressant effect.

Corn starch, silicon dioxide, lactose, sucrose are added to pills. Coxenil red is used as a dye.

Operating principle

Dragee "Sonapaks" is derived from phenothiazine, which has a wide range of effects on the nervous system, both central and peripheral. Including it is an antipsychotic, tranquilizing, anti-depressive, antipruritic and anti-emetic drug, capable of suppressing the flow of pituitary and hypothalamic hormones into the blood.

A small dose of medication relieves anxiety, nervous tension, but does not cause drowsiness.


The spectrum of diseases and conditions under which Sonapaks uses is quite wide. These are various phobias, depressed mood or, on the contrary, agitation and aggression, sleep disturbances and concentration. Usually these symptoms accompany neurosis. In addition, the drug is effective in schizophrenia and manic-depressive psychosis.

Often prescribed "Sonapaks" with tics in children, although this symptom is not specified in the instructions. This is the case when the practice of using the drug expands its indications. Also used "Sonapaks" in autistic children, which contributes to the progress in the development of the child, including the development of speech.

From what age is prescribed?

Usually "Sonapaks" prescribed for children from 4 years. According to the recommendation of doctors, it is possible to use medicine for the treatment of children of earlier age. But do it yourself is not worth it. "Sonapaks" - a serious drug that affects the entire nervous system of the body, including the brain.

And if the child already has mental problems, developmental delays, including speech, then a thoughtless use of the medicine may not help in solving the problems, but on the contrary, aggravate them.


Instructions for use of any medication contains the main contraindication - intolerance or hypersensitivity to the components of the medication. Parents should carefully examine the composition of the dragee before giving it to children. Hypersensitivity may develop not on the main component, but on the auxiliary one. For example, lactose intolerance is quite common.

In addition, the "Sonapaks" quite an impressive list of diseases in which its use in children is contraindicated. Among them are some diseases and injuries of the brain, cardiovascular insufficiency, high blood pressure, acute depressions.

In some diseases, it is possible to treat children with Sonapax, but with caution, carefully watching the condition of the child.If there is kidney or liver failure, epilepsy, blood formation disorders, as well as any diseases associated with respiratory failure, “Sonapaks” should be monitored by a doctor, and in his absence parents should monitor the child in order not to miss the appearance of negative symptoms.

Side effects

During treatment with Sonapaks, some side effects may occur. For example, the instructions indicate parkinsonism syndrome - a condition in which the child can not keep balance, often falls, moves with difficulty. Drowsiness, general apathy, and depression may also develop. Allergic manifestations in the form of skin rash, irritation and itching, constipation are possible.

If a child has these or any other symptoms that parents associate with treatment with “Sonapaks”, you should stop taking it, consult a doctor, and in the meantime, see if the condition has improved without medication. It is possible that the onset of symptoms is a coincidence not related to treatment.

Instructions for use

"Sonapaks" give children from 4 years. For children younger than this age, the dosage is set individually by the attending physician.

Age years

Dose, mg / day

Number of admissions per day










It is more convenient for children to give pills of 10 mg, that is, from one to five pieces per day. At a dosage of 25 mg dragee, it will be necessary to divide it into several parts. This is inconvenient, and in addition, it is difficult to follow the dosage accuracy. Reception time does not depend on the diet of the child.

Moreover, "Sonapaks" - enteric pills, so divide them is not recommended.


There is no specific antidote to the drug, so if a child accidentally takes more than the amount prescribed in the instructions for use or the doctor’s recommendations, then a symptomatic treatment is prescribed.

Symptoms of overdose can be confusion, drowsiness, seizures, difficulty breathing, increased pressure, dry mouth. As soon as the parents discover that the child has eaten a large amount of dragees, measures should be taken immediately. The first is to seek emergency medical care. The second is to wait for doctors to start doing a gastric lavage, calculating the volume of fluid depending on the age of the child.

It is not necessary to give at once a lot of water, it is better to do the washing several times. Potassium permanganate is usually added to the water.

After washing, or if more than two hours have passed since taking a large dose of the medicine, any sorbent should be given to the child. It could be "Smecta", Activated carbon, "Enterosgel, White coal and others. You can also give your child a laxative to get the medicine out of the body as soon as possible.

It is important to constantly stay close to the child, talk to him, cover him with a warm blanket or blanket, and not allow him to lose consciousness. One of the symptoms of an overdose is coma, so do not let the child withdraw into himself, disconnect, maintain physical and emotional contact with him. In a hospital, make droppers with isotonic solutions.

Interaction with other drugs

Like other antipsychotics, Sonapaks can influence the action of painkillers, opiates, ethyl alcohol and atropine. It also increases the hepatotoxic effect of anti-diabetes drugs. These drugs also affect the effect of taking Sonapaks. Accordingly, only a doctor can prescribe a complex treatment, taking into account the individual indications of the child’s condition, his history and the mutual influence of drugs.

Terms of sale and storage

"Sonapaks" in Russia is a prescription drug. At home it is stored in a place protected from light and children at room temperature. Shelf life - 4 years from the date of issue, which is always indicated on the package. Overdue drug is better to throw in order not to accidentally give a child


Special children require a special approach.Parents' reviews are full of the names of drugs prescribed by different doctors in clinics throughout Russia. But judging by the reviews, “Sonapaks” is one of the most frequently prescribed drugs in the treatment of delays in the development of speech, obsessive movements, ticks, including autism.

The experience of treating children from tics is also interesting. There is no such indication in the manual, but doctors often prescribe “Sonapaks” for precisely this symptom. Parents write that doctors prescribe the usual dosage of "Sonapaks" by age and taking about 2 months helps to get rid of the problem.


Replace "Sonapaks" can be one of the existing analogues. These include "Tiodazin", "Tioril", "Apo-Tioridazin", "Melleril" and others. For example, Thiodazin, Thioril are based on the same active ingredient as Sonapaks, and are allowed for children from 4 years old.

In this case, the analogs are sensitively distinguished by price. So, the price of "Sonapaks" in Moscow pharmacies varies from 250 to more than 400 rubles, depending on the content of the active substance. At the same time, "Tiodazin" can be bought for 75 rubles, and "Tioril" - from 120 rubles. In St. Petersburg, one package of the drug costs on average 50-80 rubles more, and in Tver the difference will be about 100 rubles. But analogs are also becoming more expensive with distance from Moscow.

The advantage of “Sonapaks” is that the drug is manufactured by a Russian innovative pharmaceutical company, which pays a lot of attention to the quality and safety standards of the manufactured products.

In addition, when replacing the need to consult with a doctor who has experience in treating children with various drugs and can choose the best, depending on the individual testimony and history of the child.

You do not need to adjust the treatment yourself, it can adversely affect the health of the crumbs.

Recommendations for the use of the drug "Sonapaks", see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.