Compote, puree and decoction of prunes for baby


Prunes are a delicious dried fruit with many beneficial properties. When and in what form can you enter it in the children's diet? Should I acquaint with baby prunes prunes, how to prepare this product for baby food and how to choose prunes correctly? Let's figure it out.

Prunes should be used in the diet of an adult and child


Dishes made from prunes have such useful properties:

  • Contain the necessary for the full growth of the infant vitamins.
  • They act as a source of pectins that help cleanse the body of children from harmful substances.
  • Give the body crumbs of plant fiber, important for the work of the digestive tract of karapuz.
  • Contain organic acids involved in metabolic processes.
  • Fill the needs of the crumbs in different minerals.
  • Able to normalize blood pressure, prevent the development of cancer and protect the child's digestive tract from harmful bacteria.
  • They are a source of substances that protect the body from the harmful effects of the environment - antioxidants.
Prune decoction
Most often for baby make prunes compote, mashed potatoes or decoction

Harm and contraindications

  • Prunes and any dishes from it are not recommended for babies younger than 3 months of age. including situations when the dried fruit is consumed by a nursing mother.
  • With prunes should be extremely careful with diabetes and overweight.
  • Excessive prunes can cause diarrhea.

On the product itself, as well as on the chemicals that can be processed prunes, the child may develop an allergic reaction.

Do they help with constipation?

Prunes contain substances that have a mild laxative effect, as well as vegetable fiber, thanks to which dishes from its fruits help to eliminate constipation in babies. It is for this reason that artificial infant feeding constipation is recommended to try to eliminate with such a natural and tasty remedy as dried plums. If constipation torments a baby while breastfeeding, meals with prunes should be consumed by a nursing mother.

Prunes in a bowl
Prunes help eliminate constipation in both nursing mom and baby

From what age?

According to the recommendations for the introduction of complementary foods to babies breastfed, prunes can be given from 6 months of age. Babies who are fed a mixture, this product is acceptable to enter into the diet from three to four months, especially if the kids have problems with the chair. The first for a young baby is preparing a decoction of dried plums. After it, you can introduce the baby with infusion, and after 1-2 months - with compote and mashed potatoes.

Introduction of prunes should be started with a small portion (for a decoction or compote it is a teaspoon, and for mashed potatoes - half a teaspoon) in the morning, watching the reaction of the baby. To increase the volume of portions is permissible only in the absence of any negative reactions to prunes.

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How to cook with your own hands at home?

As we have already noted, children of 4 months of age on artificial feeding can get acquainted with prunes in the form of decoction, compote or infusion. Such drinks are usually prepared at home from dried plums. From 5-6 months of age, these children can start an introduction to the children's diet of prune puree.

Breastfed babies in the absence of constipation is better to begin to get acquainted with prunes after 6 months.

Mashed potatoes can be both cooked with their own hands, and ready (canned) from well-known manufacturers of food for children. Let's dwell on the nuances of preparing dried plums for babies at home.


Wash 10 prunes well with running warm water. Put the dried fruits in a saucepan, add 300 ml of cool water and put on fire. When the liquid starts to boil, add 50 g of sugar and boil compote, reducing the heat, about 20 minutes.

Compote from prunes for babies
Compote or decoction of prunes are best suited for the first feeding

Mashed potatoes

Take 3-4 medium sized prunes, wash them thoroughly under running water, then put in a saucepan and pour boiling water over it. Leave the dried fruit to soak for a few hours (you can also pour boiling water with prunes in the evening and prepare mashed potatoes in the morning). After removing the berries from the water, fill them with clean water and boil them in minutes.

After removing the skin from boiled prunes, grind the pulp through a sieve or grind in a meat grinder. If the consistency of puree turned out very thick, add a little broth or boiled water. Put the mass on the stove and bring to a boil, then cool and can treat the crumbs.

Keep mashed in such a way in the fridge is not worth it. Give the baby only fresh food.

Mashed prunes for children
Puree from prunes are better for giving to children from 6 months


Take 5 prunes, then wash the dried fruit several times in warm water. Put the prunes in a saucepan, pour 200 ml of clean water. As soon as the liquid boils, turn off the stove and leave the drink to cool it completely.


Rinse 10 prunes in boiled water and place in a saucepan, then pour 200 ml of boiling water there. Cover the saucepan with the lid and leave the drink for 8 hours to infuse well.

Infusion of prunes for babies
The infusion of prunes is less heat-treated and saves more nutrients than compote.

The main differences of beverages prepared on the basis of prunes:




It is brought to a boil.

It does not boil, so it retains more useful compounds.

Cooked for 20-30 minutes.

Slowly absorbed.

Quickly absorbed.

It is considered the most effective to eliminate constipation.

Long acting on the body.

The action is short.

If sugar is added to it, it can cause excessive gas formation in the intestines, and if added dried apricots can provoke allergies.

Should I add dried apricots?

Having added such useful dried fruit as dried apricots to prunes compote, you will enrich the drink with valuable minerals, pectin, vitamins and other substances.

Dried apricots are considered a more allergenic product than dried plums, therefore the introduction of this variant of dried fruit compote should be very careful.

To make compote from dried plums with the addition of dried apricots, take 10 pieces of each of these dried fruits, about 100 grams of sugar and a liter of water. Soak the washed berries for half an hour, then cover with water. Add sugar to boiled liquid and boil dried fruit for about 20-30 minutes.

Prunes and dried apricots
Compote from prunes with the addition of dried apricots is even more useful

How much to give when constipated?

  • To deal with constipation in infants helps any dish containing prunes, but the most effective is called a compote of dried plums. It should be given to the baby on a tablespoon several times during the day.
  • As an infusion, and a decoction of prunes should be given to infants in infancy in a teaspoon in the morning.A smaller dose is associated with an earlier age of administration of such beverages.
  • When the baby starts to eat prunes puree, give him a dish of 3-4 berries. This is the allowable amount of dried plums that can be eaten by a child under one year old in one day.

How to choose high-quality dried fruit?

Improperly processed prunes are not advised to eat even by adults, so it is important to avoid buying it when it is planned to cook dishes for small children from berries. When choosing prunes, consider the following nuances:

  • Prune berries should not look as if they were smoked. This may be a sign of use in the preparation of liquid smoke - a dangerous carcinogen that is banned in many states.
  • Choose matte dried fruits that have no shine. If the berries shine, they can be processed with glycerin or other chemicals.
  • The color of prunes purchased for a child must be black. The presence of a brown tint indicates the treatment of plums with boiling water, which reduces the beneficial properties of the final product. If the berries have a gray tint, the processing of plums used glycerin.
  • Feel the berries with your hands. If the product is good, then there should not be any traces on the fingers.
  • Check the quality of purchased prunes by holding it in water for half an hour. During this time, high-quality natural product should become whitened in some places. If the color has not changed, it indicates the processing of berries.
  • Before cooking something from prunes for an infant, try one berry. The product should have a sweet taste with a slight sourness, but there should not be a bitter aftertaste.
Evaluate the appearance of prunes when buying it


In the process of preparing a prune puree for the child, the water in which the berries were boiled should not be poured. It is useful to you for breeding unnecessarily thick puree, and can also be used separately as a compote.

Decoction, mashed potatoes and infusion of these dried fruits can and should be used in the preparation of cereals and curd dishes.

An excellent option would be a combination of prunes with dishes that provoke constipation, for example, with rice porridge, mashed bananas or pears, bakery products.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. At the first symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.